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  1. There's a pay/sign-up wall, but I don't see the attraction of metal. If I drop my Apple/Goldman Sachs card, it makes a bunch of noise. If you like metal and noise, just keep the forks/knives/spoons the next time you go to the restaurant. You can drop them on the floor all you want. More noise than metal credit cards.
  2. Fidelity Investments just sent me a link to open a Fidelity Crypto account (there's a waiting list to open an account). I transferred $10 from my Fidelity Brokerage account to start things off, but didn't buy any crapto. With Fidelity Crypto, I don't see the account from their website, only from their app. The only coins I see you can trade are Bitcoin and Ethereum. If Fidelity Crypto goes belly-up, I can't see FMR LLC (Fidelity) letting all their customers lose all their funds in their crypto accounts without inputting any assets from the rest of the company to save things. Probably much safer than Celsius, Voyager, FTX, BlockFi, and even Coinbase, to keep your assets on this trading platform. Of course, nothing is impossible. If Fidelity manages to lose a trillion dollars, then I don't know.
  3. Not surprising. The pattern has been to freeze customer accounts first then declare bankruptcy. Now customers have to wait until the bankruptcy court decides how much creditors can get back from what's left. Everybody is waiting. The question now is who is next to fall.
  4. I agree with both above, but she should try for a couple credit cards. If she pays them on time, that will get her started with good credit (over time), and I feel more so than an apartment lease.
  5. It depends on who's making the pizza. Panera Bread now serves pizza but it's just cheap flatbread with some cheap stuff on top before heating it in the oven. Turkey just carved off a turkey is a treat for me. I don't have that often. I sometimes make turkey sandwiches from lunch meat sold at Vons or Target. Something to munch on at work. Not as good as the Thanksgiving stuff, but it works for me.
  6. It's been decades since my first "real job" at Taco Bell. I thought that large, fiberglass bell, that hung on the rooftop needed "an improvement." I got a can of spray paint and painted the Star of David on it. The bell was hard to see from the property, but was easy to see from sidewalk and street. Some customers asked if the food was kosher. A couple employees that evening knew I did it. When the manager finally noticed he was mumbling that the neighborhood kids were incorrigible. Little did he know the "incorrigible kid" was on his staff. 😉 He had it spray painted all gold again. 😞
  7. Does Chapstick count? I always have a supply of that.
  8. Well, it's Saturday and no ICBC USA UnionPay renewal card has come in the mail even though the card expires in five days. I gave ICBC a call and they said it was mailed but the person who I spoke to wasn't sure when. My ICBC debit card arrived over a month before it expired. I told them to mail me another. I'm unsure if I got through to the person I spoke to, but he said it could take two or three weeks. 🤔
  9. Did SBF pay any of that $1 billion loaned to him back? Maybe I'm too old to understand, but why would one individual need a billion dollar loan? Did he blow all that gambling on crypto? I don't see how one person can spend that. Geesh, I need to jump through hoops for one crappy credit card, for a limit that might be 0.000005% of a billion. 🤔
  10. There are other celebrities too, when I enter their names in the State of California Unclaimed Property Search website. One is a one-cent cashier's check from HSBC that wasn't cashed. I was looking him up because he might need extra money as he's recovering from burns at West Hills Hospital. My name is listed. It's mainly from tiny dividend checks I've neglected to cash over the years. https://www.sco.ca.gov/upd_msg.html
  11. Up until recently, a bunch of YouTube channels thought of him as the one person who can save crypto exchanges like Voyager and Celsius with his vast wisdom and wealth. What is SBF's address? If he's broke, I can help him out. I can order him a comb from Amazon Prime. It's the least I can do for him. 😉
  12. I see the term but I feel it could mean anything from popular growth stocks, to what inexperienced young traders do on Robinhood to lose money. https://www.fool.com/investing/2022/11/20/3-robinhood-stocks-to-buy-and-hold-forever/
  13. Actually she's not a bad person, but lives in a fantasy world and thought of me as her personal bank account. Once she gave me a tongue lashing because she thought I was looking at another woman while eating at a restaurant. Heck, maybe I was. Guys will be guys. Anyway, I haven't seen her in years, but she's still a friend in Facebook.
  14. A good chunk of those cards go partially or totally unused, that's why companies push them. They get sales for selling nothing. Years ago I gave a Starbucks card to a friend in another state. She got kind of weird and decided she was going to get even with me and not use the card. She never did and I didn't care. More money for Starbucks.
  15. I bet the card will still be a rectangle..
  16. Same pattern. Once these companies stop customers from withdrawing funds, a bankruptcy follows. Another one bites the dust.
  17. Every customer with funds in an account that they can no longer access is a creditor. If Sam Bankman-Fried has no idea what happened, why was he CEO?
  18. No one seems to know how much money FTX owes BlockFi. It might be billions. Since FTX is in bankruptcy, BlockFi will be in line with every other creditor to get what crumbs are left. This sounds like when Three Arrows Capital declared bankruptcy, leaving Voyager Digital wondering of they'll collect any of the $650 million they loaned them (they're also in bankruptcy). I'm losing count of these crypto bankruptcies. If someone wrote this as a script for a movie before this happened, no one would have believed such a plot could even remotely happen.
  19. It's the same pattern as other crypto exchanges. First they freeze account transactions to "protect" customers, then next it's bankruptcy, where customers have to wait in line with other creditors to see what they can get back. https://blockfi.com/november-11-2022-blockfi-update
  20. https://cointelegraph.com/news/sam-bankman-fried-is-under-supervision-in-bahamas-looking-to-flee-to-dubai
  21. The news keeps getting crazier with FTX. $600 million more vanishing, their site getting hacked, backdoors to drain money without others knowing, etc., and it's a holiday weekend. I wonder what next week will bring. We're in for more surprises.
  22. https://www.efinancialcareers.com/news/2022/11/caroline-ellison-alameda-research-ftx-sam-bankman-fried
  23. I wonder which exchange is next to go belly-up? Will the Crypto.com Arena in downtown L.A. need to be renamed? I have to say I invested $400 in CRO many months ago to get their ruby-rose metal debit card. My CRO is down. At least I wasn't *Admin prohibits insults that reference an individual's intelligence.* enough, or rich enough, to get their $400,000 Obsidian card. I have less trust in them. My account is worth about $1,150 with $850 of that on the debit card, which is at their participating bank/FDIC insured, so my exposure is real small.
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