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  1. I work with a gentleman that had dealings with First Data (credit card company). He had a balance ($2500 or so) that was eventually sent to collections. Hunter Warfield now has the account and is obviously demanding funds. Ive tried to advice my co worker about options and now he says that Hunter has sent a letter that if he pays in full, that First data will delete. I have been a member of this board for 14 years, though the last 10 have been quiet for myself. I know that pay for delete options are few and far between with CA but I would like to post the letter sent to see if this is something that he should pursue or ignore. *since I cant seem to figure out how to post attachemts, I'll retype the letter* Dear *******, Please allow this letter to serve as formal confirmation that the delinquent tradeline reporting on your credit report from First Data Global Leasing will be deleted upon receipt of the funds in the amount of $2,517.35. Once the funds are received, Hunter Warfield will notify First Data of receipt, and inform them to process the deletion. Sincerely, blah blah blah Thanks to all in advance
  2. OK, one more thing.....since I havent had much previous activity in cleaning up my credit, I dont have any previous CR. In the link you just gave, one of the lines in the letter was "the Original Date of first deliquency on this account was xx-xx-xxxx according to previous credit report # ___________ furnished by your firm. see attached copy of report # ________________" I dont have that, all I have is a TL by the OC that just isnt reporting anymore BTW, thanks for your help....I havent said that yet
  3. The OC isnt on any report, just the JBD with a huge balace..... dispute as obsolete, easy as that huh? wish me luck
  4. Creditor Name: PIN CRED SER Account No.: ********** Original Creditor: 12 MBNA Responsibility: Individual Condition: Derogatory Original Balance: $11690 Balance: $24533 Date Opened: 05/21/2008 Date Reported: 01/19/2013 [TransUnion] Placed for collection Thats the TL with TU, and Im not sure if they are the origianl JDB, but I think that they are. I lost my job in Jan 2006 and let the cards go then so we could keep the house and cars. The OC is not reporting the account anymore on the report, so this is the only thing I have to reference. I would say the original balance seems pretty close, but the current balance is what I am worried about. That said, how do I start to remove this?
  5. I currently have an account that was originally owned my MBNA back in 2008 that was charged off during a job loss where I had to let all my cards go. I had abandoned my credit and was ignoring any and everything that was mailed to me or that was over the phone. I am now in the process of really digging down and getting it cleaned back up and this account is one that is haunting me the most. Originally, $11,900 or so was charged off and I guess it ended up wih Pinnacle, 5 years later it shows a balance of just under $25,000. That cant be normal, or am I screwed with this one? The SOL where I live is 4 years I havent sent a DV or anything, i just want to make sure I make the right move with this account. Suggestions?
  6. I called and they told me that there was nothing that they could do. She even went on to tell me that since my acct is current, I should call a few days after the payment is due and ask then.... doesnt make much sense to me.
  7. We have a 30 yr fixed with Citimortgage and I just had about 2500 worth of emergency dental work done and our upcoming mortgage payment with Citi is in question now. Is it common for them to defer a payment to the end of the note or something like that? We are current right now but I dont want to mess things up if at all possible. suggestions?
  8. I got notice a couple months ago about TGSLC initiating a wage garnishment for my student loans (~14K) They started soon thereafter and read on their website about how much they can take. It says that they can take up to 15% of the disposable income. That number is one that I can handle.... They started on my first pay period of November and so far they have taken ~1450. That seemed a little steep so I looked a little deeper. They are taking 15% of my gross income, not my "disposable" Is that the norm or is this a clerical error?
  9. well this wasnt a true hit and run, she did come back and give ins info. I will file a claim on her ins not on mine...
  10. She was totally in the wrong, I wasnt even in the car. But you're right - I thought was he said was BS, but I cant find anywhere where thats an absolute truth. And sure her insurance will cover but w/o a police report can they refute the incident?? I have plenty of witnesses to account for what heppened....
  11. Yesterday I went over to a friends house to cookout and whatnot to celebrate the holiday. I parked my car in front of the curb right in front of their house. We were all playing poker in the garage with the door open when all of the sudden I hear a crunch. We all know the sound, some 16 year old girl from across the street had backed into my car. Much to my horror, I see the car speed away very quickly. Of course, my natural reatction was to run after it and I got the licsence plate number. I was about 3 blocks down from running and when I came back the car was back to the scene and everyone was telling me to calm down. Of course I was upset, someone hit my car, LEFT THE SCENE, and Im supposed to be calm. Anyways, the girl said she didnt know she hit me and thought it was the curb. They are neighbors of my friends, no harm done.....shes back. So we exchanged info and I told them I wanted the police to come out to do a write a report just to cover my butt. When the officer got on the scece he asked what happened and told me we have some options. One was that we would write a report but both hers and my insurance would go up. WTF? Are you kidding me?? This cant be true, and I let him know I thought so. We ended up getting "blue reports" which are reports we fill out oursevlves and send into the state. I called my insurance agency just to make sure and she was a moron in her own right.... So someone tell me, is that true or not?? I haveheard that before but I just want to know nextime this happens.
  12. they will let me combine 3 cards into 1 at the same time?
  13. I currently have 2 Citibank cards: AAdvantage Plat - $4000 limit Home Rebate - $4000 limit I am waiting until July to get CLI's on both and then Im gonna combine the CL into one card. In the meantime, I got the itch from Bryanboy and applied for a AAdvantage Gold card. They only gave me a $2500 limit but I just plan to move the CL to another card. What would be my best course of action here?? If I transfer the CL to my Home Rebate card will I have to wait on the others or what???

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