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  1. I have an Amex with multiple lates (30,60 July, Aug 2014, 30,60,30 Feb/March/July 2015) with a relatively low credit line. I was wondering, is it better to pay it off and close it, or pay it off or to 29% and leave it open. Which would improve my credit the most fast? Its been opened since March of 2008, at 60% utilization currently.
  2. Thank you for answering this.
  3. While refinancing, the bank offered a lender credit to bring down the amount to be borrowed. Is this a good deal? What are the pros and cons?
  4. I'm happy to report I bought a clearance towell and then requested a GLI and they increased my limit by 10x.
  5. I'm glad I don't have to revolve it. I bought a 4$ towel on clearance and will now pay it off. I got the card because I wanted more credit lines. I have no intention though of paying that level of interest, you see. That just sounds... expensive.
  6. I tried for a GLI, they said I had to use the card to get a GLI. At least 3 months. So I'd have to rack up charges at 20% in order to get a larger guide which I'd never use, but instead pimp out to make my credit score better. ::sigh:: I hate credit.
  7. I notice Experian was no longer offered on the myFICO website. I got a free EXP credit report and score from American Express' website, however to my shock it was a FAKO Experian Plus score. How close to my fico is the plus score? It appears higher than I would expect. I've been away for about a year and my credit needs work again, so I thought I'd ask around here. Thanks in advance,
  8. I wouldn't recommend calling them over and over. That could be construed as harrassment. Of course, they do so. But under the auspices of legality. Perhaps you could get a job there. Find out everyone they're collecting on and anonymously refer them here via letter. That would help keep them from being profitable. After all, they're only near you for the money. =)
  9. Promethyl


    Lately I've been seeing a lot of reasserts. I'll explain. Growing older now, I have a lot of debts from when I was 17-18 which have become aged. They've all been removed from my credit report and I haven't heard of them in 6 years and have intentionally forgiven and forgotten all about it. As this occurs, just before they hit 7 years, magically junk debt buyers reassert their claim on the money, and attempt to collect them again. I handle them in the usual way, dispute and delay. As soon as they're after the statue of reporting, I have no reason to argue with them, and just handle it through the CRAs. Man I hate collection agencies.
  10. This is only useful if you carry a balance on your credit cards.
  11. Yeah, AMEX doesn't want to give me any love either. I told them (the truth which is) have a card with four times the limit, and I'll just have to use that... But really, AMEX does a good job. No fees, and they leave me some room to pay it off every month without penalty. I havent' found the downside to it, unless you carry a balance.
  12. As they'e a JDB, fire them 400-800$, and stand firm. Offer it in writing as a PFD.
  13. John, that is rhetoric. Legitimate credit card companies will not close your account for inactivity. Once you get your spending under control, you'd thaw your card and use them once a month to buy a bottle of water (1$) just so it shows positive payment history. I would cancel any card with an annual fee and no balance. Obviously, you cannot cancel a card with a balance. If you can keep the cards and not run them to 100% utilization, you should keep some open. (If you can afford the annual fee.)

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