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  1. I had mine canceled without warning. I checked my account online and saw the available credit was $0. I HAD a $1750 CL with $0 balance. Two weeks later I got a letter stating the reason for cancellation was "too many new accounts." I had three new cards all at the same time (Cap 1 cash back $1500, HSBC Discover $2000 and the Hooters at $1750.) And I never got the magazine either!!
  2. Just give them a call and they'll issue a replacement card. No changes are made to your account or credit report. It's not a big deal!
  3. I would, but both of my banks now use the Visa-logo cards, so I have no choice. Yes, I do use them for both business and the occasional personal purchase out of the appropriate account.
  4. Hi. I'm new here, but I'm in a similar situation myself so maybe I could lend some insight. How much do you owe on the mortgage, and do you have a second mortgage? And how much higher would your payment be, versus whatever the adjustment is in two years? I'm doing a short sale myself right now. The bank pays the realtor fees and you are out of pocket $0. It definitely looks bad on your credit report. I had to submit a lot of paperwork and you really need to prove that you can't make the payments anymore. They balance is written off and you (usually) won't owe it -- at least I won't in my situation. I think it really is decided on a case-by-case basis. Banks don't want foreclosures though, they're not in the real estate business, thier business is lending.
  5. Empire Blue Cross in NY - Single Male is $450.25 a month
  6. Is it even possible to sell the newer car? What do you owe and what is it really worth? Check edmunds for pretty accurate values. If you can get a new job fairly quickly, could you sell the old car to get caught up? Is it worth anything? I know you said it's nothing special. And as others have said, lose the cable for $80 a month. Is your phone an IP phone through the cable company? I think you'd need a real landline. The phone company will probably install one for free, but it will only be good for 911 calls. But that's all you need it for anyway. Best of luck!

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