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  1. Thanks Marv - after this I contacted my friend and apologized profusely. She was very gracious and said to not worry about it - her mom understood because no one at the dealership likes the finance person but the GM won't do anything about it.
  2. Yeah, I really felt put on the spot - in retrospect I wish I had just given a "perfect" survey and then sent a letter to the dealership regarding the finance person. It's really a terrible thing for the manufacturer's to do - it's like when I waitressed and got a poor tip because the kitchen screwed up an order or took their time getting it out.
  3. Wow, that sucks - and seems totally unfair! The finance person really was horrible. I work in customer service and so I am always willing to cut people a lot of slack, but when I ask for a few more seconds to look at something and am told "Wow, that form is really simple - what is it you're not understanding?" in a tone suggesting I'm a complete salamander and irritating her beyond belief, that's unacceptable. Nothing I can do?
  4. DH & I recently bought a new car. A friend mentioned that her mom worked for a dealership that sold one of the cars we were looking at, so I gave her call and we worked out a deal. DH & I still have some credit issues so my mom was co-signing but they still had to look around to find a bank to finance us. My friend's mom was fantastic - spent a good amount of time with us, did a lot of leg work, showed us all the features in the car, etc. But the finance person? What a witch. She was rude, acted like they were doing us a favor by "letting" us buy a car from them, spoke to my 80-year old mother like she was feeble-minded, and acted offended when I asked for more time to read one of the sheets that we were being asked to sign. To be honest, if the salesperson wasn't my friend's mom I would have walked out on the deal. My friend's mom did mention that this woman didn't normally work at that dealership, she was just there for training. I thought "Good thing, because if she did, I wouldn't recommend this place to ANYONE, and I'd never come back here." When Kia sent me the new-car survey to take, it had two parts - the sales experience and the finance experience. I praised my friend's mom to no end, and was very honest about our finance experience. Roughly a month after I bought the car, I received an email from my friend saying "How are you? Is everything okay with the car?" I said "Yes, we love it! Why?" She said "Oh, my mom was upset because you gave her a bad survey. I thought something was wrong." I replied that I had lavishly praised her mom, but the finance person was rude and condescending, and I thought that, if she was in training, the dealership needed to know that. She said "Yeah, well, those surveys just affect the salesperson." I apologized and asked if there was anything I could do, and she just said "No, it's too late now." And yep, not a word from her since. Also no contact from the dealership or Kia to say "Oh, so sorry for your experience!" Part of me feels like the salesperson had no business sharing this with her daughter, that her daughter should have stayed out of it, and it's not my fault that the salesperson is penalized because the finance person was an azzhat. And part of me wonders if *I* was out of line and should be apologizing. Any thoughts? Oh, yeah - long time no see. Hi everybody!
  5. He said you won't have to pay the penalty because the withdrawal is for an approved use, but he is "pretty sure" you'll still have to pay tax on it if it's not put into a new IRA within 60 days, regardless of the type of IRA. Like I said, he's going by memory so YMMV.
  6. My husband works for the IRS and he says he believes that as long as you roll it over into another IRA within 60 days you should not be taxed or pay a penalty. But since he's furloughed and isn't able to look it up, he can't be 100% sure.
  7. My brother-in-law always had issues when he went to Memorial. Is your mother able to go out to Mayo? Is St. Luke's still St. Luke's or are they St. Vincent's now? I always got good care from them. Good luck - hope your mother is doing better.
  8. Hmmm, let's see.... First of all, DawnieDawn's work decided that Creditboards was some type of phishing site and blocked it from her internet at work. Then, when she was recovering from having 13 inches of her intestines removed (no more diverticulitis - ) somebody's fool cat sent her an email featuring the top stupid Florida stories from 2012, and she laughed so hard she had a relapse. I check in from time to time. Hope you all are well!
  9. Citizens is one of the biggest rip-off banks around. They are the original "how can we manipulate these accounts to get the most in fees" bank. Didn't I just read something about VyStar having a huge identity theft ring involving its employees? What about Publix Credit Union? That's who we used when we lived in Jax and they were awesome - plus I'm sure you'd have branches where you are too.
  10. I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine how hard this must be for you.
  11. Yep, from what I have read, most hotels are now onto this scam, and require the caller to prove that they know the person in whose name the room is reserved before they will patch a call through.
  12. I spent this morning in the ER, where I was diagnosed with the flu also. Same symptoms - fever, extreme chills, body aches, and feeling like my skin hurts. The problem is - I had my flu shot, about a month ago. Apparently there are 2 strains going around out there that aren't covered by this year's vaccine. I agree with you, though, Tigz, it is "wimpy" as far as flus go. Hope you and Angel are both feeling better soon.
  13. Who are you??? :rofl: I was wondering the same thing.. because if said bf had the money to move her, he certainly had the money to give to her to stay put or move in with her. I was just glad to see that she listened to our advice about not moving in with her boyfriend of 6 days because it might cause issues with her kids.
  14. Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are all okay. Our office receives Carbon Monoxide poisoning reports, and not many of them end as well as yours did. That being said, we do not have one in our house. But by this weekend, we will. I've always said my house is too drafty for me to worry about it, but better safe than sorry.
  15. Any word on what it turned out to be??
  16. Thank you. I am terrified of having to have the colostomy - even knowing it would be temporary. I think that's also why I keep putting this off. I'm really hoping we have success at the hearing this Friday, and that he finds a job soon. He's getting discouraged.
  17. The doctor is the one who said I should be taking a probiotic, but did not mention separating it from the antibiotics. I'll ask at the pharmacy tomorrow. Thanks!
  18. I have been suffering from a flare-up of my diverticulitis since early July. I was hospitalized for a week, and since then it has been on antibiotics for two weeks, off for 2-3 days until the pain comes back, then back on for two weeks. I have met with the surgeon and know that a colon resection is necessary at this point, but right now DH can't find a job, and since his former employer lied about why they let him go, he's not even collecting his unemployment. (He has a hearing on that this Friday - prayers and good thoughts appreciated!) I'm the only income right now, and have no paid time off left for the year, plus my employer does not offer short-term disability. I just started a new 2-week course of antibiotics yesterday and was told this is the last round they will give me. I was doing research online as to what I might be able to take for it, and one thing that keeps popping up is aloe vera juice. I went to Vitamin World yesterday and got a good probiotic, papaya enzyme, and a "superfoods" vitamin since I am on a strict soft diet and have to limit my fruits and vegetables. I did look at the aloe vera juice but, like I read online, it states that it can cause cramping and diarrhea, which would NOT be good for me right now. I'm on the fence - on one hand it seems like a lot of people with diverticulitis have had success with it, but the possible side effects worry me. Anyone here use it? What's been your experience? If it's something you take on a daily basis, how much do you take? Thanks!
  19. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to confiscate the card at that point.
  20. It sounds like when I get a cold sore, to be honest with you. You should probably get her checked out. If that's what it is, the sooner she starts an antiviral the less severe the sore will be. You've just got to let her know how contagious it is, and she can't touch it when it starts to ooze. IF that's indeed what it is. Poor thing - I really hope it's something else.
  21. I don't for one minute think it's for real. Why would you keep coming back here and keep posting ridiculous chit when you know that all people are going to do in return is tell you you're either lying or are the source of your own problems? Besides, when Butterflywings says someone is a dirty liar, you *know* chit has gotten real.
  22. 1) Oh praise Cheezits that SV didn't author this post. That's who I expected when I read the title. 2) Am I the only one who heard warning bells when reading that Julie won't let her cross her legs? Is she trying to keep Julie from touching her and Julie's getting mad? And why doesn't Julie have friends her own age? Summer time is one thing, but generally when school starts the older kids tend to radiate to classmates their own age. I know you want to teach your daughter how to be assertive, but I'd be having a talk with Julie beforehand. Good luck!
  23. Not sure if it was the same people or not, but they were calling my cell phone and leaving messages 3X a week for like 2 months. It was always the same thing "If you do not respond within 24 hours, we will have no choice but to proceed with filing the necessary paperwork WITHOUT your input." Um, yeah, you said that 3 weeks ago.

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