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  1. How bad would this be for someone with little money now but *guaranteed* trust-fund money in 3 years (unless I die) I will have a substantial amount of money in about 3 years and this seems like a good option to me to at least save money in the present time...couldnmt one also just get this type of loan and pay extra when they are able?
  2. Well I guess all the info isn't correct, I was happy to get my Macy's card for $800 initial CL and they pulled Equifax, thank GOD! I already had 7 on my Experian and only 1 on my Equifax... I'm in California just f.y.i
  3. WHOA!! The "statement" in the LETTER "payment in full" is OK, it is the money order ENDORSEMENT that can't be added to. If you JUST used the "for deposit only" endorsement on the money order and did NOT add anything to THAT, then you are fine, and they are in violation, and you can go ahead with the letters. Let me try to explain, a TRUE "restrictive endorsement" ON A CHECK that binds someone to accept LESS than what they believe they are owed can NOT be enforced without their consent. The endorsement that the money order can only be deposited into the account of the named payee is NOT a "restrictive" endorsement as it does not require them to accept it as payment in full, it only requires them to deposit it into their OWN account. Whychat, Once again thank you! Whew!! Im glad you said that....Well the sad, maybe comical thing is I beat myself up after I mailed it because I FORGOT to write "For deposit only" on the money order. So in essence there were no restrictive terms whatsoever. I will now go forward with the letters and post them up for your approval. If I have to refund the money order before it expires, is it okay to get another one later, to pay them, if they request the money instead of "more trouble"?
  4. Whychat, Thank you for replying, I did include that statement , I thought that I was just supposed to copy and paste the letter and edit it with the information personal to me. I am so down right now, I can't believe I screwed this up, this was supposed to help me finally be able to get a car... At this point I am lost. Should I even bother sending out these other two letters?
  5. Whychat, thank you for all your help and everyone else up to this point and forward! Well, I have followed the Pre-Hippa process, the CRA verified. I got the Money order and sent the Hippa letter, they took forever to respoind, however I got a letter back today. I must say I was not pleased witht he result. I am ready to move on to step 3 with your assistance! What do you recommend I do from here? Here is what they said i the letter: September 26, 2007 George Washington 1232 IMINHELL, CA, 91666 Patient Name: Screwed Customer Facility: Ignorant Regional Medical Center DOS: 5/12/02-5/13/02 Account #: 555555555 Dear I Wish I Wasn’t Me: I am in receipt of your letter to the Legal Compliance Department at Crap Shoot Regional Medical Center regarding account # 5555555. Central Financial Control is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tenet. Crap House Regional Medical Center is managed by Tenet. Your check for $1118.21 was included. I am returning the check to you for the following reasons: 1. The total balance owed on the account is $1,633.23. The principal is $1,118.21 and the interest is $515.02. 2. We do not accept checks with restrictions placed on them. Cashing this check would constitute accepting your terms and we do not agree with your terms. 3. Central Financial Control has correctly reported your debt as unpaid. 4. The hospital has not violated HIPAA. HIPAA, the medical privacy rule that became effective in April 2003, allows a health care provider to disclose information to a collection agency. HIPAA also says an overdue bill can be reported to a credit reporting agency. Collection of an unpaid bill is considered a payment activity under HIPAA. Thus, it is not necessary that you give your consent before a medical bill is referred to a collection agency or before a negative entry is placed on your credit report. HIPAA says the healthcare provider or health plan may disclose only the following information about you to a collection agency or credit bureau: Name and address, date of birth, social security number, payment history, account number and name and address of the one claiming the debt. This is the information that was provided to Central Financial Control. Please send a check to Central Financial Control for $1,633.23. Once the payment is posted to your account, your credit report will be updated to reflect that the account was paid in full. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (666)666-6666. Sincerely, salamander Who Will End Up In Court Senior Managed Care Specialist ____________________________________
  6. IT'S OVER!!! I am going to pretend like it was never there.
  7. Well at least you know it was delivered/received even if there was no signature, but it still worth it to call and ask the PO what may have happened. As far as the depositing of the money order goes, it could take up to a month for them to deposit it, just keep checking to see if it does, then continue with the follow up as usual. The HIPAA Process isn't the fastest process and patience is key. Thank you so much for replying, I guess I will wait them out then.. figured they woulda cashed it a.s.a.p or denied it if thats what they were going to do!
  8. I figured the person chose not to sign it, which is fine but...I really was hoping somehow they have it and would cash it...I guess I will call the PO tomorrow. Thanks....I was really hoping Whychat would check out this thread and add something Ive been looking around...not sure what to do at this point
  9. Bump? Follow up question.....the Hospital seems ot have had the money order now for 11 days...they haven't cashed it or responded....how long should I wait to make another move....what would that move be?
  10. Yea HSBC stinks its 1 30 day late from like 5 years ago I mean..come on!
  11. Well I coulda used it for a PFD on my BofA charge off...
  12. What happens if it comes back unsigned, period?
  13. If its HSBC you'll have better luck bringing John Wilkes Booth back from hell...I wish you luck though!
  14. Yea..they kept sending me "invitations" to apply for their wonderful $5,000 credit line, then when I did thwy chocolate on me and told me "no". Thanks for nothing Citi...oh and thanks for pulling one on EX.
  15. You've been here long enough to realize that this topic does NOT warrant 2 threads. Come on...
  16. smoovdowt


    I find it funny that Target manages to have all these people walking around with 2 cards yet wont give you a freakin $200 increase on the card you already have.
  17. It's like I said...the OP just came to blow off steam...I hate threads like this, feels like an unfinished book. I feel like all that great advice everyone gave was for nothing?
  18. Congrats, you didnt mention what car and what price or the length of the loan?
  19. Ok so I am in the middle of my HIPPA Process, I did my Pre letter...they verified, I sent my HIPPA letter and money order CMRR, today I get the green card back and it is unsigned! I have no idea what I should do about this, doesn't this pretty much mean they can say they never received it, if I took them to court? Can a postal agent legally deliver this and not get it signed or filled out at all? Anyone delt with this? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  20. Excellent information in this post! I have seen so many posts on this forum though, when everyone chimes in with such great information, facts and courses of action, then it just seems that the OP isn't all that interested in pursuing the matter any further after venting.....in this case I'd really like to know if the OP plans to pursue this issue to the full extent?
  21. I guess since there doesnt seem to be any other option I will do never late, its not like its my oldest TL and its not even like it's open anaymore either...
  22. Yea I've tried three times I guess they just dont appreciate my particular situation...at least on TU they are only reporting 5 I would settle for that accross the board!
  23. I'm gonna bump this, I owuld really like to get a few suggestions.
  24. You have a card that SEARS decides what the credit limit is?????????? Mine is issued by CITIBANK Yea...it's gotta be tied into Sears somehow, they seem to be one of those cards that never does CLI and when they do it's like $123.50 increase!....I do know what your saying though!
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