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  1. Does anyone know if I stand a chance in getting this card if I have been blacklisted by American express???
  2. Please see below...this is a prequalification letter I received from navy federal credit union. I'm confused as to how she came to the estimated PITI...I'm coming up with a lot higher number. I know origination fees and points are prepaid interest (from what ive read anyway). So the 5.25% interest rate will drop to ?????? James C. Good afternoon, I have the following: Sales price: $92,000 Loan amount: $89,240 funding fee removed Rate: 5.25% paying 0.5 discount point and 1% origination fee for a total of $4098 Your monthly payment with estimated taxes and insurance would be $591.76. I have attached the pre-qual letter
  3. Ok..I need a mortgage broker..loan processor or anyone knowledgeable about the federal truth in lending law pertaining to the right of recession....ok..here is what happened..I applied for a home equity line of credit through JP morgan chase and was approved..I signed the closing documents on thursday june 1, 2017. Per law they also gave me the paperwork to cancel the transaction in its entirety within 3 business days (midnight Monday June 5, 2017). I started getting cold feet and decided I was not going to put my home up for any amount of money. On Saturday June 2nd I signed and dated the cancellation paperwork that chase provided. I scanned the paperwork and emailed a copy to my loan processor and the loan processors team leader. I also explained my intent to cancel in the email also. I went to the post office and mailed the original out via certified mail return receipt to the address chase provided. Chase received this letter on Monday June 5th, 2017 at 9:27am. At this point I was relieved that I had done everything by law in order to cancel the loan in its entirety. Fast forward to Friday June 9th..I checked my navy federal credit union balances and they were all 0.00.....This was a bill consolidation loan and lo and behold chase had moved forward with the disbursement. They tried to reverse the transaction but navy federal credit union advised they had already been processed and could not be reversed. Chase calls me and advises it is my right to cancel but they need their money back in order to do so. They advised me that they talked to navy federal credit union and they advised chase to have me call them and they would send me the money. I contacted navy federal union and in order for me to reimburse chase I would have to take out a 30k personal loan at 13.49% interest. Now chase is calling me on a daily basis asking what I am going to do...They were nice as could be through the process of acquiring the line of credit. Now their like a collection agency. I don't have 30K to give these people. Do I have any type of recourse. First question they asked is "was I sure I want to cancel". Is it even an option not to at this point? any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Would someone please tell me how I would go about joining this navyfcu?? I have combed the site and I cannot find anything. I believe you can join some type of organization and you are in, however I can't find anything on their site about it. Want to refinace my ride at 5%. Does anyone know if there is any organization out there that can beat the 5% at this time?? All help greatly appreciated. Thanks.. "Cutt"
  5. Amex Care ? Amex 365... Could someone explain to me what this is. From reading the post it seems like it has something to do with pulling a daily credit report ? "Cutt"
  6. Hi All.... I applied fot the Discover Platinum Card today and got the "30 day" notice. Anyone have any idea how long it will take before I hear something ? Was hoping I would get an instant approval but that just wasn't the case. "Cutt"
  7. All... I am interested in purchasing a Volvo S40 and am having difficulty believing what the Manager at the dealership is telling me. The "on the road" purchase price would be $25553.00. However, if I lease for 30 days and than purchase the vehicle I will be able to get it for $23053.00 (2500.00 less). This sounds like a "no brainer" if it is true. But I am having a hard time believing it. Anyone have any experience in doing something like this ? All advise will be greatly appreciated. "Cutt"
  8. I was hoping they would pull Equifax on me..and lo and behold they pull Transunion :-( DENIED!!! (BK From 2001) "Cutt"
  9. Thanks Nick614, I really appreciate the response and value your advice.
  10. All… Ok….here is what I have come up with! I have been offered a 2nd mortgage for as much equity as I have in the home. It will be a 30 year fixed rate at 10%. This is through the Home Loan Center (Div. Of Lending Tree, I believe). The guy advises closing cost will be around 2K. This sounds like it is an extremely high interest rate. Is this typical for an individual with credit scores in the 700’s (although I do have a bk listed from 2001). Can I do better elsewhere ? At this point the vehicles I am wanting to payoff with this loan have a 3.9% interest rate and the Personal Loan is 8.5% If I continue this way I will have all of these paid off in 4 years. Is a HELOC any better ? If not, sounds like I better hold tight with what I have. Also…what is a AVM ? And how is it possible to appraise my home without someone physically coming to the look at the home. All help is greatly appreciated! “Cuttâ€
  11. Thanks Fla-Tan... FYI... I am glad I am not in Texas....I am in Kentucky :-)
  12. Equifax is clean. BK is showing on TU and Experian.I have managed to clean up everything IIB, however I havent had any luck cleaning up the BK itself on Experian or TU. Income is 60k per year.
  13. Hi all…. I am presently looking to do a 100% mortgage refinance (if possible) and am looking for quotes from companies that offer 100% refinancing. Presently my home is valued at approximately $160,000.00. Payoff is $136,000.00. I would like to get $24,000 in cash to pay off my vehicle ($13000.00) and a personal loan ($10,000.00) that I have. Does anyone know if there is a reputable company out there that would do this? All three scores are in the 706-715 range. Income is approximately $60,000.00 per year. Present rate is 6.5% fixed. I have done some research but the companies I have checked are only willing to go 90-95 % LTV. All Help will be greatly appreciated. “Cuttâ€
  14. I have received a pre-approved offer in the mail for a Chase Platinum Visa Business Card. My question is this. Since I am pre-approved and not just pre-qualified will they pull a hard against my credit report? Since I am pre-approved am I a shoe in to be approved once I apply ? Also will the Chase Platinum Business Card show up on my credit report as a new account? I have a few other business cards from Amex and they do not show up on my personal credit report so I am assuming Chase will not. I want the 0% balance transfer rate. Not to enthused with the 3% (or max $75.00) balance transfer fee but I will just have to live with it. Thanks for all the responses!! “Cuttâ€

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