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  1. I called Visa about this (1-800-Visa-911) and their policy is the same. The merchant cannot require ID as long as the back of the card is signed. You can ask to file a "complaint" and for the reason of "supplemental ID required." It is important you use the exact words noted in quotation marks for Visa's overseas call center so they can clearly understand the issue. They will then ask you if the back of your card is signed and whether or not you actually completed the transaction, then for merchant information including phone number.
  2. I would call the phone numbers to the rep at Home Depot and go to their supervisor if they are not responsive. I wouldn't settle for voice mail either. Or forward your email to their upper management (the addresses are pretty easy to find in google) noting the customer service department is ineffective.
  3. Save Mart in Northern California (also does business as Lucky, Food Maxx, and Maxx Value Foods) is now requiring ID for all credit card transactions. According to the store employee I spoke to this is a new policy and the stores had previously been properly trained (that they are not allowed to require ID, and should compare signatures) so they are a bit confused as to why they are now being told all transactions with a credit card require ID and if they do not check ID they can be written up. I contacted the corporate office in Modesto, CA and they confirmed this policy and didn't seem terribly concerned they were breaking the operating regulations.
  4. This chain seems to be willfuilly violating in Northern California (Sacramento, Chico, Yuba City) and requiring ID. Store Management is indifferent and despite a lot of lip service, nothing changes.
  5. They won't be asking for ID in Auburn, WA anymore. This is what happens when employees who were mistrained at a casino quit their casino job and get a job working at Wal Mart and spread misinformation, and a store manager is not paying proper attention to what is going on at her front end.
  6. K-Mart has been somewhat of a problem on this, but not too bad. Eventually Sears will fix the issue. As far as the Wal Mart mentioned above goes, I highly doubt they will be requiring ID for all credit card transactions going forward.
  7. Shop Fred Meyer instead? When I was in Auburn, I shopped there and had no issues. That suggestion aside, I suspect you will be seeing a change in policy at this store very shortly. Is this happening regardless of purchase amount (even on no signature transactions?)?
  8. This is actually illegal in a lot of states... Was this a chain restaurant or an independent? I'd try to contact the manager.
  9. It isn't policy at Kohls. Email their escalated customer service and they will address it with the store and district manager involved. cscc.escalated@kohls.com
  10. This is interesting. I've been of the impression hotels require ID of all patrons regardless of how they are paying... I find I am asked about 67% of the time and there is not really any consistency between chains at hotels.
  11. Made a small purchase at a convenience store called Plaid Pantry. www.plaidpantry.com I noticed on the sales draft signature slip I was given the following verbiage: PLAID PANTRY ASSOCIATE IF CREDIT CARD $50 OR GREATER OR HAND KEYED INITIAL BELOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOU CHECKED ID ___Initial if over $50 ___Initial if hand key NOTE: DO NOT RECORD ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM THE ID ON THIS RECEIPT Looks like a definite violation.
  12. Made a $37 fuel purchase inside a 7-Eleven. After swiping my card and selecting credit, the pinpad said "HAVE CC & ID AVAILABLE FOR SALES ASSOCIATE." The employee asked to see my card but did not ask for ID. I signed the screen and he gave me my card and receipt back. This was a company run 7-Eleven that uses their standard corporate register system. This is the first time I've ever seen a pinpad make any mention of ID. It is not unusual for a pinpad to say to hand card to employee or similar.
  13. Right, if it is not signed then you would ask for ID. But under normal circumstances where the card is signed then you wouldn't ask. And Kmart's front end operations binder explicitly states under the Credit Cards section that with a signed card the store is NOT allowed to ask for ID. Kmart's register functions with a Pinpad or EFT Tender function where a single button processes payment for most card types (gift cards being the exception) so beyond handing a pen over to the customer if it prints out as credit, the keystroke to process a credit, debit, or food stamp card is the same for the cashier.
  14. Get into the front end operations binder at Kmart and see what it says about credit card transactions and ID. Their operations booklet states the store is NOT ALLOWED TO ASK FOR ID.

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