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  1. In reading their website it's not totally clear that an ACH push from another bank doesn't count. As far as Zelle, I've lived a 100% Zelle free lifestyle, but that hasn't stopped scammers from texting or calling me about possible fraud with my "Zelle" service. If it comes to needing to use Zelle at Citi to avoid a fee, I'll need to set it up just for that.
  2. I'm not sure about any grandfathering. I avoid any fees now with the $1,500 balance. They want $28,500 more, but I’m unsure of the exact start date, but it may be as late as 2025. Greedy bank. Large balances are basically in my brokerage account, a Roth IRA and my 401k. None are with Citi.
  3. Citibank sent me mail stating by 2025 my checking account will have a monthly charge unless I have $30,000 across all accounts with them (I don't). In reading their website there's no monthly charge if I have at least $250 in "enhanced direct deposits." That seems to include online transfers. If that's the case I'll need to remember to do a $250 back and forth transfer from my savings account each month. I'll just do that when the time comes. I take that back. Transfers don't look like they count, but money from PayPal does. I have time to think about this. https://banking.citi.com/cbol/OM/checking/tiered/featured-offers/default.htm
  4. I won't bother when it's offered to me. If a bad guy robs me and sees I have an American Express Card in my wallet, he'll come back and cut off my fingers to make an online purchase. If that doesn't work, it’s then cutting off my head. Too risky. πŸ€”
  5. You got me curious of the cost of admission to Universal Studios Hollywood. It's $159, all the way up to $519 for a VIP pass, whatever that is. Of course, that's on top of everything else. Cheap me hasn't been on the tour since cousins from out of town wanted to go eons ago. I'm about 15 miles away from the place. Parking alone is about $25. If I want to go to CityWalk, I park at the subway station lot across the street. I go down stairs into the station so I'm not ticketed, walk out the opposite exit, walk across the street and then take the tram up the hill.
  6. I wonder what he was buying to run up the bill that much. Amex would stop me from charging on my second trip to McDonald's on the same day. πŸ˜•
  7. It's through Community Federal Savings Bank. I have no current plans on applying. I have to control myself, plus I don't want extra hard inquiries on my ChexSystems or EWS Here is the link: https://www.experian.com/lp/experian-smart-money
  8. I've gotten renewal cards long before expiration, usually with new account numbers. They have their reasons (possible fraud, software changes, etc.) but they never tell me. I'm guessing, but it could be that.
  9. It's quite a bit more, divided between debit and credit cards.
  10. The Believe card arrived. I broke it in with a Amazon gift card purchase. It works as advertised. After the purchase the available amount in the secured account decreases by that, but isn't officially deducted until I make a payment. I turned on safe pay, that automatically pays the balance from the secured account on the day after the statement date. One needs to eventually add more money to the account when it runs low on money or you'll have nothing to spend. In the app it says if I decide to close the account I will not be able to apply again for the card. Once you don't believe in the Believe card, that's it.
  11. I checked my USPS Informed Delivery and it looks like there's an envelope with my Varo Believe "credit" card that is arriving today. The excitement is building. My first order of business is to add a small amount to my Amazon gift card balance to break it in. It's not some card I'll be using much. The $200 I added to the secured account is probably more than what I'll use it for.
  12. He hasn't met me. If he knew how many I have, he might jump out the window. πŸ˜•
  13. Link: https://bocanewsnow.com/2023/10/02/boca-raton-man-sued-by-amex-owes-990000-on-centurion-card/
  14. You can use this page to find out their approximate value: https://treasurydirect.gov/BC/SBCPrice After 30 years they stop earning interest so you might as well cash them at a bank. I have a couple old savings bonds in my safe deposit box, but all the rest I have in my TreasuryDirect account. In a previous job I had (decades ago) they had a savings bonds payroll savings plan that they promoted. I signed-up after going to the meeting suggesting employees buy them (patriotic, tax deferred savings, etc.). I remember filling out a form authorizing a $5 payroll deduction each two-week pay period. After every five pay periods I would get a savings bond in the mail. This isn't done anymore since there are no longer paper bonds. If you really want to buy savings bonds directly from your pay, you can direct deposit part of your pay into your TreasuryDirect account, and they buy bonds for you from there.
  15. It looks for only the UK version/UK customers of the Apple Wallet. As for UK banking, I have it all at one bank, and view stuff from their app.
  16. I looked at some of my Visa cards just now. The bird is now gone on a few. At least I can't find it. The bird is now at the unemployment office. As for the type of bird, I think it's a pigeon.
  17. That's it. There's another company, Dave, that keeps sending me emails to open an account. Their card is all white with a teddy bear head popping out of a corner. Forget that. Not applying.
  18. Yes, it's over that when including expired cards. For the open general purpose cards (credit and debit Visas, MasterCards, Amexs, Discovers, Union Pay), it's over 100, but I got to count them. πŸ€”
  19. I do have a lot credit and debit cards, if you haven't figured that out. I would have to take them out of my safe and count them, because I don't know the number. πŸ˜•
  20. Personally, I don't get wound up about the precise best time to pay a credit card. When I rotate through my sock-drawered cars (small purchases every three to four months) I pay them off immediately. To try to time it for things show a precise balance, it's not worth the bother. Any balance you're trying to show on your credit report will change next month (either to zero or something else). Not worth it to me. Making sure your credit cards are paid on time should be your number one goal.
  21. My compulsive self got to me and I applied for a Varo Bank spending account. Easy enough. They sent me a debit card. For some reason, doing ACH pulls for me have been limited to $100, then I need to wait a few days before doing another, but no biggie. It's not like I needed the account. Maybe they'll eventually increase that. After about a week my compulsive self got to me again and I applied for their Varo Believe "credit card." Their webpage says I must have a direct deposit (like a payroll deposit) totaling $500 in the last 90 days. I never did that, but there was a link on their website, and app, saying I'm prequalified (maybe because my credit score very high). To open the bank account, they don't do a ChexSystems hard inquiry, and for the Believe Card, there is no credit hard inquiry. Since I haven't applied for any other credit card in a while, I went ahead. The deal with the credit card, it's designed for people who have issues getting a credit card (poor credit or no credit). It's a secured card. It's so secure, that when you make a purchase the amount in the secured savings account (that earns no interest) is no longer available until you pay the card (which gets deducted from the same account and can be done automatically). For all intents and purposes, it's a debit card, but reports to the credit bureaus. The amount of your limit is what you transferred into (or out of) the secured savings account from your bank account. Once I created the account, I transferred $100, that must be done from the app, not the website. My limit is $100, unless I add more. There are no fees for this card. The Believe card should be arriving within a week or two. Do I need the card? Nope, but it looks like a nice card in the picture. Vanity is everything.
  22. NatWest to close 130+ branches: https://www.natwest.com/banking-with-natwest/other-ways-to-bank-with-natwest/natwest-branch-banking/branch-closures.html Barclays to close 180 branches: https://www.which.co.uk/news/article/barclays-bank-branch-closures-in-2023-akhJO3I4TLk1
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