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    I am so stressed right now, we have about $10,000 in Collections, Medical and CC debt. I know its not alot to some but it is too me and I cant even sleep! I want to get it "taken" care of. Should I send DV letters or a different type of letter because some of these things reporting are over the SOL for my state of Md? I want to start on this asap but am not sure what to do first. Thanks
  2. shllby1


    Can someone please help me with understanding this, I believe it says that Maryland has a SOL of 3 years. If so does that mean I should still pay debt that is over that? Our Mortgage lender said I have to pay it all in order to go forth with a mortgage, should I hit them with a letter about it being over the limit of collecting? I thought the SOL was 7 years. Thanks
  3. Long story short, hubby and I had our vehicle repossed we could NOT afford the $400 a month car payment with all the maintence on the piece of crap so we had to let it go back to wells fargo. I recieved a letter from "Pinnacle Collections" saying they want to settle this matter for 1900.00 and it will be listed as "settled in full" on our credit. Well I have tried to no avail for years to get our credit cleaned up and we have had so many setbacks its so depressing for me and I have not extra money a month to even pay this to them but my mother in law said I could use her credit card and make the minimum payment but I am thinking maybe we should file chapter 7??? I hate to do it but I have mounting medical bills too from c section I had and I am a stay at home mom and we have one income. I dont know what I should do? Should I pay or should I file??
  4. See had I not come here to the board and asked this question I would think this is legal since its from the courthouse. So I wil call the courthouse tomorrow and tell them it was filed under bankruptcy. I mean they would have that on record too.
  5. I cant believe it, I mean this is from the courthouse and says the judgement has been re-entered. Should I call the courthouse?
  6. Can a judgement be renewed when its been included in bankupcty? DH and I filed 8 years ago and we just got a letter saying its been renewed???
  7. The mortgage lender says we need too in order to qualify.
  8. Ok Thanks, I have a collection that says it will fall off October 2009 and I was just curious if I paid it it would remain another 7 years on there.
  9. If you pay a collection does it reset the clock for the 7 year mark too fall off?
  10. Since they are close to falling off disputing them as obsolete will possibly make them fall off faster? Also if I pay the collections that will stay on longer that means they wont be aged from the date I pay but will still fall off the same time? In most cases, they will delete then if you dispute as obsolete and they are only a few months away. If you do decide to pay them, it will not change the date of first delinquency. This is the date they use for the 7 year reporting mark. But, I would not pay them unless you absolutely have to! So I guess the ones that are due to fall off a few months from now I wont pay, there are some that are about 2 years off and I know I need to do something with them in order to buy a home. I have disputed them and they are verified. So even if you pay them off will they still fall off at the 7 year mark?
  11. Since they are close to falling off disputing them as obsolete will possibly make them fall off faster? Also if I pay the collections that will stay on longer that means they wont be aged from the date I pay but will still fall off the same time?
  12. I have a couple questions, I have been disputing things on my report to try to clear it up for an FHA loan. The lender has advised DH and I to pay off collections in order to get the loan. I know the damage this can do but I have had them validated, they wont do PFD but will settle for less then we owe on a few accounts. I also have a few things on my report that say "due to fall off October 2009" that is not that far off, would it be best to NOT pay those and just wait till they fall off? If so will that help our score? If the Credit Report says something is due to fall off will it? Also on the accounts that wont fall off for a few years and we pay them to satisfy the lender will they stay on our report the normal SOL time which is 7 years here in Maryland or longer? Thanks!
  13. Thanks I will pay it tomorrow. I hope that gives me a jump.
  14. shllby1


    Did you sign an agreement with him? If not, I'd get a 2nd opinion. A realtor couldn't hurt either and most have connections with mortgage brokers. The realtor is paid by the seller so there's no out of pocket there and mortgage brokers' fees are usually wrapped into the closing costs. No agreement with him. Just going on him giving me advice ect...He had me speak with the "underwriter" and she is suggesting the same way to go as him. He said he put my info in front of the lender and they told him they wont even look at it unless we pay collections.
  15. We have one credit card that is maxed out, its only a $250 one. I guess all I can do is keep disputing ect...

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