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  1. Just went & applied online - thanks for the info tcmcnair. Wish me luck. GOOD LUCK! You shouldn't have a problem getting in with them. They have great benefits (if you need them) from day one.
  2. If you can do 10-key data entry, many banks have positions for part time proof operators. I worked at Bank of America (in Atlanta on Feldwood Rd going toward the airport) part time in the Proof Dept. I know that they are always hiring there. They pay decently (around $7.50 or so, plus speed (keying) incentive. Hope that helps.
  3. They want me to pay $1950.00
  4. Hello, I have a home-based business in which I do in-home party sales. I would like to know how I can go about establishing a business credit for a compute and credit card processing equipment, as well as other items that I may need. My traditional CRA scores are btwn 520-585. Thanks in Advance for any advice.
  5. I have been going around and around with aSSet Accpt on a CO MBNA account since Feb. Saturday I received the following letter ACC, Claimant Order RE: ACC vs Me Me, Respondent --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The undersigned Arbitrator FINDS: 1. That no known conflict of interest exists. 2. That on or before 6/15/02 the Parties entered into an agreement providing that this matter be resolved through binding arbitration in accordance with the Forum Code of Procedure 3. That the Claimant has filed a claim in the Forum and served it on the Respondent in accordance with Rule 6. 4. That the matter has proceeded in accord with the Applicable Forum Code of Procedure. 5. The Parties have had the opportunity to present all evidence and information to the Arbitrator. 6. That the Arbitrator has reviewed all evidence and information submitted in this case. 7. That the information and evidence submitted supports the issuance of an Order as stated. Therefore, the Arbitrator Orders: IT IS ORDERED that the above case be Dismissed Without Prejudice. Entered in the State of OH Signed the Arbitrator, Esq. This is a good thing .....right? Can they still try and file in local court?
  6. Thanks for the responses. I guess I should ask this....what does this mean for me? Are they trying to find more info to use in court? The form says 'at least 60 days to a date tbd by the court."
  7. I was supposed to go to court with Asset next week. I got a notice in te mail today, telling me that they filed a Motion for Contiuance as the plaintiffs counsel will be out of the state that day. What kind of BS are they trying to pull? What do I do now? Any suggestions?
  8. Asset (FUSA account) filed a lawsuit on Oct. 30. I was served on 11/3. Responded accordingly plus sent DV. In response to that I got Interrogatories. During the time that I had to respond, I received a computer print out from them along w/ a bill of sale from FUSA Bank to Asset. I will assume this was their idea of DV. CFC filed one on April 22, but I have not been served (haven't gone and picked the letter from the PO) For the Arbitration case, there is no filing date w/ NAF on the paperwork, anywhere, so I have no clue. I haven't been served a summons on this account.
  9. Ok, before I found this board last Oct, I began disputing items on my CR's. Once I got on here and started reading and gaining knowledge, I applied the DV to other accounts that I had not yet disputed. When I got the summons on the FUSA account in late October, I responded to the summons and filed a copy of it w/ my local CH. Sent copy of that to Asset w/DV. In Mid Feb, I got a request for Interrogatories. I responded to all of the questions, filed a copy w/ the locoal CH and sent a copy of that to Asset. I received a letter stating that I was to appear in court in June. I have to get pick up the letter from the PO on the phone bill. I do know that CFC is trying to sue me. And I know it is a summons, because I have looked it up on my local CH website and the tracking number on the notice is the same as the one on-line. The 3rd account is also Asset, but it is in arbitration w/ NAF for an MBNA acccount. I sent Why Chat's Refusal of Arb letter to Asset and to NAF. I got a letter about 2 weeks ago asking for any additional info by May 20th. I don't know what else to submit. Nothing happened before I was served, outside of me disputing the tradelines online I sent DV with my MBNA refusal to Arbitration and with my 1st response to the FUSA account I sent the letter listed here on CB. Yes, that is correct. Use SOL as an affirmative defense on those accounts that it is applicable to (which appears to be maybe the phone bill, but you don't know 'cause you've not picked up the mail and you don't even know that you are being sued). Did they respond to your refusal letter? Did they ask for specific information? What happened before you were served? Did you send validation letters and when? It doesn't matter whether reporting or not reporting. Don't depend on those dates for determining the SOL. If you sent validation letters, and I'm assuming so at least on the Asset account based on your posts, what did it say? And, the big question is, what is the purpose of validation???? That is where your focus has to stay. Your posts read as if there are 3 accounts, 2 pending court action and 1 pending arbitration, is that correct? Sassy
  10. Not trying to sound impatient, but can someone please give me some advice on next steps?
  11. So, what should I do in my situation? I have been working so hard to clean up my credit since Oct. I refuse to give up on this. I'll be doggoned if I let them just take something from me. This whole situation is aggrevation enough! What can I do with the case that goes to court in June? I know I need to show up...but what else is there for me to do? Their calling....are they trying to offer a settlement before court or what? What can I do about the arbitration case? I've refused it....and NAF wants additional info. What do I send or send nothing? I sincerely appreciate all of the responses and comments, however, I am at a crossroads and don't know what to do from this point. Any advice on next steps?
  12. Darn it! Now I don't know what else to do! FUSA does not appear anywhere on my CR because I disputed it off. Asset for this account is sticking like glue to TU, but is off EFX & EXP. MBNA (OC) is still showing on all 3 as well as DMCCB. Asset has been disputed off all 3. I haven't done anything with the phone bill (I haven't picked up the letter). Basically, I feel like I am screwed. I am still getting calls from Asset, not sure which account it's for (I let the voicemail get it). They even called during DV. Do I have any other recourse on these?
  13. The FUSA account was filed in Oct. I responded in Nov. Then I got Interrogatories, which I responded to. In addtion, I sent my own set of Interrogatories. Court date has been set in June. Phone Bill, I haven't picked up the Certified letter from the PO yet, just got the card Tuesday. MBNA, received notice of Arbitration from NAF on (hey, there is no date on the papers), didn't respond. Received 2nd notice of Arb, filed response on 2/24.
  14. Yes, arbitration is in progress. I sent my refusal letter on 2/24. I just received a letter stating that I can submit additional info by 5/20. I can't think of anything else to submit. Any suggestions?
  15. I have 2 accounts that are currently pending judgements w/ Asset. I am in Ohio and the SOL is 4 yrs. One is an old phone bill that has an SOL of 6/98. The other is FUSA, SOL of TU- 3/00. And then I have an account that is in arbitration (which I refused) SOL 3/00. Can I still claim out of SOL when I got to court on the judgements and the arbitration?

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