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  1. UGH.. I always transfer money within the BOA network for free.. but have never done an ACH to outside bank. What kind of charges are incurred if you transfer money using Zelle?
  2. I actually don't think I'm anything 'special' for having this done.. sorry if I came off that way. It was more like just an observation. If they hadn't sent me an email - I would have never known... I use the cards only for points/perks ........................ don't "need" credit these days.
  3. Received an email from Amazon Visa (Chase) on Thursday morning (8/5) increasing my credit limit from $6000 (where it's been at forever) to $15,000. No CLI's at all in 2020.
  4. we were never allowed to give "bad service" even through the pandemic and I work in telecom
  5. ..I have no problem with this (and yes I live in AZ & own property there) ... people need to pay their bills.... or do it the legal way and file BK if you are eligible. Or take out a HELOC or refi and do a cash out and pay your bills Going into my favorite restaurant over the weekend, saw a line out the door of people at the 'title loan' aka payday loan place.. the people using those places dressed nicer than me and driving expensive cars. and piling on more debt.
  6. GEICO dropped my payment down about $20/month because I am permanently (?) working from home. Our state opened up about a week ago and the streets are crammed with cars just like pre covid... 3 months produced a lot of changes.
  7. I would at least continue to put in the max amount your employer matches. Might not hurt to put a small amount into savings.. even if it's $25/week..adds up to $1300/year..having a cushion like that helps when you have car repair costs (battery/tires; also, if your employer offers a FSA/HSA to help with medical/dental expenses, be sure to look into that... putting aside enough to handle co-pays and deductibles for doctors visits helps your bottom line at tax time and keeps you from having to dip into credit cards if times get hard. Some employers, like mine, allow me to roll over up to $500 unused funds from one year into the next.. but please... research all of that carefully.
  8. I wonder how this all is different than what T-Mobile (maybe other carriers) have been doing for a decade or more. Installment payments to T-Mobile on my phone, come out of my credit card every month... I use US Bank though because I get 5% back every month, not Cap1 I don't understand how this translates into no money made for the banks/credit cards.. if people aren't paying it off, they're getting the interest $ that way. Other than it is much easier for the consumer to pay off $21 a month than $800 thrown on there all at once. I only ever use Cap1 for foreign transactions and they are PIF before the statement even cuts... so I am getting 1.5% back as well.
  9. I would have to say it's probably NOT a joint account, but she may be an authorized user on your account without it actually being partly "her" account. May have to do with your state's laws, but I was told here (Arizona), you can't add a person to your checking account, but that someone else could be put on as an authorized user just like a credit card...
  10. Yep .. Paypal would have only entered this realm if there was $ to be made.
  11. I've had their Power Rewards CC for about 2+ years now, no problems at all.. but they do keep bugging me to open up savings, checking, refinance my house/car... which I'm not interested in *at all* sometimes I wonder if these banks throw credit card offers out there en masse to get a customer base they can spam for other products.. BTW- I had their card hooked to my stamps.com account for monthly/recurring charges.. went along fine for MONTHS and then one month they declined the recurring charge of $8.73 and threw out a fraud alert. I confirmed that the charge was mine.. but I moved the charge onto another card. Scroo that. Because I have a $15k limit with them, I'll keep their card .. but, I would never open anymore accounts with them.
  12. I still have my $15,200 limit intact ... this is a super old account ... I combined the limits on 2 accts a number of years ago and then they converted it over to a Quicksilver. But I have been stuck at that. They have told me due to the nature of the accounts those were converted from (?) I would have to apply for a different product to more of a credit limit. I run at least $175/a month through it .. sometimes a lot more than that. 1.5% rewards - no charge for foreign transactions... but PIF. Overall it's been a good card for me.
  13. I haven't had a need to apply for new credit .. but if I did, with scores around 825 and a decent job.. I know I could get more credit.
  14. I am paperless so they send ALL correspondence and billing this way.. email * My limit is still intact but I use it every month - buy merchandise from overseas... and theirs is the only card I have that waives Foreign Transaction fees. Amex cut some of my limits for non use. It's a business decision. nothing else.
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