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  1. Thanks ICANHASMUNY, just read through that thread and all the agreements. Since this is not something I agreed to pay then it won't be listed I am assuming? I still might go through the DV and all that just to practice my dispute skills lol...like in this Chapelle Show clip the karate dude started fights to practice his karate skills in real life scenarios LMMFAO http://www.cc.com/video-clips/b12r81/chappelle-s-show-when-keeping-it-real-goes-wrong---darius-james---uncensored Thanks again :-)
  2. Oh chocolate Shifter really? Where does it say this at Lol. Damn auto correct
  3. It's for $22. I plan on contacting the county tomorrow to see exactly what this is for. I'm trying to get my game plan together right now. Currently Nationwide is not reporting. I'm still within 30 days of receiving my first communication from Nationwide. Once I DV what's my next steps? I'm about to start reading the pinned topics now too
  4. Hi WhyChat, Thanks for the reply. We have not moved since the date of medical service, She has not received anything in the mail yet, and when she spoke with the CA she never verified she was the person they were trying to reach, she hung up on them. (After she spoke with them, she called the OC who informed her they had an incorrect address for her. Instead of 3805 for the house number they had 385. The OC also told her they were trying to remove it but they had to get manager approval, etc) I think the date of Medical Service was 4/2015. My wife is no longer with that insurer so she is going to try to get a copy of the EOMB tonight when she gets home.It may not be until tomorrow or the next day though.
  5. All, The subject says it all. My wife called the OC who gave her an email to send her questions to. She asked them if they could contact the CA and ask them to pull the debt back and they said no. We checked and the item has not appeared on her credit report yet. I was going to follow WhyChat's HIPAA dispute process but since the item has not appeared on her credit report yet I wasn't sure if we should still follow it. I was thinking that we could simply pay the OC, then that way the CA would not have a valid business reason to report the item on her credit report. But I am afraid if we do pay the OC they might simply mail the check to the CA who would then report the item as a paid debt. Any suggestions? My wife and I both have credit scores over 750 now and a ding like this would be a huge hit. Bunyan
  6. Thanks WhyChat! I'll post updates as well Cause I have no clue how I am going to get out of paying the extra $2300
  7. Hello, Thanks for the response. The check Carefirst sent is made out to me, and they said I am responsible for the remaining balance. The EOMB says my deductible is already satisfied. In this case how should I proceed? I am guessing that I could write Pay to the order of Dr. XXX on the back of the check, and add a Cover Letter stating this is Payment in Full for the services provided by Dr. XXX's office. And send it all Registered Mail (Is that different from Certified?)
  8. Hi WhyChat. The approved amount adds up to $358. The doctor already asked me to forward them the check from my insurance company but I didn't know if I should send it to them yet or not. I understand you say they are obligated to accept the approved amount but that is not spelled out anywhere is it? My doctor definitely is not part of the Carefirst network so do not think they are obligated to accept the approved amount. I was thinking I would send them this check, then they will come after ME for the remaining amount. Carefirst sent me the check and told me to forward to the dr
  9. All, Charges incurred from ER visit for extreme abdominal pain. I was admitted on 9/1/2014 and discharged on 9/4/2014. I have 9 line items on my bill from the Dr. CareFirst BlueChoice is refusing to pay 3 of the line items because they were incidental to a Primary service on the same date. On the other 6 line items the amount the doctor billed for was more than the maximum payment CareFirst allows. The $358 is the total amount that CareFirst normally allows for those items. When I spoke with the medical biller she said this Dr does not have an agreement with Carefirst. When I called Carefirst they said they are only going to pay the amount they normally pay for that line item. From my point of view, I was in the Emergency Room. It's not like I could say no I don't want to see the Dr. on duty. In my opinion if the doctor didn't sign up to be part of the Carefirst plan I shouldn't have to pay the difference. If I had known this I would have asked for a doctor under my plan but that is really ridiculous to expect someone to do. Anyone have any suggestions? I know some of you have been through this before. And the medical biller said she would not send this to credit but I am thinking I should send her a certified letter informing her I am disputing this bill just to have on paper where I told her I am disputing the bill? Is that a good idea? Anyone else been through this before where their insurance is not paying the amount the doctor billed? My 1st step is disputing with my insurer
  10. Oh and my wifes Citi card is a Citi Dividends card. The discounts are nice but they only give you $300/year. Hmmmmmph. Looks like she'll be PCing to the AA Advantage or maybe one of their cash back products. Then Im gonna concentrate on growing all her current limits. Will also most likely PC her Amex green to that AMEX PRG mentioned above. I already have my own SPG Amex so we dont need two
  11. On an aside I just requested a 3x CLI on my SPG Amex. BOOM it worked. Yaaassssssss. 6 months from now my new mortgage will have hit my credit so hopefully that will increase my score a bit. Plus the old mortgage will be shown as paid off now. Then Ill ask for another 3x on my MACY's Amex. Or maybe I can get Macys to add my store card credit to my Macy's Amex then do the 3x CLI
  12. Hi Mendelssohn, DCA (National Airport in DC) I was kind of thinking that as well. Get a card that lets her earn good on general spending, yet be able to transfer points on a fair basis. Looks like we can get a free Roundtrip Coach ticket on Alaska Airlines for 25k miles. Same on their partners Delta, and AA. They also offer that annual Companion Fare (From $121) Wonder if that means the fares start at $121 then if you want to go somewhere nice the Carribbean it's more? May be worth it depending on how much more it is to go to the Carribbean. Anyone used the companion benefit yet? The AMEX PRG looks pretty good too. I'll definitely mention that she should PC to one of those. And what does PC stand for anyways? I know it means to switch from one card to another but was just wondering the words associated with PC. Thanks!
  13. Her Citi card is not the AA Advantage or anything like that. Just a basic Citi card that shes had for years

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