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  1. My cousin Jethro used to like to splash some on after taking a shower. He had to stop, as the neighbors started complaining after he acquired an odd habit of howling at the moon. 😕
  2. Expensive, even without shipping. I remember reading some funny reviews on Amazon for a similar product. If I drink it, does it help with the virus? It's probably safer than bleach, with an added benefit: The smell of my breath will automatically maintain social distancing without me even trying.
  3. 31/2 = 15.5 hours. You sure were on hold a long time.
  4. You also encouraged me to login after not logging in for a few months. I put myself on the wait list but may not apply. It looks like a hundred other of these debit accounts. The account won't do anything for your credit but they'll probably do a Chex Systems inquiry.
  5. I've had the SoFi Money account for about a year, and SoFi Invest for about the same time. I was pissed at SoFi a couple years ago for buying Zenbanx and then shutting it down (what was the purpose of buying it?). I did like that account for the ability to hold different currencies. As for SoFi Money, it's similar to many other of these debit accounts. I haven't used its check writing feature, but believe they did send me a pad of checks that are probably at the bottom of a desk drawer. The account does pay a small amount of interest. Nothing special about it, but if it works for you, that's all that's important.
  6. Actually it is easy to apply for credit, even if you're living on the streets with no money. Whether you'll be approved is another story. For many, being laid-off is a temporary raise. The $600 per week boost in unemployment insurance might be more than they earned. If I worked at McDonald's, I might want to be laid-off.
  7. "We have ways of making you pay that annual fee."
  8. There's a need, but if you need your money every day as soon as you clock-out, you're not doing too well.
  9. I've gone to that one and the one at Devonshire and Balboa. Both are dead, at least when I went.
  10. I've been looking at Expedia, just out of curiosity. There are many flights and hotels showing, even for areas that U.S. travel can't currently happen. It's all a crap-shoot. I don't know if COVID-19 will subside by the time the trip starts, or even if the flight will be cancelled. Anyone considering flying sometime in the future? To fly, like within the next week or month, isn't practical.
  11. Link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/heres-how-ordering-food-at-a-restaurant-may-look-different-after-the-coronavirus-panera-bread-founder-182300720.html As far as credit and debit cards offering contactless themselves (not using stuff like Apple or Android Pay), not many U.S. cards have that contactless emblem. That will probably change. Panera Bread has gone downhill. The food isn't that good and is overpriced for what you get. COVID-19 take-out only has cut enormously into their business. Even though not as good as they once were, I have gone twice in the past few weeks. Nobody but me in the place.
  12. This is becoming more common. I've gone through the In-N-Out Drive-Up and they expect a debit card, They stick the card reader out the window for me to insert the card. They don't want to touch anything to do with the customer. At See's Candies down the street, they no longer let anyone in the store or accept cash. You need to order over the phone. When you get to the store, there's a table outside. They come out with your tasty candies dressed in a "hazmat suit' and a card reader.
  13. I don't know why I held on to this American Messaging paging service for so long (aside for using the number for times I didn't want to give out my cell number) but today's experience gave me the motivation to cancel. I got an email notifying me of my monthly bill. In looking at my previous online payment (it was about $15), instead of them crediting me for a $15 payment, they charged me $15 instead! I was out $30. When I called them, they indicated that was correct, then indicated the credit card company refused the charge (they didn't), then indicated I wasn't out $30, but zero. I was talking around in circles. I tried to explain to the person who I was talking to that if I owed her $15, her lending me another $15 doesn't fix the debt. Totally not logical. She talked to her supervisor and said things were correct. I kept my sense of humor but I finally gave up. I called Citibank and they immediately gave me $15 credit. I'm still out another $15 because they charged me $15 for making a $15 payment they didn't credit, but I was getting nowhere. I cancelled the service and will just eat the $15. Not worth the aggravation. I just needed to vent here.
  14. Question: Does Clorox come in grape flavor? (not serious)
  15. Not surprised. I was at the Milan Expo. Huge, huge crowds. Impossible to social distance. https://www.expo2020dubai.com/en/expo-covid-19
  16. Yep. Not rocket science. Who would book a vacation, to say, Los Angeles during April? They'll get here and find everything closed. Well, almost everything. The highlight of each day will be buying lunch in the McDonald's drive-up.
  17. I once get a curt letter in a red envelope from Citibank when I accidentally did seven transfers out. "It better not happen or else! (they'll close my savings account)." United Nations Credit Union issued me a Visa debit card for the only account I have with them (a savings). I've never gone over the six withdrawal limit but they reminded customers transactions could be denied if we did. They said to open a checking account if we need more withdrawals.
  18. The mall near me closed in March for COVID-19, along with JCPenney in it. At least once a year I use my JCPenney card there for a pack of underwear or socks, to keep the card active. It's one of my oldest accounts. Now, nobody can shop there. It isn't rocket science to figure out the credit cards aren't being used. If the store doesn't open, I'll need to buy my underwear online. If JCPenney goes out of business, then it's the end of my oldest account.
  19. There are plenty of prepaid cards out there. Many are used by parents to give their kids some spending money. Cards that come to mind are: American Express Bluebird Navy Federal Credit Union GO Prepaid Even the Chase Bank Starbucks Reloadable debit card Some links: https://kingged.com/kids-debit-cards/ https://www.navyfederal.org/goprepaidcard/ https://www.chase.com/personal/debit-reloadable-cards/starbucks I assume your friend in Canada has a bank account. RBC Royal Bank/RBC Bank have cross-border banking where you can link/transfer money between their Canadian and U.S. bank accounts and then use your debit card for expenses. Something similar might be available with TD Canada Trust/TD Bank, BMO/BMO Harris and CIBC/CIBC U.S. You might want to check.
  20. Agree with the above. Don't give up, although over time a single 30 day late means less and less. I'm unsure if their "hands are tied." They could update it if they really want to. Many years ago a Visa card I have with a credit union (Wescom) went late for over six months. I moved, but somehow things were overlooked in notifying them of my new address. I had one small charge that I forgot about. The statements were somehow just vanishing in the mail system although I filed a change-of-address. The credit union called me and asked "what's up?" I then remembered the charge and told them they can immediately pay it from my share savings. At that time, I didn't subscribe to a credit bureau notification service, so I didn't realize my credit was in the sh*thole for that six-month late. I asked them if they can remove that over the phone. The representative said OK. Within a few weeks, the late vanished off my credit reports like nothing happened.
  21. Years ago I failed the security questions for Redneck Bank. I knew the answers, but they had something else. I think the banks use a service by Equifax that supplies the questions and answers. It's impossible to dispute this to find out what's wrong. With the bank, I only had two chances to go through the application process. I emailed Redneck Bank, asking if I can apply another way. They said no. The only way to apply is through the website. If you can't answer the questions correctly, you have to wait one month before the system lets you try again. Fortunately, the next time I was able to get through the questions. I was concerned it might take me many months of applying, in trying to reverse engineer the questions, remembering wrong answers which they may have as the correct answers. I've done these question and answer things many times. One answer I know is wrong that they have as right, is one about who was a previous employer. I've seen the employer "Constipated Woman" appear several times. I have absolutely no idea where that name came from, but that's the "correct" answer. Go figure. 😕
  22. They're as safe as long as the government can keep printing money. Also, what's with the picture of a credit union with knee-deep sandbags at the front door? Is that the only stock picture of a credit union Forbes can find?
  23. Now that I think about it, and looked at my Bank of Ameria accounts online, I used to have a B of A MasterCard and a B of A Visa. I still have the Visa, but a while ago (at least a few years ago) Band of America sent me a letter saying my MasterCard was being "upgraded" to an American Express Card. That's the card I've had since. No biggie. Actually I preferred the Amex card because I don't have many Amex cards, but tons of MasterCards and Visas. I like to keep a balanced diet. The B of A American Express earns Worldpoints, that are worthless. I think I have enough saved to buy one pair of dirty underwear. If B of A converts my "upgraded" Amex card back to a MasterCard or Visa, does that mean I'm being "downgraded?" 😕
  24. I still have a B of A Amex. Just used it. They haven't contacted me about converting it. I also have a Visa with them.
  25. There's a lot of extra fluff in that article that has nothing to do with anything. I didn't see when this account is supposed to be offered, which I would think would be the number 1 detail. The title is bogus. This is a debit card/deposit account. The Apple card is a credit card. I did have the Google Wallet card until they shut that down. Who knows if they'll shut this down too.

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