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  1. Update: Mailed my letters Friday afternoon, and got an exceedingly apologetic phone call from the property manager this morning. 😎
  2. Yes, exactly. Minnesota The Jerkfaces called me again today. I told them I wasn't providing anything and they need to contact their client, and I almost laughed out loud when the CSR said that "[their] contract doesn't allow them to contact the creditor to confirm payment." I was in the middle of a work meeting so I repeated "I'm not continuing this call" about three times (to which she kept saying "this is going on your credit! This is going on your credit!") and hung up. Sending those letters tomorrow is going to feel so good.
  3. Yeah, but I'd rather head this all off at the pass than deal with cleaning it up after the fact, even with the possibility of a payout for violation(s).
  4. A couple weeks ago I received a collections notice from IQ Data International dated 7/12/18 for a small balance due after moving out of my townhouse. The notice directed me to pay the OC (the property management company), and - as I had done so on 7/9 and the notice said "if you have already sent your payment, please accept our thanks and disregard this letter" - I disregarded the letter. Yesterday I received a VERY aggressive phone call from them demanding immediate payment. I explained I had already made the payment directly to the property manager weeks ago. The CSR wanted to g
  5. Time flies...I first joined CB in 2004 to work on my credit in preparation for buying a house. Since that time I've bought a house, had a (second) kid, bought a car, declared bankruptcy, lost a house, gone to school, dropped out of school, moved twice, bought another car, and am now getting ready to divorce and also send the older kid to college in the fall. Good times! My immediate motivation for getting my credit straightened out is that my soon-to-be-ex will be dropping off the lease when it renews in May and I want to be sure I will qualify on my own if needed. I pulled my reports
  6. https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/sites/default/files/income-driven-repayment-q-and-a.pdf I quoted the entire section but highlighted what I think is the relevant part: The way I read this is that all payments made are cumulative, and while the periods of deferrment don't count toward the qualifiying payment count, the clock doesn't reset due to either changing payment types or interruptions in payment.
  7. Follow up question: do I need to wait for my CRs to update with a forbearance note? WILL they even update? Or can I just proceed to disputing with the CRAs?
  8. They did! Back to November 2016 which covers all my lates. Fingers crossed I can get them removed. That will be HUGE for my scores.
  9. Thanks - done! The process was much more straightforward than I expected.
  10. Title basically says it all, yes? I was enrolled January 2012 - May 2016; was on the fence about fall 2016 but then my marriage blew up and school went out the window. Loans - all Stafford sub and unsub - came out of deferment November 2016. No payments made to date, current reporting status is 150 days late. Credit is in the toilet thanks almost entirely to these negative reporting lines. Ideally I need to get my credit back up to where I can qualify for a new rental lease within a year. What are my best next steps?
  11. We survived without cable for 2 years. We watched a lot of Netflix, and for the shows that we really wanted to stay current with, we paid per episode for Amazon Instant. It was worth it to us to pay the ~$30/month just for the 3-4 shows that we really loved. And during football season, we were lucky that my parents live close and we were always welcome to watch the game at their house. We have a full cable package again, but our kids are so trained to go to Netflix for their entertainment that they never watch it, either.
  12. See, this is me. I've worn glasses for 20 years and they are a major part of my fashion identity. I love the idea of not needing them, but I also don't want to give them up.
  13. http://www.pastrychef.com/ANGEL-FOOD-CAKE-PAN_p_1188.html
  14. Congrats, Lab! It's an awesome feeling, isn't it. I had a similar moment a couple months ago - when dealing with DH's student loans, in fact. They were coming out of hardship deferment and I looked up the payment - its $200/month. I was like, That's it? Why aren't we paying this? And then I stopped to think back to two years ago, when it might as well have been $2000 instead of $200, because either way, we didn't have it. And now we do. Amazing.
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