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  1. Worry not, it was a joke. Probably not a very good one. Sorry about that.
  2. Woo Hoo! Celebrate! You are doing great. Don’t rush it. Identify your goals, and research cards that will fit your goals. Apply judiciously over time. And continue to read Creditboards!
  3. Congratulations on getting a real card! What credit line were you approved for? BTW, I trust that you are gainfully employed with the ability to pay for all your charges? (I only ask because I wasn't when I was in your situation and it caused some problems ☺️)
  4. You know, you're right. The topic in your post is so advanced that I really have no hope of ever understanding it. Sigh... We could open a new subforum devoted to ultra-exclusive credit cards that none of will ever qualify for that ALSO hand out bottles of champagne as rewards! 🍾 Cheers! 🍸 🎉 🎊 🤣
  5. If you can get the third unit rented, lenders will look very favorably at the income, and the appraiser should as well. A shed and a deck are ancillary to the main structure and probably won't hurt the appraisal that much. I don't think a couple of hard inquiries are that important if you have the chance to get out of PMI - even if you are ultimately not approved/appraised inquiries aren't that bad. And getting out of PMI will still be beneficial even if the new interest rate or the new appraised value isn't much better than what you have now. Having said all that, my advice is worth only what you paid for it (nothing) and the final decision is yours.
  6. Does this mean that there are three rentable units? I understand that you are living in one, are the other two rented out to their maximum value? (By that I mean not rented to cousin Joe or aunt Sally at severely under-market rates.)
  7. i don’t know about US Bank, but I’ve had is go different ways with other institutions. For instance, I’ve recently held accounts with Good Bank and Evil Bank. At Good Bank, a direct transfer payment on statement closing day was applied first, and then the monthly close out applied, with a resulting lower balance reported to the CRA’s. At Evil Bank, under the same conditions, they did the monthly close out first (and reported the higher amount to the CRA’s), and then applied the payment, which essentially became next month’s payment. To maintain high levels of decorum and cordiality, I won’t mention the name of Evil Bank, except to say that its initials are WF.
  8. I think you are already living in the near future when all credit accounts will be virtual, downloaded into digital wallets and we will laugh at the obsolete little plastic/metal cards people used to carry. At least we will laugh until the battery dies.
  9. Yes, the credit score means less and less these days…
  10. It’s not paranoia if it’s true. Since they gained membership based on your status, to the security people it may fit the profile of a bust-out ring.
  11. From Afterpay: 3 DAYS ONLY💥 APP-EXCLUSIVE DEALS! With the little explosion emoji, how can I resist?
  12. Yep, it's sad, but you have to stay nimble and move on when need be. I think we've all had this disappointment.
  13. Wow, I only have the HSBC credit card (no banking) - I haven't received anything from them... yet.
  14. You know, on second thought, $25 might be too low. I think there is a minimum amount that BNPL's will accept to be split into multiple payments. That could be why you got turned down - underspending.
  15. Yet the mystique lives on as a demonstration of the amazing power of branding.
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