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  1. This is on their website: Notice: Lapse in Appropriations SBA is unable to accept new applications at this time for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)-COVID-19 related assistance program (including EIDL Advances) based on available appropriations funding. Applicants who have already submitted their applications will continue to be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Since I originally burned almost every national bank a decade ago either through credit lines or mortgages with my real estate, there really isn't any other way to go than to try to get back in with them. I still can't get back in with Citi or Chase yet. I just have to keep working with what I have available. Working the credit unions is one way. I have the two 10k cards. However, they will take time to build as well.
  3. I have two 10k cards at PSECU and a $7500 at U.S. Bank. I don't have access to NAVY since I burned them in a foreclosure a decade ago and even though USAA Bank let me back in I am getting low limits there ( I used to have a 20k card with them). But from my experience the banks seem to gloss over my high limits at my CU's. I recently got back in with AMEX after a 10yr blacklist so I hope they will work for me in the future as well. But now I am trying to find ways to raise all my older lines so that new approvals will be better.
  4. After many years of no CLI's at Cap One, last year I combined a QuicksilverOne into my Platinum Mastercard to get rid of the fee I had for a couple years. I ended with a $4500.00 combined limit. Over the past six months I still did not get any CLI's. When I called last week I was told I can upgrade to a QS no fee or a VentureOne no fee. Then I asked if these would be Visa or Mastercard. They stay a Mastercard with the same account #, just with the additional benefits. Since I don't travel much anymore I went for the QS. The change was complete within 30 minutes on my online account. The next day I was thinking that if they won't give me CLI's then maybe I can manufacture them. I had a good feeling I could apply again for a Platinum and would be approved, I was another 3k. So in 6 months I will look to combine this with the existing QS for a total line of 7.5k. My hope is that either my future approvals at Cap One will be for either better card accounts or larger credit lines. Getting to my question. How many times do you think cap one will allow me to roll a platinum into my new Mastercard QS?
  5. I got back in with AMEX just a few months ago. It took me about 10 years on the black list and they had a judgement against me from before . I kept going to their site every about every six months and did the pre-selector. I was sure to make sure I had no charge off's remaining on my report. I owed way more than 10k to them before in the recession and they were actually the ones that started my credit downfall by closing/cutting my lines pretty much overnight. Then after the next billing cycle my scores tanked and the other CC's followed suit after reviews. I don't blame them, it was a recession. But I am much more careful now. I can only believe it is because I kept an interest in them as the reason they let me back in. Although I did open an AMEX savings account last year. I don't know if that helped. I really have no idea how or why I was let back in. I even got sweet 60k miles for the gold card SUB. They offered me a Platinum Business, but i declined it because I don't travel for work anymore and didn't want the fee.
  6. I really hope this is a trend for all the people that have worked hard to get back into a good credit position.
  7. Now if the debt agencies would just offer the discount on the debt to the borrower/patient in the first place I bet there would be less need. But they don't, they sell it off at a discount to another agency and the cycle continues.
  8. I am not sure. I do know that I used the charge cards heavily before the recession. The only other two factors that I could mention where I would be different than anyone else trying to get back in were the fact that I do have a USAA AMEX that I use heavily, and that I often did the pre-approval about every six months to see if there was any change.
  9. All is good. I appreciate the help. I would have thought DCU would have noticed this and realized it was a bad deal for it's customers.
  10. Thank you for mentioning this. I did look at the DCU option. It is outsourced to ZimpleMoney.com. They don't report to CRA and then I noticed this little gotcha... Transaction Fees (the fee based on 2% of payment + $1) Min Fee: $ 3.99 Max Fee: $ 14.99 Wow!
  11. Bummer, I guess they often give you the old date on the card, just not on the credit report.
  12. WOO HOOO! Just got my card in the mail and It is backdated to 2007. I don't know how since I thought they were not backdating accounts anymore. But I don't care and I am a very happy camper. Now I just need to see if anything will show on credit report. I know my old closed accounts in good standing still show.
  13. Are there any sites for private lending between family or friends that report to the credit bureaus? My daughter just turned 18 and wants to buy one of our cars and we would like to be able to set this up as a formal loan that would report to the credit bureaus. We do not want to co-sign a loan for her, we want to help her build her credit profile. Many of the platforms out there that I can find would either want her to apply for a formal loan from the platform (lending tree/prosper) or will just facilitate a legal agreement and collection of payments, but does not report the loan to the credit bureaus. Any thoughts?
  14. If you combine two or more AMEX cards. How has that affected CLI's in the future on both the cards the limits were transferred from and the one the limit was transferred to. Are the cards that donate the limits now just dead at the remaining CL?
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