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  1. Yep .. Paypal would have only entered this realm if there was $ to be made.
  2. I've had their Power Rewards CC for about 2+ years now, no problems at all.. but they do keep bugging me to open up savings, checking, refinance my house/car... which I'm not interested in *at all* sometimes I wonder if these banks throw credit card offers out there en masse to get a customer base they can spam for other products.. BTW- I had their card hooked to my stamps.com account for monthly/recurring charges.. went along fine for MONTHS and then one month they declined the recurring charge of $8.73 and threw out a fraud alert. I confirmed that the charge was mine.. but I moved the charge onto another card. Scroo that. Because I have a $15k limit with them, I'll keep their card .. but, I would never open anymore accounts with them.
  3. I still have my $15,200 limit intact ... this is a super old account ... I combined the limits on 2 accts a number of years ago and then they converted it over to a Quicksilver. But I have been stuck at that. They have told me due to the nature of the accounts those were converted from (?) I would have to apply for a different product to more of a credit limit. I run at least $175/a month through it .. sometimes a lot more than that. 1.5% rewards - no charge for foreign transactions... but PIF. Overall it's been a good card for me.
  4. I haven't had a need to apply for new credit .. but if I did, with scores around 825 and a decent job.. I know I could get more credit.
  5. I am paperless so they send ALL correspondence and billing this way.. email * My limit is still intact but I use it every month - buy merchandise from overseas... and theirs is the only card I have that waives Foreign Transaction fees. Amex cut some of my limits for non use. It's a business decision. nothing else.
  6. are you accidentally opted out? I've been getting them consistently but nothing I can ever use.
  7. I suppose a lot of us made foolish money mistakes at that age and didn't care what the older generation thought.LOL
  8. I think OP is talking about the new policies put in place since Covid-19
  9. I know a few things come into play for me .. past actions (divorce/bankruptcy) ... single income/just me (who will take care of me, if not me).... learning what not to do, from watching family and friends. My employer started doing damage control a few years ago. New hires are not eligible for any pension/retiree medical, but they do get their 401k's matched at a higher amount (mine is 50% up to 6%, theirs is 100% up to 6%). I had planned to exit the workforce in 3-5 years (unless my employer decides different).. but now thanks to the virus.. it looks like I will be working from home/remotely from here on out. I may be able to hang in there another 10 years if I am able. My biggest regret is having a car payment, when the car rarely leaves the garage. But the upside is that this may be one of the last cars I have to buy for a long while. ... (just thinking out loud).
  10. I only have a quarter of that, but added to Pension and SS I will be more than OK Of course I post that and some negative nellie or nelson will point out that SS likely won't be around and neither will my pension. 😉 that's why I stay in my cheap house. You don't need much money if you don't a lot of bills.
  11. 1. Can Vanguard certify whether I’m eligible for assistance? It’s not up to us to confirm whether you qualify. Instead, you’ll need to tell us if you’ve been affected by the coronavirus.* Except for one of the new provisions around suspending loan payments, which anyone can take advantage of—even if you haven’t been affected by the coronavirus. But for the other options, it’s easy to determine for yourself whether you’ll qualify. Do any of these three situations apply to you? Have you contracted COVID-19? Has your spouse or a dependent contracted the disease? Have you lost your job or lost income because of the quarantine? If you answer “yes” to any of these, that means you’re eligible.
  12. I was told you had to be "impacted" financially by covid-19 .. I am not sure what makes up that laundry list....
  13. yeah I have about 10k in savings with Ally bank that was, for awhile, paying around 1.75% - now it's down to 1.10%. Dumb luck: I managed to buy a 12 mo Term CD at 1.25% right before the rate dropped to 1.10% Yeah I am sure I could invest that $ somewhere, but right now I feel better keeping some cash around just in case my very stable job, suddenly becomes unstable. what a world we live in.
  14. I also understood that you had to be in a hardship situation to do this... can't just do it because you want to.
  15. I suspect a bunch of my Synch's will be slashed or closed. Mine are all retail/store cards and I just don't use them. Except for Lowes .. they all have paltry limits anyhow... how can you do a lot of shopping when all of the stores are closed. Not everything is all that convenient to mail order.

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