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  1. Pulled the trigger and applied. Only 9k CL but Amex usually increases pretty quickly. Transferred $6500 balance from high % Chase card to 0% intro on Amex . Will lower my utilization on my personal CR and save $, so I guess it was worth it. Really wanted 25k. Looks like only a soft pull so that's good.
  2. Did you have prior cards with Amex? The rep at Amex said I'm not allowed to transfer the balance from my another Amex acct (personal). I haven't had an inquiry in 3 years, Would hate to burn one for a low CL.
  3. Thanks Old Blue. Did Amex require any docs for your sole proprietor account, or did you just get approved off your score?
  4. Since you are a sole proprietor, do your business credit cards still NOT report to your personal credit report? I'm looking to transfer personal cc balances to a 0 % business cc . All the charges were for business purposes--just want to get to 0% utilization on personal CRA. Looking at the Amex Blue Business Cash card. I already have a 40k limit with them on Everyday card, and they are constantly offering me a 40k personal loan pre-approval. Don't want to transfer if the Biz card ends up showing up on my personal CRA. since it's a sole proprietorship. ( 9 yr old company with strong proof of revenue)
  5. In what state would I seek out an atty? Where the apartment was located? Where the corporate headquarters is located for the apartment complex? Ar in GA where the CA is based?
  6. My younger son walked into the leasing office and filled out the paperwork and was approved that day. For my older son, they sent me notification that I was applying as a guarantor, as well as constant updates if his rent wasn't paid on the 1st. (Got several email reminders on the 2nd of the month) I got no notification of guarantor for my younger son, nor no notifications of late payments. My younger son doesn't even know my SS#. I honestly think after he defaulted, they were feeling the heat for not getting a guarantor and found my personal info on my other son's application and transferred my info. Isn't a company responsible for letting someone know their information has been submitted as a guarantor?
  7. My two sons signed a lease at an apartment complex out of state. The apartments were on the other side of the complex from each other. Each student is responsible for their room inside the house. I agreed to be a guarantor for my older son, applying online on his behalf months in advance. I still have all the emails detailing the process. He always paid his rent on time and left at the end of the lease in good standing. I refused to be a guarantor for my younger 19-year-old son. He is not responsible and I knew he would not pay on time. He walked into the leasing office the week of college move-in and they were dumb enough to extend him a lease without a guarantor. I was shocked that they would. I never received any correspondences regarding his lease, since I was not a party to it. His father (my ex) told him he would pay his rent but ended up backing out. My younger son defaulted on his lease and was evicted at Christmas break. Recently, I noticed a collection for 7k on my Experian report. for my younger son's rent. This is the only negative item I have ever had on my credit report. I immediately submitted a dispute and also called the collection agency Carter-Young. The supervisor said she would look into it and get back to me. I even followed up with registered letters to them, the apartment complex, and the corporate office for the apartment complex (all 3 in different states) demanding that they remove the collection from my credit report, and a disposition on the matter. I have not heard back and no calls get returned. Experian just notified me that the collection agency provided evidence of the collection. Obviously, someone has lied or submitted a forged document. Obviously, the apartment complex attached my personal info provided for my older son to my younger son's defaulted account. They have never even contacted me over the past 3 years, but suddenly they are making me responsible for a lease for a 19 year old that I never guaranteed. This has to be illegal, not to mention unethical. I'm afraid that I will have to retain an attorney to resolve this matter. Do I get an attorney for the state of GA where Carter-Young resides? Or an atty in the state of the apartment complex? Or the state of the Corporate office? This has caused a 45 point decline in my credit score. I'm so mad I can't see straight. Any advice?
  8. Thanks. All good advice. CSS asked if I would send them proof that I had secured other insurance at the time I canceled my Travelers policy with my agent. I faxed them declarations page of new policy along with screen shot of email with agent asking that she cancek policy, as well as a follow up email a few days later reminding her that I had canceled. CSS said this was not ample . Was wondering if I would get anywhere contacting Travelers legal department.
  9. At the beginning of this year, I found a much better auto rate with Nationwide by combining my sons' policies with mine. I felt bad canceling my Travelers policy but $200/month savings is a no brainer. Travelers won't let you cancel directly with them and requires you to send notification to your independent agent who, in turn, cancels the policy. I emailed agent on January 2, since my next policy payment with Travelers was due on the 3rd. My new policy with Nationwide shows a start date of Jan 2. My agent didn't alert Travelers for two weeks, so now they have turned over my account to CSS saying I owe them $96 for Jan 3-19, even though I had canceled it. I faxed CSS documentation showing the email I sent out to my agent, as well as the new declarations page showing I had new insurance with another company. CSS just informed me that they are rejecting my documentation and pursuing this debt. I have never had a negative on my credit report and don't want to start now--buying a beach house soon. Should I stand by my principles and not pay and risk a ding on my CR? Any advice?
  10. Equifax has never been at 720. It's always been the lowest, peaking around 680. It has 5 good trades, no baddies but gets all the inquiries too. To reiterate, I'm looking for a cc who will pull TU, then Experian as a backup. I've learned from this post that Citi won't approve me with EQ frozen. I'll just wait till new cards report at low util then go for Citi in 6 months.
  11. I have only two trades on Experian and TransUnion. I have 5 on Equifax. Seems like everyone reports Equifax and checks that file. I had to guarantee my college son's new apartment last week and darn if they didn't check Equifax. Score dropped to 650.. Citi or Dscover are really the only ones I would want so I guess I'll hold off til Equifax rebounds and reports all 3 cards with low utilization
  12. I've been rebuilding credit very slowly the last two years. I recently acquired a $4500 Chase Freedon card and a $1500 Barclays crd. Both inquiries show on Experian and Equifax, but not on TransUnion because I had it temporarily frozen. The Barlays acct is showing on all three but Chase hasn't hit yet (got card two weeks ago). I would like to go for one more card then cease for 6 months. I need a card that will access TransUnion or Experiian due to less inquiries and higher scores (around 725 each). Equifax has been hit recently due to inquiries, hurting my scores Myfico is 720 My two-part question: 1) Should I freeze my Equifax file and apply for another card like Citi, steering them to access TU or EXP? 2) Should I do it now before My Chase card hits, or after it hits since it's a higher limit that will appear? Good income (100k) if that's relevant
  13. Thanks. I was looking for a company that offered corporate credit. Anyone know of any?
  14. Does anyone know of a company that provides screen printing, or at least sells t-shirts wholesale? We have a fundraising event for my non-profit in 2 weeks and we need shirts to sell. Gempler has t-shirts but the plain ones are like $10 each--not what we're looking for...Thanks

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