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  1. No, until this is cleared up I'm not eligible for the loan.
  2. Long story short I walked away from a Capital One credit card in 2012. I recently applied for a home equity loan and just found out that I have an abstract judgement on my home that was filed in 2013. I live in Texas so I believe the judgement will fall off in 10 years but my understanding is the abstract will stay on the title forever. The attorney that filed it was Moss Law Firm f/n/a Allan L Adkins from Lubbock. I can't get the loan unless I take care of this and the lien is released. I called them so I could get the number to Capital One settlement office but the recording indicates they are debt collectors and I got transferred to a agent to discuss my account. Does anyone have experience in negotiating with them or how I can get the lien removed. I'm prepared to pay a little but I don't have $3,000. They also included yearly interest as well and I'm afraid they will ask for an unreasonable amount. I don't want to get an attorney unless I absolutely have to.
  3. I applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card this weekend and did not an instant approval. Is there a phone number to call to find out the status or should I call the general customer service number.
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  5. I typed it and it did not work at all my score actually dropped. So I will patiently wait till my collections fall off in 4-5 months.
  6. I am sending a letter to Experian tomorrow using his method so we shall see. Most of my charge offs will fall off my report in April and May but I need a car so I’m hoping some of the accounts will be deleted.
  7. amd

    AT&T Uverse Account

    Thank you. I called and was transferred to accounts receivable the same as before but this time the rep said they should be able to help. Wanted me to fax over a copy of the bank transmittal sheet which I did.
  8. My daughter's Uverse account was turned over to a collection agency. I paid the account in full directly to AT&T. They don't have record of the payment although I have a transaction number from the bank. I was referred back to the collection agency because they don't have information about the account. The collection agency said they could start a dispute with AT&T on my behalf that the account was paid directly to them. AT&T more than likely would recall the debt and mark it paId. The person I spoke to was actually very nice and didn't try to collect or ask for any more information. I'm wondering if I should end AT&T a letter that the account was paid in full.
  9. amd

    Chevron Texaco

    The account is current. I made a payment as soon as I realized there was a problem. Thank you
  10. amd

    Chevron Texaco

    Is the account current now? If so then a goodwill letter would be your best bet. Typically goodwill letters are made for situations like these. A simple mistake on your part. If the account has been in good standing for quite some time that's a good idea to mention. The idea is to get them to change the tradeline and remove the 30 day late. If I remember correctly, Chevron credit cards are serviced by GEMB. I'd do a google search for GEMB executive offices.
  11. amd

    Chevron Texaco

    I gave my son my chevron card to use in case of any emergency. He used the card in April and forgot to tell me. I didn't know until today when he tried to use the card again and the card was declined. this is my fault for not checking my account regularly. They have reported the deliquent payments to the CRAs. However, they never tried to contact me....no phone calls or text messages. Does anyone have a contact number at chevron or any advise on how to minimize the damage on my report? Chevron customer service is no help the supervisor told me they don't contact account holders when the account is past due. I don't have any late payments on my credit report except this. Thank you.
  12. UFCU has been great after my bankruptcy. I have had two car loans, a credit card and a line of credit. I have no complaints with their customer service.
  13. Hi Squirrelgirl, I'm so sorry. If I remember correctly a quick claim deed is where the owner of the house transfers the property to a spouse. I had to do this when I was divorced in 1995. I got the house so my ex released his half to me. After we filed the deed the the loan was off his credit reports etc but the bank would not release him of the loan obligation. If I started to go into foreclosure the bank would have to give him a chance to get the loan caught up and he would get the house. If you think you can rent it out I would get him out of the house and take over before letting it go into foreclosure unless you owe much more than the house is worth. Has he contacted the mortgage co for any assistance? I would transfer some of loans/credit from Penfed to be on the safe side.
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