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  1. I am trying to apply for citibusiness premierpass card and can't find it on citi's website? anyone know how i can apply for one? i see the personal one is still avail, but i'm looking for a biz one.
  2. Is it possible to get my report back to EQ from CSC?
  3. soft or hard, i don't want them pulling my report.
  4. PP = privacy policy? http://www.amica.com/about_us/privacy/privacyPolicy.html
  5. nope, its just me. without consent, this has got to be a violation of something, right?
  6. Creditor Name Date of inquiry Credit Bureau AMICA 03/09/2008 Equifax
  7. it's on privacymatters123.com (TrueCredit) report as an inquiry. I can't see any softs. BTW, my EQ is with CSC.
  8. I called for a quote back in december and saw a pull on my report. But yesterday, they pulled again. I did not change my insurance to them nor have I contacted them since. Should I be concerned they pulled a report (regardless of soft or hard) without my consent since I am not a customer.
  9. i was told i needed a 75% ltv to waive escrow, but when the conditional letter was sent to me, the "interest rate confirmation" document specifically stated no escrow required. conditional letter is supposed to supersede any previous information. however, since the rate is floating and not yet locked, the processor told me that the document is not binding and changed it to escrow required. is there anything i can do since it was originally written that an escrow was not required.
  10. dchoe

    penfed Refi GFE

    it's the penfed 5/5 arm. have not yet locked in a rate yet, i'm waiting to see if i can get 5% w/o any points
  11. dchoe

    penfed Refi GFE

    I am getting a refi for 184,800 with closing cost rolled in. 803 Appraisal Fee 290.00 L 804 Credit Report 21.99 L 809 CLO Acess Fee 65.00 L 810 Tax Related Service Fee 55.00 L 811 Flood Cert Fee 7.00 L 901 15 Days of Interest 413.88 1001 Insurance (2 months) 125.00 Tax (6 months) 2500.02 1107 Attorney Fees 100.00 1109 Lenders Coverage 1400.00 1201 Recording Fee 85.00 1204 Lien Relsease 40.00 1301 Survey 275.00 TOTAL 5377.89 Down payment -5742.00 Closing Costs 2338.99 Reserves 3038.90 Lender Paid 438.99 Funds Needed to Close -803.10 I assume the down payment is the difference in the payoff and this loan amount and I would receive $803 at closing, right? Thanks!

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