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  1. colts1

    Am I good?

    Most lenders do not recognize restrictive endorsements. I doubt this will be successful.
  2. That price sounds about right depending on when you travel. Maybe go to Priceline and bid on your flight. I have saved a ton of money doing that.
  3. Honestly I have no idea if Sallie Mae is private! Wow, I really should know that. Anyone know? Sallie Mae does service both private and govt. loans. If you are unsure, maybe read your loan docs, or you can call Sallie.
  4. Generally, no, they will not do a PFD. However, I have seen one person on here a while ago who was successful. Mind you that was one person, and I have read this board for years. I also believe it took them a very long time, much work, and even more luck. Are these private loans? If not, maybe you can rehab and several months (I think like 9 payments) later, they will adjust the trade lines. Private loans are not nearly as easy to work with.
  5. Check you state laws for "tolling' which will let you know if the payments reset the SOL clock. Also, it does not matter if the item is on your reports in relation to SOL, or a suit. Good Luck.
  6. Are federal student loans forgiven at death? Will the lenders make a claim on the estate, or try to pursue any life insurance policies or bank accounts? Thanks
  7. Agreed. This situation reminds me of a student who cheats on a test, and then is upset that they were caught, and their paper thrown in the trash. All who claim to be harmed knew what they were doing.
  8. What does the paperwork say to do? What did the collector tell you to do? Why are you asking us? When I was in collections we made it very clear that the paperwork had to be returned immediately. I would guess the OP asked the question because they were unsure. Isn't that what this board is for? Lynn, I know you have given much to this forum. However, your tone recently, well, I think there are a few of us who could do without that.
  9. You know, you don't HAVE to borrow their money. There is not a federal law which states you must borrow. However, if you want the banks gold, you follow the banks rules. It has always been that way, and probably always will. If you don't like the rules, that is fine. Save up 200K or more, and it won't be an issue will it????
  10. I have been through this. In my state, the law takes a loooong look at who left the home first. The thinking is that if the spouse is so bad that you are unable to coexist, how do you expect a child to thrive in an environement which was difficult for the adult? In my state, it is common to file first, then move out as soon as the papers are filed with the court. This situation is playing out exactly as it would here. Good luck to you and the kids, I wish you well.
  11. Have not been to Roatan. Hated Costa Maya and Belize. Costa Maya was to touristy, and not much to do. Belize I totally hated. The street people would not leave you alone. Always in your face. Much like the Bahammas (sp) in that area. Places I loved that are islands, Margaritta Island, and believe it or not, Puerto Rico is awesome. Same pretty beaches, but not as rocky, and the water is MUCH warmer.
  12. then do it and stop talking about it I actually would if I had any faith whatsoever that you wouldn't derail it with insults and more "head-in-the-sand" nonsense posts. I still might just to test my hypothesis. then do it and shut up about it already. next time gets you a warning Nice mod skills. Are we 10 years old? Warn them if you want, but the shut up we could do without.
  13. in the Indianapolis area, they make around $12/hr. at most. Even here, that is not much money. Skills needed were pretty basic, with no formal training. I had a family member who did the job for about a year.
  14. That's what I was thinking, that it depends on if you are in a community property state or not. If so, I believe that at least their debt is added to the DTI.

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