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  1. Update: Thank you all for the information and input. Filing the compliant with the CFPB worked out very well! As of Tuesday, July 6, the AU was removed!!! Take care and stay safe!
  2. I can't confirm that they actually did what they said in regards to updating EQ mid-cycle (I have to take their word for that part) however, I did receive a copy of the letter from the CU stating that I was only an AU, the exact date that I was removed from the account and that I am not financially responsible for the account. The CU representative's contact information is on the letter, so if EQ gave any effort, it would not have been difficult for them to verify the information and remove it from my credit report. I understand that some people do strange things for strange reasons, but I do not believe that the CU did not do exactly what they said.
  3. Hi All and thank you for the responses. Yesterday I had the owner of the account get a letter from the CU stating that I was no longer associated with the account. I went ahead and filed a complaint with the CFPB and attached a copy of the letter and long with my online dispute conformation number in hopes that they can light a fire under EQ. Yesterday I also tried calling EQ once more and I think they just say anything they want. I'm extremely frustrated with them! Yesterday they had the nerve to tell me they could not remove it because the account was NOT negative. First when ANY account has 100% utilization,(which obviously hurts my FICO) it IS negative, but regardless, I'm not the owner of the account, so they should remove it from my credit report. They're NUTS!!!
  4. Hi Zenithar! Thank you ever so much for the information. No matter how nice I am when I speak with them or how hard I push, (today they were extremely ridiculous) I can not seem to make any progress. I've kept names times and dates of each time I've called and also screen shot showing the original dispute and dispute confirmation number. Again, thank you for the info, hopefully the information I've collected will help the CFPB get this removed.
  5. Hi Hit Man, I've tried over the phone as well as online. In the online dispute they only put a notation on the account saying that the account is in reinvestigation. Removing an AU use to be so simple. 😞
  6. Hi All, I am trying to have an AU account removed from my Equifax report. On Equifax it clearly says that I'm an AU. I have gone the normal dispute route but so far Equifax as only put a comment on my CR saying that this dispute is under reinvestigation. (it has already been removed from Experian and TU). With the exception of high utilization, there is nothing negative about this account. The credit union that the primary account holder is a member of has already said they have removed me from the account AND sent the necessary information to Equifax. I've called Equifax various times and have asked for a supervisor, but one never seems to be available. Today I was on hold for an hour. I've also called and asked to be transferred to the US office (thinking that maybe there is a communication problem and perhaps I'm just not making myself clear) and they said that they can not do transfers (to the US or otherwise) and I would have to call back to see if a US agent answered the phone. Does anyone have a phone number that will either get me to a good supervisor, a US agent or anyone that can help me get this removed? Thank you in advance!
  7. A friend of mine is about to sign a new agreement with his mortgage company to temporarlly restructure his loan. He asked me to look over the 2 page agreement (which has a very informal appearance), just to give my thoughts. One area in particular stood out to me (please see below) as a little concerning. Can anyone give me some input on what this means. Am I on the right path in thinking that this clause will release the lender from being responsible for any liens that may have been placed on the property such as taxes, mechanics liens or any lawsuits or is this statement for something else? Thanks and have a good one! "you further agree the the execution of this agreement releases ABC mortgage and all employees, successors and assigns from all claims, now known or unknown, related to the loan, the servicing of the account or the postponed foreclosure"
  8. Congratulations!!!! That's such an amazing story. Enjoy your new home!
  9. I am so tempted! I would love to have this card! I think I might go for it next week. Chase has been so good to me with the non-requested, automatic CLIs that I think they might let me in on this one. Did you get to be a Charter Member? Again, congrats!
  10. The Fairmont card seems like a very sweet card to have! I would love to get that card and be charter member! Good luck!! Have you tried the application status number recently? You might already be approved.
  11. Congratulations! I'm not sure what database they confirm their address information from, but when I got my first card a while back, they put me on a three way call with my bank and verified my address as well. Enjoy your new card!
  12. Congratulations! That's awesome!! Happy shopping.
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