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  1. Hi All, I've listened to Dave Ramsey, and have read 2 of his books, I think he has somegood concepts, but a lot of them are unrealistic. What gets me the most is, he is so anti-credit card, yet, he accepts credit cards on his web site.. This is a little hipocritical to me, of course this is only my opinion. Texasgirl
  2. I'm sure that this question has been answered somewhere on this board before, but I'm asking for your patience, and hoping someone will answer. Here it is...... Why is it that the CRA will verify an account, and state that it remains, when the CA, won't answer a Validation letter? By the way, I'm talking NCO and Experian.... :? Any insight and tips on how to get this account removed would be greatly appreciated... Texasgirl
  3. I have had the same thing on one of my CA's, as well as showing a payment was made within the past 2 years. I sent a validation letter, asking for copies of signed loan papers, what the loan was for, etc... of course, no reply yet. I have disputed online, and it comes back as verified... not sure what my next step will be, but it sure is aggravating... Texasgirl
  4. Since you mentioned NextCard, that brought to mind, that this could also be the same situation, however, we have not received anything from Merrick regarding the account. I will keep you updated on my progress... I guess I"ll take a leap and send an ITS letter and see what happens... Texasgirl...
  5. Ya'll I'm am just flat exhausted from trying to get Merrick off of DH report, First of all, we have not received one peice of mail from them regarding the debt, secondly, I have mail them by CMRR 3 Validation letters, Estopple, and I have disputed with Experian 3 different times, each time sending a copy everything I have mailed to them in the past, they get a stack of paper about 2 inches thick...... We have not received a response from Merrick of any kind, and Experian verifies..... I suppose my next step is to send Experian an ITS letter or just go ahead and file a suit.... Any suggestions? Not only am I exhausted but growing more and more angry with this whole ordeal!!!! :evil: Thanks for any suggestions anyone has...... Texasgirl
  6. Hi Creditman, It is good to see you again... I visited your site every day, several times a day. It helped me learn about credit repair and got me on my long journey. I was upset when I couldn't find it one day. Texasgirl
  7. I have all of my files in a Notebook for now. A notebook for my accounts, one for my DH accounts, a notebook with the Credit laws, a notebook with Sample letters, etc. I have dividers for each account. The very first page for each account is a "Timeline" where I put the date and what I sent out, what date the response is due etc.. as well as put the information on a calendar and a spread sheet. I have a pretty detailed spreadsheet in Excel if anyone is interested. I have each account listed, then I put the date I sent Validation letter/ Date Response is Due/ when Estopple was mailed/ date the response is due/ Date disputed with CRA etc.... On my computer, I have a Credit File, then a folder for me and for DH, then in each of them I have a folder with each account, where I keep all of the letters, and the timeline, etc. I'm a well organized person, however, I do have a tendency to have the information in too many places. Also, Jazkal has a form letter generator..that is great.... you put all of your information in, and it generates your letters.. of course you want to go into them and modify for your situation and so that they don't appear to be a form letter... here is his website http://formtool.moo3mods.com/index.html Texasgirl
  8. Hi, my name is Texasgirl, and I'm a CB aholic. I love this board, I cannot tell you how much information I have received by reading all the post. DH's CR's have gone from 15-17 negatives down to 5 and still counting.!!!
  9. When an account is listed as a joint account with spouse, how do you go about validating? Should a validation letter be sent to the CA individually or jointly? Another question, On the credit report, the original creditor is showing up as a negative, charge off, but the Collection Agency it went to is showing up as a positive account, paid / settlement, not for full balance. Do I dispute the OC with the CRA? is it better to send the CRA a letter with copies of both listings to show the account is paid? I appreciate any help or advise someone may have. Texasgirl
  10. Right, It is posted in both, Accounts in Good standing and Pptentially negative item.. On the negative it reports as : Account Charged off/past due 90 days. 242.00 written off. 242.00 past due as of 1-2001 Open Date - 5/1997 Reported since 09/1998 Date of Status - 04/1999 Last reported 01/2001 Credit Limit/Original amount - 240.00 On the Positive Account it reports as (same account number) Same open date reported since 06/1998 Date of Status 08/1998 Last reported 08/1998 Credit Limit / Origianl amount 497.00 $0.00 monthly payment By the Way, Thanks for the replies... Texasgirl
  11. I have an account on my report that shows up in both the Positive Accounts and Negative Accounts. How do handle this one? Should I send a letter to the CRA or would it be better to call? I would appreciate any info... Texasgirl
  12. Good Morning, It is truly great to see the multitude of support for our troops in Iraq, especially when the media has such a negative voice. Even though I don't have family serving at this time, I think about and pray for the service men and woman in Iraq and am proud of what they are doing for me (us). There are many people who forget some of the reasons why these people are serving. I should say, in my opinion, this is not just a war to free the people of Iraq but it also a war to ensure that we Americans keep our freedom as well. Not just the freedom to do as we please, but a freedom from fear as well, fear of terrorist, etc. Okay, I'm off my soap box now, I'll be jumping in showing my support by providing a donation or items and letters. Sincerely, Texasgirl
  13. Howdy, I have an account on my credit report, Assoc/citi... here is what it says Acct Charged off/Past Due 150 Days $746 Written off.. 540.00 past due Credit limit / Original Amount High Balance $300.00 $746.00 Recent Balance $746.00 as of 01/2004 My question is... if the whole 746.00 is written off... then how can there be a past due balance of 540.00? I suppose they can try to collect on an account that is written off, but isn't this a violation? Can anyone enlighten me. Should I send verification/validation? Thanks for any input . Texasgirl
  14. I too, received the same offer from Providian, and was very wondering what kind of a "Deal" it really was. At this time, I/we don't have one major credit card, which can be very difficult to get airline tickets, rent a car, or hotel. I was considering applying, but didn't want to jump into something I would regret later. The offer I was mailed was 0% until Sept. 2004, of course the fine print says the rate could change depending on Credit information.... Texasgirl
  15. Thanks everyone for all the quick responses... What was mailed was a copy of statements of which I had never received, and I might mention that the interest was so outrageous... (I don't have with me at the moment to quote specifically), but somewhere in the 92% :shock: and there was no copy or original of a signed contract. This has happened on 2 accounts, and on one, I do remember getting a copy of the signed reply card that you mail in... I have to agree with four20nik regarding the validation letters, I really don't want to wake a sleeping giant, but I do need the paper trail, and I don't want these accounts on my credit report. Thank you four20, (fellow Txn ) for the links for Texas, I'll be sure to open and read, and read, and read.... Thanks again to everyone else.... Texasgirl

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