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  1. That wasnt the issue. The issue is they’re reporting one address on my credit report and another on the website. I did a Google search I saw there were two addresses listed and that’s why asked the question. Thanks for the input. Next time ask a question I’ll be sure to put that I did a Google search first
  2. Could someone give me the correct address for disputing with NCC? I tried to disputing with him about a year ago at the 3733 University Blvd. address and my green card kicked back to me saying address unknown. That’s also how they are reporting their address on my credit report. However, online I’m seeing 9428 Baymeadows Suite 200. Which one is correct or has anyone been successful with?
  3. Thanks for responding- I’m sorry I’m not providing the info needed. While i have been successful in other kinds of disputes, I’ve never handled an old apartment lease before. I never got a letter from NCC, I discovered them on a credit report review 3 yrs ago. There WAS a judgement a few yrs ago from what i can tell on the local courts web site. Judgement amount and the original amount listed as owed are both different from what they are asking me to pay, but that amount has not increased in 4 yrs. They have been reporting a different amount since day one as the original amount owed when it was really substantially less. Other than the email and the amounts listed as owed i have from the current management, that’s about all i have.
  4. Thanks for that input centex-if they have no obligation to make that change in who is reporting, can they still collect? Btw, it’s outside of SOL. If the original management company is no longer managing the property could a dispute wipe out that claim? I have an email from the current management company saying that they don’t have detailed records on the past account. Would that have any bearing on NCC’s ability to collect?
  5. Thanks for all that freebird and whychat... i have an update that I’d appreciate any input on- Ok so my Experian dispute just came back as “ updated” ... As far as i can tell, the management company changed and the original manager and company is gone- I got this from the new property management when I asked for a breakdown of charges. Does this help me at all, if so what should my next move be? Dispute again with NCC? I did once a few yrs ago when the old management was still involved.. Helppppp meeeee——————-AntkneeI emailed you a final copy of your statement through our accounting software so you may see an email from “realpage.com” that is from us. I have also attached a final copy of your ledger here in this email.We have recently purchased the community and changed management teams as of 01/04/2019 therefore, your account and file information was part of River Asset Management. I would have to refer you to them to find out what collection agency they placed your file with and how to get this resolved with them as the debt, if any, is owed to them. Please reach out to River Asset Management here in ***** and inquire about your home, ( old address ) here at( Old complex name ) and they should be able to provide you with K’s information to reach her or another person in their management team that could assist you in finding the collection agency used to resolve this matter.
  6. Well, i went ahead and did this.. I’ll update once things are updated on my reports. I guess we will see what happens. The rep was very cool and professional. She did try to get me to pay something on a VERY old account . I told her truthfully i didn’t know anything about that one and I’d have to do some research on that and get back to her.
  7. Trying this again since i have more info- I have a lease from 4 yrs ago that’s been reporting as a collection. It was an eviction due to them getting sick of me paying two weeks into the month with late fees attached . I called the property today because i think the amount they are listing is incorrect. Apparently there is a new management company and i got this response..can i use this to my advantage? I do know NCC has the debt and is still reporting the original company I rented with as the owner. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.. ——————————————- We have recently purchased the community and changed management teams as of 01/04/2019 therefore, your account and file information was part of XYZ Company. I would have to refer you to them to find out what collection agency they placed your file with and how to get this resolved with them as the debt, if any, is owed to them. Please reach out to XYZ Company here in town and inquire about your home, 11-406, here at Axxxx and they should be able to provide you with Katherine’s information to reach her or another person in their management team that could assist you in finding the collection agency used to resolve this matter. Please see the ledger attached, this is all I have record of. Thank you, Laura J Property Manager
  8. Thanks legaleagle2012... i just found an old lease i believe is reporting some wrong info and i wanted to be “ safe “ before i got into it with them on the subject. They’ve been reporting for a number of yrs, just didn’t want to end up in court.
  9. Whychat, as always, thanks for the clarification. That’s really good news for me- im past 4 yrs on it.
  10. Is a lease considered an open account or written contract? Logic is telling me written but I’ve here due to how leases are paid, it could be open. I’m in Virginia so it’s 3 vs 5 yrs difference. thanks!
  11. Hi, I have two Collections left on my account. I have PRA which I believe I’m going to pay in full just to get them to remove it off my account. It’s not very much $$and I can afford to do it, so I can get that one off my reports if their removal of complete payments that I’ve been reading about is correct. My main issues with NCC. I’ve got an old lease that ended about 4 1/2 years ago. It was an eviction due to late payment- i always paid my rent late, with late fees, and they got sick of it lol...I disputed with NCC one time last year which wasprobably not smart considering I was still with SOL. My reports came back as “updated“ but I don’t believe I ever got any verification sent to me. At this time, would it be smart for me to go after NCC again? My reasoning is if they were going to come after me they would’ve done it last year when I disputed with them. I’m thinking they may not have any concrete proof of the debt. Or would it be smarter to go after the OC and see if the amount they are reporting is correct. I don’t believe it’s correct because, as i said, i always paid and The landlord even gave me an additional week to get my stuff out of the place after the evection. I don’t believe she would’ve done that if I owe them any money. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  12. To collect, yes. It’s gonna drop off reports late summer.
  13. Has anyone used email correspondence with them to arrange pay for delete? I have an old account with them and I’d like to give it a shot. I trust myself on email correspondence way more than talking to someone over the phone.
  14. im in no real hurry- i can wait for paper reports if i have too. but i was under the impression that if im seeing reports online because i WAS going to dispute online ( i wasnt-i was checking the report for errors ) i could be sure those reports were accurate. anyway, could i possibly get a deletion due to incorrect info on those, or would they just update info? if thats the case, id probably leave them alone.
  15. 1st- can a negative account that was a charge off show the balance and charge off amount to be one amount and listing a past due amount to be different? EQ is listing an account showing both balance owed and charge off amount to be $185.00 and amount owed at just $25.00 2nd - My Eq report is showing some old charge off's reporting payment histories that arent correct-example, i have an old AMEX that was DOFD 04/12 but its showing that i was in 'paid or paying agreed- green status ' every month till last month except for random months listed as ' CO'- can i dispute this for removal based on incorrect info being reported? i never made a payment on that account since 2012. I have a number of older negatives reporting this kind of history. Thanks alot in advance for any input!
  16. Would it be dumb to contact them directly via email about an old balance they have been reporting for a few yrs? its out of SOL and i believe the balance was paid in full just before i moved out. i figure if i can get them to say " no balance " via email, ill have proof for a dispute/removal. i disputed last yr but it came back verified but the proof was really lacking.. is this an ok idea? thanks in advance..NCC has had the account since 2/1/2015 and the last month in the lease was 9/15/2014 if that matters
  17. Thanks for the reply's- yes, some have started to drop here and there, including some nice positive lines that were still there. m looking to just get remaining negs off the reports so i can concentrate on some rebuilding- been at it for a year or so with some decent results. i know my score is probably going to drop due to losing some age and id like to just get that out of the way while its not really going to sting me too bad.
  18. so, i have a number of old charge off's with balances-out of SOL and over 7 yrs or more old..smart to try and remove them? id lose some aged accounts but also the neg trade lines so it looks like an either or to me... thanks!
  19. CV, i know. It was just discouraging to see the drop. Youd think something that was such a big negative would have a positive impact once it was gone. But I get your point. And no, I would definitely not want it back ha ha. Shifter- These were from MyFICO.. My CK scores jumped 88 and 30 points. THAT i likes lol, i know they really dont matter but it was nice. What I did like was CK showed me all the changes. With my MyFico I had to hunt for them, meaning CK gave a lot more detail.
  20. Well Ive been good and really been working to raise scores, so its discouraging when you dont do anything bad and you have significant score drops.. Today i woke up to a 23 point drop due to a 12 yr old account being removed. Now, i should add it was a 3,500 dollar charge off, negative account ( i had an instance of ID theft i couldnt prove was BS and had even gotten garnished on it .) So its a drop but its also a bad account and hit on my total amount owed gone so i guess thats good. I also lost a long , positive reporting auto loan that dropped my score. That was a decent drop as well. THEN, a family member used a card we never use and i got an update that we had a balance increase, a whole 20.00 bucks, and that dropped me as well.. oh well..😣Frustrating
  21. this may be a dumb question but here goes- as far as reporting, doesnt the OC' have to report the same info as far as balances owed? example, reporting a balance owed on an old charge off i disputed as $500.00.. in multiple correspondences with the OC, and as of 2014, they are reporting $500.95.. isnt this a violation? normally id let it ride, but i disputed it and the OC is now reporting a balance that they were not before and lowered my score by 35 points or so. i had disputed the account with two different collection agencies who both dropped the account with letters stating the same and no collection activity being pursued. i disputed with the the OC and they sent back print out of charges, with no signature, and a paragraph stating that its their policy to report " fair and accurate" information. do i have any thing else i can do here? i just tried to dispute again on all three reports but thats all i can think of at this point. its first premier if that matters thanks!
  22. yeah.. now i do. that ship has kinda passed now.
  23. Back in November my local chain gym, privately owned, told me I owed them for three non consecutive months. This was untrue, I owed them for the current month, November, only which I offered to pay on the spot. Long story short, they barred me from lifting there until I paid them $245.00- so I emailed the owner/ collection dept as I was told to by front desk, and asked to have my membership frozen until we resolved the payment dispute- this was my second attempt as I had called and left a message once before. Both were ignored. They threatened me with collection activities, which they did, I sent a DV letter to the " attorney " and never heard from them again. I walked in today and found they have been trying to charge me since November and now say I owe $400.00.. They are pretty well known for this kind of thing and have a revolving cast of clowns working the front desk due to people quitting or getting fired. At the time this started I was very aware of paying things off as I was unemployed and had to account for every dollar. My membership was month to month so I paid with cash. I have no trail to show payment and apparently either do they. I have been a member there for 12 yrs so I obviously have been paying my dues. Can anyone suggest a letter or course of action on this.. The BBB was my next thought..
  24. So, do some work to rule relationship issues a few years ago I canceled all my credit cards which was stupid. And due to some overdraft fees on somebody's part even closed my bank account. Recently I started cleaning up my credit again. My first step wasto dispute some things that were not mine and I was successful. But as it stands now I've got a few baddies left on my reports . My FICO score is 585. I just joined my local credit union. They don't offer a secured card for about six months and require a $500 deposit. Are there any credit unions or secured cards out there that don't do a hard pull and that don't require a huge deposit in order to secure a card that will report to all three bureaus ? As it stands now because of all the cancellations, I'm showing zero credit across the board and it's hurting my scores. The only thing I have open is a Belk store card on Ex. Thanks!

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