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  1. Following. I have the same problem. Reporting late every single month with increasing past due balance.
  2. I have two subsidized student loans that I defaulted on in 2009. I hope you can tell me where to begin and if there is hope. This was probably one of the dumbest things I could have done. I have been contacted by CA's in the past, but had my head buried in the sand and pretty much ignored them. I'm self employed so I'm not sure if that's why I haven't been garnished to this point or not. I also pay the IRS every year so there is no income tax refund to offset. I'm not sure who I should contact at this point. I've pictured below the info I was able to find out. Is there a guide on this? I looked at the stickies, but didn't find what I thought I needed. If I've overlooked it, please accept my apologies. Loan Amount $3500 Outstanding Principal Balance $676 Outstanding Principal Balance As of Date 9/10/15 Outstanding Interest Balance $157 Outstanding Interest Balance As of Date 9/10/15 Interest Rate VARIABLE Type Interest Rate N/A Canceled Amount $1750 Canceled Date 3/29/2009 $1,750 DF DEFAULTED, UNRESOLVED 04/09/2009 Loan Amount $2625 Outstanding Principal Balance $953 Outstanding Principal Balance As of Date 9/10/15 Outstanding Interest Balance $265 Outstanding Interest Balance As of Date 9/10/15 Interest Rate VARIABLE Type Interest Rate N/A Canceled Amount $0 Canceled Date -- $1,312 DF DEFAULTED, UNRESOLVED 05/28/2009 Current Servicer: NELNET LOAN SERVICES INC. (JAX) Current Lender: US BANK ELT STUDENT LOAN FUNDING Current Guaranty Agency: FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OSFA
  3. no but i don't advise at being maxed out when asking for more credit Thanks.
  4. Does it make any difference if you have a balance when requesting a CLI online?
  5. Ditto on Cap One. Credit Steps gives you an auto CLI after 5 statements, but you can request a CLI the day after your third statement cuts. Question about the Credit Steps - does it count as 3 "statements" if it has reported three months to CRA, but only had one statement, because only most recent month had a balance?
  6. Well the one rep did say they were "outside of New York City" if that's even true and some other info I found online indicates as much, but that's all the info I have. It is definitely MS Solutions and not MS Services.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have been able to find a couple of things, but still no address.
  8. Hey everybody. Today my mother and my father in law both received a call from a private locator looking for contact info from me. Hmm, very strange because I've had the same number for 10 years and no one tried to contact me. Neither of them gave out any information about me. A while later, the private locator did finally contact me to give me a number of a "firm" who wanted to information from me so the private locator could deliver some documents. And if she didn't get verification from them she would just have to move forward without delivery and that wouldn't be good for me. (I'm scared - not) So I called the "firm" of which the private locator had no other information. The claim they are MS - that's it. Just MS. Their answering system says MS Solutions and that's all you get before you get a representative. When they asked me for my social I replied with questions of what their name is and what does MS stand for (nothing apparently) and what their address was. I was told by two different people that for the protection of their employees they do not give out their address not even a mailing address. When I explained they were required to do so as well as send me something in writing, their reply was since they are a "pre-litigation" firm, those laws do not apply to them. I asked, then what were they attempting to do in their pre-litigation. If it is collect then it does apply. I got silence, but still a mailing address as well as any additional info regarding them was refused. I have no new debts since my BK in 2010, so I explained that I needed the mailing address for my attorney to send them information regarding my BK. Sorry, but they don't give it out. And unless I'm willing to give them my social to verify that I am who they want to talk to, then they terminated the call. Of course, they "already have it" but they need me to verify it by giving it to them - yeah right. Anybody heard of them before? I'm coming up empty on Google search. Is there anything else I should do? I'm not really worried about it, but I also don't want a default judgment to have to deal with later.
  9. My question: is it better to get these to update to included in Ch 7 BK or leave them be? I'm not sure which way is worse for reporting. Highlights: The BK was in 2010. Several accounts on all CRAs showing as charge off that were included in BK, but not reporting as included in BK. Some of them are showing C/O after BK and some before BK.
  10. I'm curious what are the advantages of having an account with USAA? From reading, I seem to understand the following: They can be generous with credit limits Do not seem to be BK friendly with their credit products. Do not pull chexsystems to open an account Easy qualifying for membership - albeit not a "full member" Am I missing something?

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