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  1. I complained to both issuers about a liquor store requiring ID a couple months ago. They had a sign up requiring ID for all cards, credit or debit. So I go back in today and not only have they not taken that sign down, they put up a 2nd one saying that ID must match the name on the card! I'll bet this stemmed from someone too drunk to drive sending a friend to get more booze with their credit card. I wish more people knew their rights regarding this issue. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one reporting these businesses. I'm off to report this one again.
  2. Does VISA still care if businesses require ID? I just went to report one, and it's not specifically listed on their complaint form anymore. Just wondering if it's worth it to fill the form out. I reported this store once before probably 6 months ago, but only to VISA because I didn't have a MC at the time, and when I went in today they have actually increased their signage telling customers to have ID ready if they use credit or debit cards. I saw at least 4 signs whereas before I complained the last time there were only 2. LOL I did get it reported to MC so hopefully they'll take care of it.
  3. Whoa, refusing to give you your card back is way beyond the pale! I think I'd complain to Home Depot corporate about that. If you own a Mastercard, report to them also. They won't have a record of whether you actually tried to use the MC or not, and if you had you know the same thing would have happened.
  4. Has anyone applied for this today? I tried in both Firefox and IE and neither did anything when I hit the submit button.
  5. Can someone tell me if this is a MasterCard? I need one so I can report merchant violations to both Visa and MC.
  6. So I've been using my credit card at Idaho likker stores to buy lottery, so I can get my reward points. I go into one of my regular stores yesterday, and there's a sign taped to the counter: If you're paying with credit or debit card please have your ID ready. Never heard of them requiring ID on a debit card before. Needless to say, I did report them to VISA. If anyone has a MC and is willing to put in a complaint please PM me for store details. I guess I need to apply for an MC so I can report future scofflaws myself since they no longer accept complaints from non-cardholders.
  7. Shoot, I'm in Idaho. I had forgotten the distinction between original creditor and debt collector. My bad. BTW they just called again this morning and I went thru the phone tree again to tell them it's the wrong number. The recording said "We apologize for the inconvenience. Good bye." Which makes it sound like they're gonna quit calling, but it's been a month now since I did it the first time.
  8. From the retailer's agreement with Visa/MC from post #22: It is important that merchants understand that the requesting of a cardholder ID does not change the merchant’s liability for chargebacks . Business aren't protecting themselves by asking for ID, they're just squeezing a lemon me off and losing business.
  9. He didn't have my number before me - he has the same last name. I checked the phone book, there is no such name listed in my town. And it has certainly never been associated with me anywhere. I guess they just call everyone with that last name hoping something will stick. I think it's a violation if you tell them to stop calling and they continue, isn't it? That's what t-mobile is doing.
  10. I searched for t-mobile here and surprised I didn't find anything. Anyhow they've been calling me for months about some guy's debt. When I'm not home, my answering machine just has the alleged debtor's name. Every time I'm home, I pick the phone up and dial the numbers to tell their robo caller that they have the wrong number. I've done this 4 times now, and I'm still getting calls! Has anyone had any luck getting them to pay for FDCPA violations for harassment? What would you suggest I do? What proof do I need?
  11. I just recently got a Discover and a Cap One credit card. They each pulled Equifax. Cap One says scores range from 334 - 818. Discover says 300 - 850 Cap One pulled on 5/14 and said my score was 786. Discover pulled on 5/21 and the score was 806. Dunno how it could change that much that quickly - 20 points.
  12. Years ago I used to have a WaMu CC that gave me my credit score every month, but when Chase bought them, that went away. I didn't realize other companies had taken up the practice until a few weeks ago I saw an ad. So I've gotten a Discover and a Capital One just to get my scores. I've gotten some paperwork from Capital One saying I'm approved and telling me my Equifax score. I was approved by Discover but don't know yet which score they provide, or what it is. My question is, how accurate are these scores? If I applied for a bank loan, would they get these same scores? And anybody know which credit bureau Discover reports to the CC holder?
  13. Thanks all, and thanks for the link tango. Very informative article. Looks like Visa and MC leave it up to the retailer to decide. Idaho state law allows lottery on credit. The state lotto commission recently agreed not to allow credit cards to be used in the lottery vending machines as a concession to lawmakers who think scratch offs are too addictive, and it's too easy to buy compulsively thru the machines. But Jackson's, the largest c-store chain doesn't take credit for lottery, and in fact won't even take a Shell gift card for it. One of the managers said it's because you have to push the "credit" key to take the gift card, and they don't allow credit purchases of lottery. Sigh I've been buying them at the state-run liquor stores but just last week had the clerk balk a bit saying she didn't think she could take it. She went ahead for that purchase but I have a feeling that will be the last time. Guess I'll have to switch to a debit card but I get better rewards on the CC.
  14. Does Visa and MC allow a retailer to accept their cards, but refuse to allow certain items to be purchased with it? For example, there are 2 stores here that won't allow lottery to be purchased with a CC. I've been getting cash from the ATM just for these purchases, but I'd really like to be getting my rewards for the money I'm spending on lottery. Should I report them to the CC companies, or is this practice okay with them?
  15. The Do Not Call site ran by the FTC now has a special link for complaining about debt collectors. I had one calling my phone leaving messages where they said they were collecting a debt from B.B. (the guy's name). Since that is against the FDCPA, I told them I want them to pay me the fine for each message they left. They replied about a month later (thru the FTC) that they needed the number the calls were made to. I supplied that and am now waiting on a resolution. I don't know if I'll get any $$$ but the calls did stop. I think they're harassing you. After the first time you told them you are not the debtor and don't know him/her, I think it became harassment, plus they are continuing to tell a 3rd party that this other person owes debt, both of which violate collection laws.

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