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  1. I got back in with AMEX just a few months ago. It took me about 10 years on the black list and they had a judgement against me from before . I kept going to their site every about every six months and did the pre-selector. I was sure to make sure I had no charge off's remaining on my report. I owed way more than 10k to them before in the recession and they were actually the ones that started my credit downfall by closing/cutting my lines pretty much overnight. Then after the next billing cycle my scores tanked and the other CC's followed suit after reviews. I don't blame them, it was a recession. But I am much more careful now. I can only believe it is because I kept an interest in them as the reason they let me back in. Although I did open an AMEX savings account last year. I don't know if that helped. I really have no idea how or why I was let back in. I even got sweet 60k miles for the gold card SUB. They offered me a Platinum Business, but i declined it because I don't travel for work anymore and didn't want the fee.
  2. I really hope this is a trend for all the people that have worked hard to get back into a good credit position.
  3. Now if the debt agencies would just offer the discount on the debt to the borrower/patient in the first place I bet there would be less need. But they don't, they sell it off at a discount to another agency and the cycle continues.
  4. I am not sure. I do know that I used the charge cards heavily before the recession. The only other two factors that I could mention where I would be different than anyone else trying to get back in were the fact that I do have a USAA AMEX that I use heavily, and that I often did the pre-approval about every six months to see if there was any change.
  5. All is good. I appreciate the help. I would have thought DCU would have noticed this and realized it was a bad deal for it's customers.
  6. Thank you for mentioning this. I did look at the DCU option. It is outsourced to ZimpleMoney.com. They don't report to CRA and then I noticed this little gotcha... Transaction Fees (the fee based on 2% of payment + $1) Min Fee: $ 3.99 Max Fee: $ 14.99 Wow!
  7. Bummer, I guess they often give you the old date on the card, just not on the credit report.
  8. WOO HOOO! Just got my card in the mail and It is backdated to 2007. I don't know how since I thought they were not backdating accounts anymore. But I don't care and I am a very happy camper. Now I just need to see if anything will show on credit report. I know my old closed accounts in good standing still show.
  9. Are there any sites for private lending between family or friends that report to the credit bureaus? My daughter just turned 18 and wants to buy one of our cars and we would like to be able to set this up as a formal loan that would report to the credit bureaus. We do not want to co-sign a loan for her, we want to help her build her credit profile. Many of the platforms out there that I can find would either want her to apply for a formal loan from the platform (lending tree/prosper) or will just facilitate a legal agreement and collection of payments, but does not report the loan to the credit bureaus. Any thoughts?
  10. If you combine two or more AMEX cards. How has that affected CLI's in the future on both the cards the limits were transferred from and the one the limit was transferred to. Are the cards that donate the limits now just dead at the remaining CL?
  11. I have been on the AMEX blacklist since the recession a decade ago. It was AMEX that began my downfall when they reduced my limits to a pittance and closed some of my other accounts. I know I still owe them for an unpaid judgement against me on one account from 10 years ago for about 4k, and a few other cards that they didn't sue me for. In fact every time I call the reps say that " Oh yes we see your old accounts here". Every six months or so I pop on to their pre-qualified site to see if I get any offers (wishful thinking). This time I decided that since I have paid off some more recent collections from 3 years ago and I pay all my new charges in full every month, maybe this would help me and they would be nice enough to show some love. There were no pre-qualified offers for me this time either. However, there was an odd message just afterwards that offered me 50k MR as a sign up bonus for an AMEX gold. I thought this was odd as they just shot me down and current offers were 35k points. So I decided to take the plunge and go through a formal application. I got to one point where it asked me to add additional cardholders and it automatically knew my wife once I typed her name. I added my daughter (18 next week) and it asked for her SSN and DOB, where it did not ask for my wife. Next it took a good minute or two and said I was flippin approved. Wow, I could not believe it. I know I owed them a bunch of money and they still let me back in. About 30 minutes after I applied I got an email saying "Welcome back" and listing the last digits of my new card number. If only I could be so lucky to get my original membership date back!!! I wonder if they recognized my behavior and payment patterns through the USAA AMEX that I use all the time? Regardless, I don't know what it was, I am back in now! All that is left is to convince CITI to let me back in and to grow my limits.
  12. If google pay had an ATM where I could do transactions if I needed cash or to deposit cash, I am not even sure I would need a bank. I often hold a balance in google pay without transferring it to my bank.
  13. From my experience if you find a home worth a market value of 200k, but you are fortunate enough to be able to get it for 100k, traditional lenders will still want you to put down a percentage of the "sales" price. Search for a lender that has an underwriter which has dealt with the "gifting" of equity before. A loan agent will tell you anything but the underwriter is what counts.
  14. Okay, checking in after a while. I see this has kept going and I will admit maybe it is just my setup. I can admit I could be wrong. But it just isn't working for me no matter how much I want it to. I Haven't had any problems with Google Pay at all so that is what I use now. I can even leave money sitting in google pay and not transfer it out to a bank account for a while, so it is like another bank account by itself. In fact someone was asking in the forums how they could have a bank account with a judgement as they were in fear of the account being attached, Google Pay may be a way for them to do that until they get their affairs in order. I still have my Zelle account with one bank so I can transact with others.

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