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  1. OK, Alliant finally merged the accounts. I used my old card and it went through. Then they put that charge on the new card. I think I will use this card for every purchase, regardless of the fee, moving forward. I will just keep the separate $30,000 RBFCU cards. I never wanted to call and bring attention to it.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I was just curious. lol
  3. Last year, I had an RFBCU credit card with a $30,000 limit and no balance. I applied for another RBFCU card to get the $0 fee, 0% 12 month deal. They said they would approve me for the new card and close my old one. I was fine with this because I wanted to pay my car off at 0%. They made it clear to me that they would close my old card. However, they approved me for the new $30,000 card and never closed my old $30,000 card. So I sit at $60,000 with them. I have had an Alliant Platinum Rewards card for about 2 years with a $10,000 limit. Two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to apply for the Signature card for all of my purchases. The minimum limit is $15,000. So they made me apply to get a $5000 increase. I was approved for the increase, then they were supposed to convert my old card to the new card. However, they approved me for the new $15,000 card and kept my old $15,000 card open. So I have $30,000 with them. I was curious if some credit unions fail to follow through with closing old cards. This is very strange that it happened with 2 separate incidences in the past year.
  4. I just came across these on their site. I'm looking for the best place to park $25,000 for an emergency fund. I was thinking about putting it all in DCU. However, what do you think about these? Would it be too risky for an emergency fund?
  5. Simple explanation. NACA, in general, requires tons and tons of paperwork and sending in things that you’ve already sent in. The NACA underwriters are brutal. So are the BOFA underwriters. So every little thing that they notice, you need to be ready to explain it. Also, our Home contract price was $214,850. The initial appraisal came in at $211,000. NACA will not close you if the appraisal doesn’t match or exceed the contract price. You can’t even pay the difference to close the deal. So overall, the process was very stressful and overwhelming, but we continued with it and kept doing everything we asked. None of the foolishness we dealt with was because of the Dallas office. Does that satisfy your question?
  6. You had an unusually good experience. Its not regional. DLG has made plenty of statements about this as well. Actually, my experience wasnt great. It was stressful the entire time. Everyone who goes through NACA seems to have a stressful time. Only thing is that I stuck it out.
  7. I think the satisfaction/dissatisfaction with NACA is usually regional, based on the NACA office. The Dallas office is AWESOME with the best MC around. I do know some people are frustrated with the program and I can't blame them. It really doesn't matter how someone else does with the program. The only thing that matters is your experience. We've actually looked into upgrading our home. However, we bought when prices were decent. Now, everything has exploded. We just made our 36th payment and have 12 years left. Our mortgage has gone from $215,000 to $170,000. The terms are just so unreal that I can't ever see leaving the deal.
  8. I'm just impressed that someone properly used "principal" rather than "principle". That's awesome! I'm not sure I'd refinance and increase my rate.
  9. I just got approved for $2000 Delta Gold on Wednesday. Then I got approved for $6000 on the Magnet this morning. I currently have Blue Cash, Everyday, SPG, and Hilton Honors. So that makes 6. I wonder if I was approved for a 6th card because the 5th one hasnt fully been processed. Interesting. The $300 is great! After that, blah!
  10. Blessed Jesus!! Those figures are awesome! I am praying I can do the same! It's a lot harder now because rates are higher and homes are much higher. However, it is still very possible. Ask any questions you think of and we will help you out.
  11. Thanks, Hege. So if you and your wife were each putting $1541.66 into a 403( and $458.33 into a Roth, using the Bogleheads 3-fund approach, which 3 Vanguard funds would you invest in, if you were 38 and could retire in 16 years with a full pension? Just curious.
  12. Closed in May 2015. 15 year mortgage, 0.125% rate. $11,800 buy down ($7500 from builder, $4300 from me). $0 down payment. $0 closing costs. $0 PMI. $214,850 original balance. $173,500 current balance. Whatever it takes, finish the process.
  13. TechGuy, did you count me as a positive review? If you look around, you will see far more than 3 positive reviews.
  14. I’ll look into those funds right now. We actually both have decent pensions lined up through TRS. So we can afford to be a little more conservative with our Roth IRAs.

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