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  1. I am happy to report that as of yesterday, we were cleared to close. Closing is set for Friday. Hopefully there will be no more speed bumps along the way! Oh - and sidenote - I start a new full time job next week
  2. My fiance is going to co sign and my lender thinks that the loan should still go through with this. Here's hoping...
  3. So what are my options at this point? I have freelance work in the hopper, as well as a potential 6 month contract in order to keep working (all in the same industry), but nothing guaranteed yet. What the heck do I do? How often is employment verified? I will be forthcoming with my mortgage guy, but need to figure out how to deal with my next steps. My fiance could be in to co-sign on the loan (he has great credit and income), but would that kick everything back through process again? I knew that all of this was going too easily.
  4. Thanks! I'll keep this thread updated with my updates - so it might help others who are in a similar situation in the future. Phantik - you give me hope!
  5. So I am jumping back into house buying - a little sooner than expected, but found a property that is the "right one". I am currently in attorney review (hurray for my offer being accepted so quickly!). I am getting my ducks in a row. I was preapproved, and my mortgage mid-score is 708. the purchase price of the house is $268K with 8K in sellers concession for closing costs. I am going for an FHA loan. 3.5% down, and my rate is 3.75%. The last time I did a mortgage, my credit was very bad, and we had to go through manual underwriting. Even though things are different this time, I am fearful of having to go through it again. Just so I have all my ducks in a row - what are they going to be looking for that would trigger an app needing to go through manual underwriting? How far back do they look if they do? I discharged a bankruptcy in 2010, divorced the reason for the bankruptcy, and my credit has been squeeky clean since then - I don't carry balances on my credit card (so as a result, my DTI is very very low). I have a car loan for $351/month. My yearly income is $75K. I recently started a new job, but have been in the same industry since 1999.
  6. In my case, I tried to buy something at Best Buy and they royally screwed up - that being said - does anyone know who could call to see about a product change...?
  7. I have a BBRZ Mastercard that I got while they were still backed by HSBC, and then Cap 1. It's now backed by Citi. Has anyone had any success doing a product change? After a pretty poor experience with them this holiday season, I am pretty sure I am never setting foot in their store again, and no longer have any need or want for this card. My scores are in the mid to upper 600's. I carry no balances on my cards.
  8. A bit of my history: I filed for bankruptcy in Feb of 2010 and it was discharged in May of 2010. I included 2 cars in the bankruptcy. Since that time, I have financed 2 cars - one with Toyota (which was a buy) and then a year later, I traded it in (it was a used 2009) for a new lease on a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. My lease payments are pretty high - $351/month. I have intentions on buying out this car at the end of the lease, and indeed, that was my reason for going for this lease. My car will definitely be over mileage at the end of lease term. I am wondering if it is possible to buy out the lease before the end of term, with the hopes of getting my monthly payment down? My credit has been perfect since the bankruptcy. My scores are in the high 600's. I have zero late payments, and a perfect (if not early) monthly paying record on my car loans. Any insights? Trying to figure out what my best bet here is... My lease maturity date is in december of 2016.
  9. Applied for the card today. After my success in getting my credit line doubled on my apple financing card, I figured I would press my luck and pull the trigger. Instant 5K approval.
  10. OP here. You have to keep up and know your deer pee. Never know when it's going to get native in here. Just go with it. Good to know. 10K With Barclays = extra deer pee. I will use the card with caution from now on.
  11. I.. uhm.. what the heck happened to this thread?
  12. it had been a while since I asked for an increase on my apple financing card. I decided to give it a go. I'm an apple girl, and am considering purchasing a new macbook pro. I used the love button, and was told a decision would be made within 48 hours. I had 5,000 in credit, and decided to go for broke and ask for them to double my credit line to 10K. As you will see from my signature, $5,000 is my highest credit line to date. I never figured I would get approved for the full amount. Well.. I DID! The underwriter called me right away, and said that since my bankruptcy my credit was exactly in line with how they want to see credit handled... and they APPROVED THE FULL $10K credit line! I'm in the 5 digit credit line club FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!!! I'll be over here, doing cartwheels. I am considering, as well, doing a product change with the card if I end up not buying the new macbook route. What card would you recommend if I do so? I currently have a barclaycard arrival as well. Or should I consider combining the two cards and have one card with a whopping $14,500 limit?
  13. That's the plan now. I didn't even want to put a pair of socks on the card with only a $350 limit!

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