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  1. Just used promo code S1403STL20FST Still Works
  2. Thanks ANN2012FSTUEX20 worked Paid 31.92 for Trans and Eq
  3. 26UNTIL2010 works today, just got TU and EQ for 11.80 each. Happy New Year
  4. Yeah, it's a shame. I must have seen at least 25 people there that agreed to a payment plan with this particular JDB. One woman was using a walker when she approached the bench.
  5. So I went to court and the Junk Debt Buyer could not produce any paperwork for the debt. The lawyer asked the judge to dismiss the case without prejudice. So I said your Honor, I would like this case to be dismissed with prejudice as it has been more then a year and that's plenty of time for them to gather the necessary paperwork. The judge looked at the lawyer and asked why he had not gathered the necessary paperwork. The lawyers response was that the bank had been uncooperative. The judge looked at the lawyer as to say "what". I think the judge was actually mad at the lawyer. I think judges actually know what is going on in the courtrooms but cannot do anything. It's a shame that a JDB can file frivolous law suits like this and get away with it to the general public.
  6. >>>>> JunkBuyersWorstNightmare <<<<<< Very Nice Nickname I might add...
  7. If a JDB is ready to settle, it generally means they have no leg to stand on in terms of validating the debt. That's a good thing. That's very good news. Thanks
  8. The JDB wanted to make a deal with me...like a settlement. That's good news for me as this is from a CC from several years ago.
  9. Do you know what the cost would be by any chance?
  10. Hi All, Can Junk Debt Buyers actually obtain the original paperwork for a debt that is more than 6 to 7 years old? Would the JDB attempt to do this? I think there is a cost involved with them getting this paperwork but I'm not sure how much...
  11. Thanks for you opinion on this I moved this to "help I've been served section" where it should be. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=324787
  12. Thanks stealth I chaged to reflect that. Overall what do you think?
  13. Hello All, I have to file an answer in a couple days and would like your opinion on it. My state only requires that I give an answer in written form to the court. Do you think the following is accurate? Please advise if it is not. Thanks --------------------------- Defendant is without knowledge or information sufficient to form an opinion as to the truth and accuracy of the allegation claiming the said debt from Chase Bank, and based on that denies generally and specifically the allegation. I the defendant would request the Plaintiff to verify or validate the said debt either by the agreement that bears my signature that I am the alleged debtor wherein I agreed to pay the creditor. I the defendant have a current copy of my credit report dated xx/xx/xxxx and there is no showing of a credit card from Chase Bank that has been in default or is in default at this time. If the alleged debt is indeed from Chase Bank it would be more than 7 years since the account was closed. Therefore, the alleged debt has exceeded the statute of limitations in MY State subject to Title xx-x-xxx Open Credit Accounts. “x xx-x-xxx Statute of limitations – Contracts for sale – Breach of warranty. – Here is where I quote the statute from my state†The defendant argues that the alleged debt would be more than 7 years old and that the debt is therefore void. The defendant argues that the Plaintiff is not an Assignee for the purported agreement and no evidence appears on the record to support any related assumptions. WHEREFORE, the Defendant requests that the Plaintiff's motion be dismissed with prejudice. -----------------------------------------

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