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  1. My last Chase/EFX reporting date was 4/21. I'm only tracking it closely because I'm "this close" to paying it off and I want to see the balance go down! It reported appropriately on TU on 5/21.
  2. I actually have a couple of friends who are professional Hollywood costume designers. I will forward this to alert them to the special peril that costumers face.
  3. Apparently the USPS has stopped accepting foreign credit cards on-line: http://www.linns.com/news/postal-updates/2017/august/usps-stamp-fulfillment-services-foreign-credit-card-payments.html.html I, myself, have noticed more problems trying to us my US cards for on-line transactions from merchants based in other countries. One British vendor from whom I had successfully purchased on-line in the past now uses the “Verified by Visa” or the “Mastercard SecureCode” schemes, which essentially causes my transaction to crash (have tried different browsers, outside the firewall, etc.). Email c
  4. Yes, I just got my "Congratulatory" letter today notifying me that my Optima Platinum will be converted to an Everyday Card. I haven't used it in over three years. Oh well.
  5. When I lived in Mexico City in 1999, I visited the American Express Travel Office every week to cash a personal check for $100, with a request that it be paid to me in "moneda nacional", that is to say, pesos. You had to be a cardholder to receive check cashing service. Sadly, AMEX Travel Offices are no more. Last summer I went to Europe, and, of course, all major hotels/airlines accept AMEX, but I was surprised at how few stores and restaurants accepted AMEX. I had just received my new "chip and pin" card, and thought I would use it more. In Moscow, I only saw an AMEX sign at Гастроном № 1,
  6. I've held a JCB Card (the standard card, not Marukai) for about ten years and they have always reported AU for my additional cardholder.
  7. May I reccommend the following to be added to the list: Wells Fargo Propel World American Express® Cardhttps://www.wellsfargo.com/credit-cards/propelworld/ Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express® Cardhttps://www.wellsfargo.com/credit-cards/propel365/
  8. I just realized that my Neiman Marcus card will turn 30 this year. I'm not sure of the exact date; I'll have to look it up. Although mainly a symbol of my profligate youth, I carefully preserve it these days. Every year without fail I go to the website and buy something, a shirt, sweater; or perhaps a gift for someone, usually two to three hundred dollars. And the only reason for this really, is to maintain it as an active trade line, my oldest, for my credit score. Yes, I get all the same stupid reasons my score isn't higher that everyone does - Too many inquiries!!!!! But since FICO
  9. I just received another adverse action letter from American Express who is balance chasing me (credit score - 714). They used Experian. When I went online to retrieve my free report for adverse action, I could not find the link, only a page with instructions to call a toll free number to request a printed report. I could swear I accessed Experian online for adverse action just a few weeks ago. Did they really drop that option or am I just missing something?
  10. Years ago, just for fun, I applied for and received the JCB Credit Card, issued by the Japanese Credit Bureau. It is only issued to residents of California, Hawaii and a couple of other states (Actually, here's the list: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii). It was not terribly useful, as it was only accepted by certain high end establishments that catered to Japanese tourists, such as stores on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. But I've kept it all these years. A few years ago, I read some news that they had signed an agreement to use
  11. Ameriloan does operate from a foreign country, but it's not offshore: "About Us Tribal Financial Services, doing business as Ameriloan®, is a tribal lending entity wholly owned by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, a Sovereign Nation recognized by the United States government under the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act of 1936. Mission — The mission of the Miami Nation is to continue to exercise our sovereignty, to preserve and promote our cultural identity and our social and governmental integrity in order to strengthen our self-determination and economic independence. www.miamination.com"
  12. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I would NEVER close my Neiman-Marcus card! I just stopped using it. I think I still have my card in the safe, but I figured requesting a new card online would automatically re-activate the account. Recently it has been reporting as a positive trade line with an inactive status. My account number is still the same as it was in 1983, but they added an extra digit in the front and an extra digit at the end several years ago.
  13. With the announcement that Neiman-Marcus is now accepting Visa and Mastercard, it reminded me that I should reactivate my Neiman Marcus store account (now helpfully administered by HBSC). It has lain fallow since 2007, but more importantly, it is my oldest trade line, opened in 1983 (yes, I am that old...) and I want to keep it open. Actually, their online credit service site is pretty slick, I was able to log in, update my email address (from, like, eight years ago) and request a new card. I also updated my work phone number; I was surprised at what they had on file, because it was an area co
  14. thanks. oh, BobWang, my sesame score is 788 but it is not up to date. how often does sesame update? Once a month. I think it's around the first week. thanks. The only change so far are inquiries and a new, backdated amex. but my new chase card might start reporting before CS updates. Wow, this whole situation is just further proof of how disassociated credit cards are becoming from scores. I recently posted a thread about getting balance chased with a 740, and now you're getting declined with an 819! Spouse's income doesn't count! Really? Since when have they stopped
  15. Yes, my balance chasing cards are bank CC & AMEX. I have a CU card and they have left me alone with a mid-size 15K line and low rates. JCB (Japanese Credit Bureau) has left me alone as well. All my checking and savings are with a small CU. With online bill pay and nationwide Co-op no-fee ATM/Shared Branching there's no need for a bank (and no need for bank cards - sheesh, I'm getting rid of them when this is all over).
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