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  1. Good morning, I've had secured Orchard for 2 years now with $500 limit. My credit history reflects highest balance as $506 (my fault completely, based on a period between payment posted and annual fee). I'm currently paying off the balance each month, and trying not to utilize more than $200. I'm wondering if I deposit another $500 (to bring total limit to a $1000) - is this going to be more beneficial in: A) increase credit score (a higher limit would be reported as $1000 and the highest balance of $506 wouldn't look so bad) Also, when does Orchard usually report to bureaus? (right before due date in the end of the month, or before that). Thank you very much and have a great week!
  2. wow, I was inspired after reading the post, so I went ahead and applied (score mid 500 to high 500s). and approved!!!! cool
  3. Hi guys, I mailed a dispute (certified, return receipt) A green return card came back. The name is printed (seems more like stamped), however, there's no signature. Or date of delivery (this might be trackable online). Is it a problem?
  4. No, thanks God there wasn't another car. Of course, I'll clean it when I take it back (without washing, since it's raining) - the question is - do they ask me to take it back? Or do I wait for them to ask to being it back? If i loose $500 it's fine , I drove it 3000 miles after all (above average for almost 2 months). What document do I need to request from them? Thanks
  5. OK, things went from bad to worse.... It's been almost 7 weeks now since they've given me the vehicle. I think the finance manager screwed up and doesn't know what to do. The car still looks good, but it has 3000 miles already. They told me (my manager and another guy) that they've exhausted their finance options, so they've tried me to do the financing myself. I didn't see anything wrong with it (although contract stipulates that it's dealer's responsibility to come up with financing). Also, my 1st payment was due on the 5th, but I never received the bill. Contract says that they may ask me to return the car in good condition without excess mileage (not specifying what excess is). With my financing, i was pre-approved for up to 26k by HSBC AUto. I went to dealer and we closed the sale (i know he had to fax to them whole bunch of papers), I got congratulated on the phone by bank manager - dealer put filled-out Turbo and authorized check into safe. However, I get a call maybe 20 minutes later from the bank saying they're voiding the check and they need more docs from me (I've been at my employer for 2 years, however, I wasn't getting money while overseas for a good chunk of 2007 - so I think they'll still deny when I send them other docs - my W-2 is still good). Anyway, the situation is that I realized that maybe God doesn't want me to have this car anymore. That manager (whom I don't trust a bit) told me I'd loose $3000 if I take car back (I'm sure he meant trade-in though). My question is this: A) Should I e-mail the General Sales manager and ask them to send a bill? I asked people around and they told me they've never heard about situation like this - usually if they can't finance - they ask to bring car back within a week. Who's screwing whom? Is this bank's fault, my fault for driving away (i had 100% impression i was approved 1st time I drove away). C) What's the nice recourse I have? (leave them $500 downpayment and they take car, what if they want more money for mileage) Please advice as I'm very lost at this point - I'm just afraid that if I just wait - the whole situation will not be in my favor. I decided I don't want the car at all - all I want is a peace of mind.
  6. no bump - even from the googlebot...sorry, just wanted to bump it...
  7. stupid questions but: 1. i received offers that said "expire in Sep /2007" - does it mean I can't just call the same numbers and try. 2. Can you do both - settle for 30% less AND get Optima? Thanks
  8. I wish a wonderful holiday season for everyone. Thank you so much for being so helpful. I was offshore for a year, now, back in US. I used to be utterly depressed about my credit, creditors chasing me. But also, I'm thankful for that experience as it showed me early in life, how stupid things can have disasterous consequences. I'm preparing a list of New year's resolutions and I stumbled into few situations on my credit and I'm not sure how to proceed further down. So I'd appreciate if you could take a look and help me decide on next steps. I'm in a different state and different address. The state that I'm in now has 3 years SOL. The GOOD: - 0 Collections showing on all reports (I have no idea why, because old address still gets letters from creditors) - 1 Positive (Orchard Bank HSBC $500) for over a year now - FICO 611 - AMEX offered Oasis/Optima settlement (question is - I received 2 letters - 1 was to settle for 60% of balance - I'd save about a thousand off 2600, 2nd was - "pay in full and receive a card back - I'm wondering if it's possible to combine two of these. ) The BAD: - 1 judgement - Pressler and Pressler / new centurry financial - 2004 $3300+ (Of which approx. $2000 is the actual debt, the rest is fees - I was wondering - can you negotiate on judgements? what are chances they'll go after me in a different state? Will they remove it once I pay it? - NO, it will stay, I just looked it up) - AMEX , past due, last activity 4/2002 $2600, chargeoff CAP 1, past due, last activity 8/2002 $2600, chargeoff Commerce Bank, last activity, 6/2002, $516, chargeoff Wash Mutual, last activity 8/2002, Transfer/Sold (P&P, $3000) Verizon, last activity 6/2002, $0 (charged off $170) They're all showing as closed , in addition, AMEX and Cap 1 are showing them as past due - 19 inquiries (most of it in past few weeks, as dealer let me drive away and now they're struggling to get financing) Now, I'm not sure about how to go after those reported accounts. Do I dispute them directly with CRA? Or do I send DVs directly to the creditors? Or do I sit and wait for letters from CA and then do 1-2 once I get those. Please share an insight. Peace
  9. Thank you so much for an extensive reply. No BKs and no Repos. The vehicle is a new Scion Tc. I believe it's called Spot financing what they did to me - even though the manager claimed it's not a problem for him to finance me and he's done tougher. Job is good, as far as location, I just moved to MD (getting car in MD). My attorney friend told me not to talk to them on the phone (which I don't get) and only get things from them in writing. He also told me that I don't have to get financing myself - it's all their fault for letting me drive the vehicle - he said they always check credit before they let you drive away. No trade in. I was worried he's trying to pull Yo-Yo on me, because he went into detail how bad my credit was - to which I said, i know, but hey, how was your credit at 21. I guess maybe the other difficult thing is me being a consultant (mother company in another state) and me moving each 6 months makes me a higher risk. Anyway, driving a vehicle is a privilege, not a right. If I return the car, I think I'll go for something used next time. Last question: will they have to call me to tell me to bring it back? or do I need to require everything in writing?
  10. Gi guys, I purchased a new Toyota vehicle at a dealership 2 weeks ago. I drove away. The total price was $20600 - I left a $500 down-payment. 13% APR in my contract. $470 payments for 60 months. Finance manager pressured me into GAP and extended warranty ($2100 for both) saying that banks would likely grant me a loan if I show them I'm serious about investment. Well, my credit is sub-prime (620 FICO) with few accts that are almost falling off and 2 recent ones for a few hundred bucks. Only 1 Orchard card running. I got a job that pays well though. To make story short - last Friday, finance manager called me and told me he wasn't able to obtain financing through 5 banks. I told him I had a blank check from Capital One, that I'd be willing to use after verification process - so I'm working on that now. He said that's fine. He also asked if I could put more money down, to which I said "NO", explaning that my rent and other monthly expenses need to be covered. I'm in the process of repaying debts to my friends, so I'm not able to put more money right now. My question is - what happens if Capital One doesn't finance? Am I correct believing that I'd have to return the car back to the dealer? Will they refund my downpayment? What about car not being new anymore and having 1300 miles. I heard about dealers asking to bring car back before - but not sure how the process goes. I have that long contract on my hands with APR and payments, etc. - and it says Toyota Motor Finance. Thank you very much.
  11. is 3000 working better for FICO than 500? or the amounts are not really relevant?
  12. thank you for such an extensive reply Shellee....except for Orchard, which other secured cards did you pick? Andy

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