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  1. I just pulled the TU backdoor and mine are back too. went from 3 to 9. dang.
  2. yea i thought I read somewhere that his name is actually Paul Law. i have a better name for him but i won't post it as it would be removed by the mods
  3. when we began credit repair in May of 2007 we found it on the first reports we pulled. We DV'd them on May 31, 2007 CMRRR and it was around June 15, 2007 that we came home to find a summons of a civil suit taped to our front door. their "attorneys" also refused to participate in discovery, even after they asked the court for an extension of time to do so which was granted. DH said the judge who ruled in their favor last week basically told him that "they have a piece of paper with your name and address on it. that's proof enough". and of course it was a completely different judge for the ruling than had been there through all the other court dates...how convenient, huh? if i was there i probably would have lost my mind because i have a copy of that piece of paper with his name on it that I scanned through photoshop and not only took off my DH's name but I added the judge's name to it just to prove that anyone can claim something is theirs regardless of proof or not and get away with it. I just hope that the NACA attorney DH spoke to this morning will assist us as like I said, I don't know if a Motion to Vacate the Judgement is the first thing we should file. editted to say - regarding the SOL, CACH claimed the "account"was from 2003-2004 and in CT SOL is either 3 or 6 years depending on what you read. We used the 3 year SOL claim in the Answer but their scummy attorneys kept saying its 6 years and on and on. And most courts will side with a real attorney over a pro se litigant, even if the attorney has no real proof
  4. the whole saga is over in the Help! I've been served! section but I need as many eyes as possible to help. Re: CACH vs. DH after nearly 18 months, DH had his last court date on 10/27. CACH and their "attorneys" won the judgement against DH with no evidence whatsoever. Just a computer printout of a "statement" that had obviously been photocopied that had DH's name on it. Ever case law was read, our state's practice book practically memorized, tons of posts here asking the wise for ideas as DH wanted to do this pro se. He loses. CACH had nothing. the attorneys had nothing. not even when they subpoenaed his bank demanding statements. Nothing turned up as DH has denied knowledge of the account from day one. DH's biggest mistake: panicking in court. stammering and as he put it "sounding stupid". His second mistake: apparently not filing identity theft paperwork when we first started credit repair as the reason we even DVd CACH in the first place was because of them being on his reports along with a BofA account he's repeatedly stated was not his. DH has now been in contact with some local attorneys - some NACA, some litigation. All saying different things. One said to file a Motion to Re-Argue. Another said to file a Motion to Vacate Judgement. The one who said to file the vacate judgement told him that even if he files it he will still end up losing as one of his "paying clients" just lost a similar case with both CACH and the same "attorneys" we're fighting. Does anyone know of any decent attorneys in Connecticut who not only knows what we should do but who will help us? The attorney DH spoke to who said we'd probably lose again wants $250 an hour and we just can't afford that. A judgement for over $10000 is what we're facing now. oh and for added fun, the "attorneys" are known in these parts for putting liens on people's homes. I'm so upset I can hardly type. We worked on this since June of 2007. How do these people get away with this and is there anything we can do? thanks for any advise and mods, if you need to move this I understand - just need serious help.
  5. something to hold all 9852309458039856 rollover minutes you have LOL i have nearly the same rollover mins as you do
  6. yea there's tons of canned letters in the credit board data base - Pryan is famous for giving on-the-fly examples. you're better off just writing your own letter - short sweet and to the point. tell them you demand validation as per the FDCPA and that if they can't give it to you, delete from your reports and slink back into the 7th level of hell from whence they came.
  7. if it was me, i'd send back a letter to them stating that since this alleged account is already listed on your CR, they have your SSN already and that you're not in the habit of doing their job for them. if they can't keep accurate records, delete it from your reports immediately. send it CMRRR so you get the green card back and then dispute with the CRAs.
  8. and I'll reiterate this: stay off the phone. anyone can call and claim they're an attorney. heck i'll call you and tell you i'm the Pope.
  9. living in CT I hear all the time about Blumenthal getting involved in this that or the other. I did contact him regarding CACH, LLC and how they aren't licensed to conduct any sort of collection but all i got was a letter from his office saying they have our info on file with other people's and they'd "get back to us". that was July of '07.
  10. as someone who uses OMFG in e-mails, it is not necessarily the F word one would assume it to be. in my case the F stands for FLIPPIN
  11. ooooooooooh i gotta go on that eLayaway website soon!!
  12. no no - no worries about a CLD from AMEX - neither I nor DH have one. it actually was more of a "no its not" "yes it is" discussion DH and I had last night. I didn't think they were subprime and he said they were. I came here for clarification and found my answer. just want heads up on any and all subprime accounts on our reports as hopefully within the next 2 years both will be sparkling clean for some time and we'll be able to trade in our condo for a single family house - with no shared walls - woo hoo!
  13. thank you again for digging for me - i really appreciate your help on this!! i'm off to fight for truth, justice, the American way, and my DH's credit reports
  14. thanks. that's what i was afraid of.
  15. hdporter - you are a godsend. can you check to see if it was still governed under Arizona law in 2004 and 2005? thank you so much for looking!

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