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  1. I thought I had my PNC card on autopay but I was wrong and I have a 60 day late. (I rarely use the card the last couple of years). It is really stupid on my part, it is a small amount that was late and now after over 10 years of perfection I have a late. They gave me an address to write to to dispute it. What should be my strategy when I write them and what should I say please? Thanks.
  2. I am setting up a savings plan for a major trip in 2027 and was thinking of using a Roth IRA. I will be 65 then and I am thinking my principle will cover most of the cost. Is this a solid idea? Thanks.
  3. I finally found one, thanks for the help and concern. This is a great board. http://www.mycalculators.com/ca/ploanm.html
  4. That is close, but it still not quite there. There is a space for the payment amount but you can't enter anything. Thanks for trying.
  5. Thanks for the help,but that while it is a nice calculator, I am looking for something that when I input the payment and interest rate, it will give me how much the loan principle is. Unfortunately, I still haven't found that, but I do thank you for the help.
  6. My wife and I are starting to do some long range planning on buying our next house. I was looking for a calculator that I could input how much we would be willing to pay and the interest rate and get a number back on the principle of the loan. But for some reason, I am having a hard time finding this. If anyone has any suggestions, please, they would be welcomed. Thanks.
  7. BCP is better if you spend even just under half of the $6K grocery cap. I am dubious about how much we spend at grocery stores. Most of our shopping is Costco and Aldi's and I am pretty confident we don't spend $60/week at Aldi's. Really confident, actually. But thanks for pointing that out. If we spent more at Aldi's, we might look at BCP more.
  8. Are biggest expense is gas. We spend money on other things like eating out, but that is definitely less than gas. Thanks.
  9. My wife has the Costco Amex and we have gotten the info about the change to Citi. However, we want to keep an Amex in our portfolio. Any suggestions about what Amex we should apply/ask for? Thanks.
  10. Amex was IIB for a BK7 by me in 2005. I currently have a FICO of 822. I am aware of the Blacklist but I was wondering if it might be worth my while to try. My wife has an Amex but I know they can deny people as AU's. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  11. I did a pre-approved app today and got a "we will contact you shortly" message. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I went for the Thank You Preferred. I got a $7300 limit, so we will see. I would like to thank everyone for their help.
  13. I am thinking of applying for a Citi card and I was wondering which ones were Signature cards, with all the nice benefits, such as warranty manager. Thanks.
  14. Follow-up: I called the number and the gentleman confirmed some info and asked me about my BK7. I gave him a short version and commented that my payments since then have been perfect. He noted that and gave me a card with a $2500, which is the lowest of my three Barclay's cards. (The other two are $3500 and $5900). He also said I could move around my credit list as I see fit. I might do that. I do appreciate the support and advice in telling me to call, that seems to have made a difference. While the limit is not exciting, it serves my purposes of saving money with Travelocity, ea
  15. That is Barclaycard underwriting team... galaxy s5 ---- Tapatalk Then what is the recon phone number then, please? Thanks.
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