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  1. P.S. To clarify, it has *not* been reported to the credit reporting agencies...yet
  2. After talking to the OC, the bill is mine from a fall I took in Home Depot when the paramedics were called. I was not previously aware of a bill. When you say 'dispute" are you using the term loosely and mean to clearly define how I did not receive a bill from the fire department (the OC says they sent 1 or two invoices) and just now getting a copy of the bill from the CA? I do not want ANYTHING negative on my report. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Received a call from a collection agency about a bill that I "knew" was not mine. Sent a letter to the CA who sent a copy of the bill. Turns out the OC was the local fire department for a first responder call. I did not get a bill from the fire department. Contacted the OC who told me they would not pull the file back from the CA but I can send them the payment and they will let the CA know. Told me that they did not control any info sent to the credit bureaus. What's the best way to ensure no reporting, or if the CA reports to make sure negative info is removed. Wondering if I should contact the OC again and get a manager instead of a "lead" billing agent. Thanks!
  4. It may be too late, but it won't hurt to try again. Was denied for tax lien, but a credit boardee said he'd been approved with one as high as mine. Recon just worked with a local CU that initially said they absolutely would not recon because of the tax lien. What the heck. Worth another try with NASA. Thnx.
  5. @ Goose - How much was your lien for? NASA just denied me because of the lien. They could only approve if under $5k. ON THE GOOD NEWS END and long story short, the lien is still in place, but I just got written confirmation from the IRS that they will keep my payments the same!
  6. CLOSING THE LOOP UPDATE: Victory! The IRS will keep my payments the same! Amazing! Backstory: After getting all the 1-800 atty free advice, I paid $250 for an hour with the tax atty who did the original install agreement. He recommended paying him ($2500 payments or $1500 all up front) to update my financials and installment agreement. Instead, I decided to buy another $250 of his time for him to make a call to the IRS with me in his office to ask the IRS to keep my payments the same. Financials were faxed, we were put on hold while reviewed, but even HIS jaw dropped when the IRS agent came back on the line and said he was going to recommend keeping my payments the same. I just got the written confirmation in the mail!!!! Thanks again to CB for the feedback and advice that helped me to be in a position that -worst case scenario - if I had to, I could pay the IRS off with a credit card(s). I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved!! P.S. Now that the good news is sinking in, I guess I should kindly respond to those emails/phone calls from the 1-800 attys who are convinced that I cannot "resolve my tax issues" without them them or coughing up $4,000-$5,000 ...with no guarantee of success. I only worry they might hurt themselves choking on the specter of lost commissions.
  7. May I ask how much your lien is for? NASA just denied me having a tax lien, and told me the only way they could approve was if it was under 5K.
  8. Any Citi people know if they are still tax lien sensitive?
  9. Update: After MUCH follow up, including twice overnighting a copy of the letter, Experian FINALLY deleted the 30 day late this Tuesday. Yippee!
  10. I want to pay off the entire debt with 0% cards, get the lien released and then 12 months from now apply for a loan to consolidate the credit card debt before the interest rates go up. I need 15k more on 0% to make that happen. I have a call with the IRS this evening with my tax attorney about my installment agreement payment but do not have much hope. They want to increase it to an amount that is essentially my entire paycheck because the statute of limitations is expiring.
  11. Other cards: USAA - visa and AMEX max exposure (for me anyway) PenFed - max exposure NFCU - CLI increase in Jan -stingy on one card, so I must be near max for me right now AMEX - MB and Blue Sky - burned them 20 years ago with rental car accident where I did not go after the other driver - Don't want to max a new card out with them - assuming I could get one.
  12. I am planning an app spree today. I need/want at least another 15k on a 0% cards to pay off IRS and state taxes. ave a federal tax lien from 2011 showing, FICOs at 730 , AAOA at 8/5. (This will more than likely max out Discover and Venture plus whatever the new card(s). Ugggh. Jitters have me checking in here in for any potential land mines or additional ideas with my strategy. Sorry for the late request. Here’s my app order: S/P Credit line increase for my Cap 1 Venture yesterday – denied – card too new Will try local credit union first that financed my car years ago. Downside is underwriting department is in another state. Bank Americard – Their “pre-approval” website recommended but I had a Bof A card as a paid collection years ago Barclays – have two cards with them but reading here am concerned about a CLD Chase Freedom – but ONLY if the 5/24 is not in effect yet. True or not? I was denied for the Slate a month ago for that very reason. Discover IT? - Have the regular card now City Simplicity – Sounds like I would qualify but years before they denied me because of the tax lien BBV NBA – Supposedly they do not care about inquiries – do not know about tax liens- will try them last Others? I am apping during the day so that I can try and speak to UW if denied or low limit given. Any advantage to apping after hours? I understand inqs show up immediately no matter what. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! Need this out to pursue loan to pay off IRSStill haven't received the letter and Experian still showing 30 day late. Talked to Macy's again this a.m. and they said wait 30 days (it's bee 3 weeks), but they will resend the letter and fax a copy to me. At least Macy's continues to show the late will be removed. Huuuuurrry!!
  14. Tax atty wasn't too positive about getting personal loan with lein. He did say he could talk to them if I had an issue but it might not do any good. (At least a possible option if I push and pay through the nose.) I was too embarrassed to tell him my lein hypothetical situation was me. Yesterday also talked to a CPA who serves on a loan committee with bankers for small business loan guarantees. He said the lien will be a factor, as we all know, but the lender will take in the whole picture. He did say tprobably let them know $$$ is to pay off lien. It was a quick convo after a board mtg. Wish I had had a little more time. May suck it up and follow up with him. Thanks for the link ! I'll read when I get home tonight. Off tomorrow to deal with same thing on state taxes and IRS optiion research.

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