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  1. My flash drive is corrupt and I need some files that are on it, anyway to recover the data?
  2. I rented a car in Aug, my CC company paid the charges. In November I receive a credit I assumed it was a miss calculated payment I go on with my life thinking that surely they will correct the mistake of an overpayment, fast forward mid December I receive a notice from the car rental asking me to pay for services, I assumed it was late incoming toll charges, the amount was small not the cost of the rental. There are a lot of useless excuses why I didn't act before now, one being I was disgusted with yet another bill (I should have paid). The letter came last week cutting me off a
  3. This type of stuff only happens to me. So, 20 years ago I had a 2 piece account and my account was closed at least to my knowledge. I have had several accounts with credit Unions since then with no issues. For the the record I have a strong hate for Trad Banks, so I never apply and never had the desire. I have not had an Traditional account for more than 20 years, so I’m more than confident that opening an account with PNC will be smooth. Nope, I was rejected and immediately ordered my EWS, the rep went over my report over the phone with me, I
  4. What is or would be your happy out come from this situation? Do you plan to pay them off in full someday or renegotiate an affordable payment amount and keep the car? I believe they are planning to pick the vehicle up soon, ask yourself if its worth it (any fight)? If DH has little to no income the smartest money move would be to do like Elsa, and "Let it go" and buy the best point A to point B car, stop the financial bleeding allow your husband to heal without the stress of Bridgecrest breathing down his neck.
  5. AFAIK is As Far as I know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Only shop with a coupon, google and get on the mailing list. shop when its 30% and 40% off or more.
  7. This thread had me in tears God Bless you Vigs and family.
  8. Please sit down sir (Chuck Berry), and have several seats, before they bring you up on child molestation charges.
  9. Happy Birthday Phantastic Pam and Marvelous Marv!
  10. How insulting and dismissive.... CP is far from his "3rd baby mamma" since she married him decades ago and been with him ever since. He has kids with 2 other women. Actually he has 15 more children with 5 other women, we just can't find them so they don't count. But this is just my side of the story.
  11. How insulting and dismissive.... CP is far from his "3rd baby mamma" since she married him decades ago and been with him ever since. Yes, I am the 3rd baby mamma and wife title means nothing without commitment, he's been only with me no double dipping back, no issues or insecurities with that. Where in this communication is there hints of commitment issues?
  12. Yeah, I'd love to hear the other side to this as well but honestly, I'm so over this, Like me, love me or even hate me, I don't care life is too short to be stressing about stupid stuff. Plus, this is my story and she's not here to tell it so this is her story, my story and the truth.
  13. Update...I was not ever invited to this wedding. I came to grips with this and made plans to attend my alumni end of summer party. I encouraged my husband and son to attend and participate in the wedding. My husband and son attended the rehearsal spoke with his daughter and her mother about inviting her sisters and myself she ignored the notion and asked for more money for the wedding. My husband said he was put off by his daughters lack of concern for his invitation request. My husband and son did not attend. The invitation read; Ms. Pamela Williams (mother of bride) Mr. Charles Willi
  14. Lord forbid you ever get married or remarried and have step children. It's about the norm almost these days. 20+ years looks like he got it right the third time.
  15. been there done that got the T-shirt to prove it.
  16. Yep, feels like an episode of shameless. Thank God he didn't have FIVE baby mamas and TWELVE other children, cause that would be a lot of wedding gifts to BUY, attend or not be invited to . I'm really not sure how we got to my TWO biological children being married off and who will or will not be invited. As it stands the siblings still are not invited which sets a precedent that siblings are not mandated to be invited to other sibling weddings so... it matters not. However, what I will tell my children is if you invite a person who has a spouse sending an invitation for just one of them
  17. If your HVAC and fridge and dishwasher are all connected to Wifi using a smart home technology, then you may be able to control them. Which smart home technology are you using? A lot of this is happening with the help of the IFTTT app. That is how they linked the lighting system. It's a little hard to explain if you're not familiar with this app but you can google it. But basically you build a recipe to link your echo to another system (i.e. Lights). I just checked the app and I don't see any new systems have been included so for now it's just light the Philips Hue light system.Good point,
  18. The gift I was planning was money, because I know she is gonna need it after the wedding. DH has told me today that I am invited but he is a bully and will take me into a situation knowing full well I am not invited. Did I tell y'all that all the girls had a fight, brawl at the Golden Corral years ago? Not sure about this
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