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  1. I’m looking for business credit for tires and links to apply. I am having a hard time finding anything that should be easy. I applied to NTB but have not heard back from them for some time now. Of course I would like to find revolving accounts but not finding Net30 either.
  2. I was just informed that they offer Net 10 although I thought was Net 30 at one point. So with that in mind are they reporting and if so how much do you need to spend with them to report?
  3. Uline Quill MSC Demco Amsterdam Printing Net 10 Supply Works Seton Grainger Any changes or still good?
  4. How does applying for Amsterdam work and how much to spend?
  5. Do you know the time limit for paid and if there is a difference between paid single view or subscription?
  6. Its been a while since I have been here and I have forgotten a lot but It used to be a paid report gave them (CB) less time to get to verify information. Is this still the case or not as I can't seem to find that question on the board.
  7. OK sale maybe canceled. I know there is no credit history and I have to start from the beginning. Years ago when building business credit for another company a friend of mine was doing the same and we both had the same credit file. This was as you know there are only so many place you can go to start building your credit. His business corp was one that was inactive for years which he had to do a name change on. We both had the same credit profile almost as I had a bigger line with keybank. When applying for credit at Toyota he got $100,000 credit line and I got none. The only major difference between the two companies was the age. This is where I see value of aged corp.
  8. Ok I just purchased a 5 year old shelf corporation that has no yearly fee (Colorado). I have the option of changing the name of the business and wondered if I should? Would I lose any history in doing that? The company does not have a D&B file as it only had a checking account. Should I get a new EIN or have the old one transferred over? Mailing address: keep everything in Colorado even though I am not located there? Thanks
  9. I am just wondering if anyone has applied for it and what they had to go though?
  10. I have not seen "b" in a long time so signed up for Triple Alert and Credit Keeper to add to the softs. I can still pull daily with other products and should of seen some "b" by now.
  11. The CLI button was on the right of the website as "adjust credit limit" but now there is nothing. Is it hidden somplace else?
  12. I am locked out too so its time to freeze TU and a refund for the entire time of service.
  13. I have not financed a car in almost 10 years as my last financed car was a Porsche paid off in six months. This shows on my CR but will come off them in May. I good credit with nothing bad on my reports with several 30k cc with zero balances. However when it comes to finaning a car its a real pain as they all want tax documents, bank statements etc. Being in a family owned business I can elect what to pay myself and it doesn't make much sense to pay myself alot for tax reasons. There are lots of "no doc", "stated income" loans out there for purchasing properties why not autos? Maybe I am searching for the loan the wrong way? Recently I joined another CU and was pre approved for a CC and auto loan of 30k. I accepted both and was sent the CC instantly but they wanted me to send in tax documents for the auto loan. So much for pre approvals. Sure I can put the car on one of my credit cards but that does not help me. Any advice on where to look and someplace that does not pul EX as I have 24 inq with them without even trying thanks to the multi pullers.
  14. UPDATE University - Denied not even a counter offer. Said "blank me and the horse I rode in on". Nordstroms - Denied as expected, not even a store card.
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