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  1. poboy1


    I got a letter from Convergent claiming I owe them xxx amount (it really is not much) on a debt from Verizon (not wireless). I do not recall ever having such a debt, they call me like 3 to 5 times a day and it is getting on my nerves now. Should I send them a letter for DV or sent SOL (mainly because I know it cannot be from the past 10 years). Thanks for the help.
  2. I have roughly 8,000 amassed in debt some of it is the painful interest charges they make. Like an salamander I deferred it for some years and now I want to pay it off this year. Before I begin to pay it off, would it be a good idea to try and transfer its balance to another institution to lower the interest rate? If so what are my options? My credit scores are in the upper 600's and feel my credit isnt bad now.
  3. poboy1

    Dumb question

    They tried the same crap with me, every dispute was a printout on their letterhead, not proper validation. I used the BBB and the A.G. Office to deal with them. They folded after the BBB and the AG got involved. Nice, so rather than replying to their attempted validation(printout) just report them to BBB for falsifying claims since they used a fake printout to validate?
  4. poboy1

    Dumb question

    Beyond thirty days of their attempted validation. I hope to have something out today, its just that I dont want to put a letter together without putting some thought into it.
  5. Folks, I received a validation response from A$$et, lol it was a printout. How much time do I have to respond to humorous attempt to validate the debt. Reason I ask is I believe I am over the 30 days and plan to mail out a letter tomorrow to respond to their letter. Thanks.
  6. I am going to send a letter today, they dated the letter January 9th so I must get it out today. However I am still not sure how to do the FOAD letter if I do not have a date for the item they are discussing. I know for sure though that its over 7 years, WV SOL is 6 years, so its out of SOL. Should I just send an FOAD letter without any dates or just fire a DV since they wont be able to validate it anyway? Maybe I will just fire off a DV today and then follow it up with an FOAD at least so I can keep it off the reports?
  7. So no need to DV just send FOAD then eh? The reason I ask is because the letter does not have the date of the account on it. I am almost sure its over 7 years though. If so great, thanks all!!!
  8. A$$et sent me a collection letter for a debt out of sol. Should I fire a dv off since its within first 30 days or send them a DV and a SOL letter? Thanks.
  9. poboy1

    Palisades DV

    Folks, I have attempted to DV Palisades on two occasions only to get the letter returned as unknown address. I have used their PA address and WI address. This is actually for my brother, who is closing on a mortgage in a few weeks, what should I do now?
  10. poboy1

    5/3rd bank

    Which account do you have with them? I use 5/3 now and have had relatively few problems in the last 20+ years but am moving to another bank because of the ATM fees. Do tell which account you have. Thanks! Fifth Third Free Checking I believe. Perhaps I've been pretty fortunate with them.
  11. poboy1

    5/3rd bank

    I have never had a single problem with them. Best thing I like about them right now is if I ever withdraw from any ATM they refund my fees, so in essence you can use your ATM card in any bank's machine.
  12. Yes it is, I've had the card for more than 2 years, just closed them. A good way to get a good tradeline started in my opinion. YMMV
  13. Thats upon your preference. However regardless of whether or not I had disputes, I have had monitoring service for a while as I like to pull a report everyday or every few days.
  14. No worries, woulda been nice if it did though.

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