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  1. I noticed an unknown big lots card on my account. Apparently the account was applied for in 2017. The card was never activated according to the credit issuer. Now I have late payments on my credit report, because of an annual fee that never got paid. I've been hard headed and not paid because i never applied for an account. I disputed with all 3 CUs, and all said the account is mine. I don't know what to do. I have a good payment history with no late payments other than this account. Do I just pay it off and insist they close the account? Can I continue to dispute after they say the account is mine? Credit score has dropped significantly because of this. Stay on top of your credit reports, folks. I did not notice this until it was reported as 60 days past due.
  2. Amex Blue: 3k used / 20k limit (The biggest problem. Amex rate jacked me to 30% on only this card after being a week late while I was out of town for my Grandfather's funeral. Only time I have ever been late. Thank goodness I am enrolled in the credit protection program ) Amex Starwood $188/10k Amex Optima $0/10k BOA Platinum $900/$5500 MBNA Worldpoints $1200/$3500 National City Secured $200/$1k Target (non visa) 0 balance Chase Platinum $0/$500 Then I have the DCU car loan (6k), DCU personal loan (1.5k) I got approved for the DCU visa, but not with a limit that is going to help me do what I want to do so I plan on calling them tomorrow and rejecting the card (it is pending check stubs). MBNA declined my CLI request, I really wanted to move everything there. Inquiries: more than 8 across the board. Most of them for the last year are mortage related, other than the ones I have picked up in the past week attempting to find a card to BT.
  3. Hi friends, I have had great success here cleaning up my report and obtaining the credit history needed to buy my first home, and am very thankful for the help I have gotten at creditboards. All of my scores are in the low 700s. I have about $5k split up in 3 cards that I wish to transfer. I have about another 1k spread around 3 smaller limit cards that I plan to PIF. I do not have a problem with being able to pay the bills, I am just having a hard time keeping track of so many bills every month. I have looked into finding a low BT rate card without much luck. Citi has me blacklisted from a debt over 9 years ago. BOA doesn't like the number of cards I already have, nor does Discover. Inquires also seem to be a problem. Please offer any suggestions. I do have an application in processing at DCU (they have never turned me down), but I am not sure what kind of BT deals they have.
  4. I'm going to apologize for the sloppyness of this post. I've lost allot of sleep this week over this house. We are eat up with stress right now. Not really a credit related question... We have been going back and forth with these sellers since about March. The house is very over priced, but it is in the perfect location for us. In the purchase contract, under the "known issues", the only thing listed was part of the neighbor's driveway being on the seller's property. We had already caught a crack in the ceiling and had that added to the contract as "sellers must fix". They currently live out of state... they actually tried to cross out the ceiling condition on the contract and faxed it back to us. Our real estate agent was quick to fix that up before we got to see the paper work... Then today came the house inspection The bath tub in the master bath has no drain! You can actually see the freakin ground THROUGH the hole in the tub where the drain should be connected. They covered this up with a rubber drain stopper while they were showing the house, so unless you reached in the tub and removed the drain stopper you would never know. The house was listed in March. I asked the inspector if he thought the tub had been that way longer 4 months and he replied "Absolutely". I can see overlooking the ceiling. When you live around something like that for long enough, you tend to forget it is even there. But the bath tub? Come on! These guys purposely lied about there being no known issues... Does this break the contract? Would I have to take them to court? We've lost $950 on the contract and inspector so far, can they be required to pay us that money back? These sellers have left a bad enough taste in my mouth that at the moment I could really care less about buying their house... The frist question will probably be "why not ask your agent about this?" She hasn't been too helpful. A friend of my wife, we tried to do her a favor and let her handle the mortage and the real estate. My wife has had to stay on top of her to get things done. When asked the about the current situation, she just wanted to talk it over with the seller's agent before going any further.
  5. I know it doesn't help you out now, but we had it written in our contract that if the cost of repairs exceed $2000 that the seller would fix, along with a section of the ceiling that needed to be repaired. Again, this doesn't help you with the current situation, I just thought I would mention it as an option to people looking to buy a home.
  6. I personally don't view this as a mistake. About a year ago during all of my CB stuff, I did the same thing, except I was not intending on buying a house at that time...then, BAM I got hit with the new derogs on my credit report. I did this so I could take care of them in advance. Now, when I apply for my mortgage, I won't be worrying about it because I already drew them out in the open and dealt with them. I haven't checked in here in a while. I had somebody in this thread ask how I got approved for 3 Amex cards in 1 month. Answer: I do not know Since writing the original post, I have received credit line increases and the total line of credit for all 3 accounts is $25k. Amex has treated me very well. To answer the above quoted post, you are 100% correct. Allied Interstate ended up selling the accounts to somebody else, and they showed up a month later with a new CA. They were just as easily removed. For the past 5 months we have been serious about buying a house. We have had mortage inquiries about once a month (as our locked rates expire)... this has taken a hit on my scores but as not attracted any new baddies (knock on wood). Somebody else asked if I felt like I just had a run of good luck or if I think the process of writting letters, sending complaints, etc... really worked for me. Answer: This was a looong 2 year process. I spent many LATE nights researching on forums just like this. I wanted to give up more times than I can remember, especially towards the end when I had that 1 last debt that was so small that I could not get the CA to agree to a 'pay for delete' solution. Luck would have been waking up one morning and noticing that everything bad was deleted with no effort at all. Sure there is always the luck factor, but your credit reports are not going to clean themselves up. I only wish I would have started about a year earlier to take advantage of those mortage interest rates before they started going up again! We are in the process of closing on a house. Back in Febuary we were locked at 6%, but could not find anything. 4 months later the best we can get is 6.5%
  7. Quick rundown of my credit file: all scores between 700-740 only 14 months of credit history no baddies, lates, negatives of any kind (except for excessive experian inquiries) Utilization under 20% on all credit cards. 7 revolving accounts 1 installment I've had my car for 14 months paying 20% interest. I think its time for me to find a better rate. I owe a little less than 8,000 on the car. Looking for a 48 month loan at a rate of 10% or (hopefully) better. I'm in NC. Does anybody have any suggestions? Trying to stay away from Lendingtree.com and am looking for somebody that will pull Equifax (my lowest score but that is the only file my current lender reports to, and I am sure they will want to see the payment history on that account in deciding a rate). I'm pressed for time right now, but will check back later if there is anything else I need to add. Thanks!
  8. Without breaking the rules, does she do prime or sub prime mortages? Both? I'm not wanting to get anybody in trouble here, PM me if you have to.
  9. Dance didn't work for me, but I was able to reallocate money from a card I never use to 2 other cards that I do use. Thanks George, I gave up on the Amex site months ago.
  10. MBNA seems to be a little slow this month. I applied for the card on the 3rd of this month and got approved. It showed up on my credit report Friday (23rd) with a new inquiry on TU (they pulled TU when I applied. Still haven't got that card...
  11. Well I made a big jackass of myself today... Our 2 year contract was up with US Cellular today, September 19th They kept sticking us with roaming charges when we never leave our calling area, and charged us double minutes when my wife and I called each other's phones. Still, we paid all of our bills with them on time for the duration of the long contract. Last week we decided to go with Cingular. No roaming, and free mobile to mobile. Everywhere I read about number porting said to order new service with the porting request, and then cancel the old service once the number has been changed. I assumed that I could port the numbers over and my wife's account with US Cellular would stay opened until she called to close it. So I naively ordered my Cingular service Friday with the plan of closing my US Cellular account today when the contract was up. So you can imagine how shocked I was today when my wife called US Cellular to close the account and they informed her that the account was closed Friday and they were billing us $150 for the cancellation fee. My wife was pissed... the US Cellular account was in her name only, my name wasn't on the contract. She didn't give anybody authorization to close the account. The Cingular contract is mine, her name isn't even on it. So after fighting with them for almost an hour, my wife handed me the phone. This is where I made a compelete flowers of myself, telling them that they better hope that they have a recording of my wife on the phone closing her account on Friday because they will need it when they hear from the FCC, BBB, FTC and their AG. Insert a few explicit words. I then hung up on them. We were going to fight this, until I researched it some more tonight and found out that it is common practice for your new cell phone company to close your account with the old provider while porting numbers. I'm going to pay the bill and chalk this one up as a life lesson. Yeah, yeah, I know... I went against all common sense here. I should have just waited 3 days longer and played it safe. I just wanted to share my embarassing moment of the week with my good friends here at CBs Please, feel free to point and laugh. I really need it today
  12. Just pulled one in NC, even got some B on TU.
  13. Do a search for CBCS. You will find plenty of info... The fold easy with a simple BBB complaint.
  14. minimurph24, I have been following your progress here and wanted to say that you are doing an OUTSTANDING job. My scores were right at where yours are at right now, 2 years ago. My progress was not near as quick as your's has been, and I think you will reach your goal of 700 WAY before you 2007 deadline. Just wanted to let you know I am rooting for you. Keep it up!

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