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  1. He probably was their only customer. I never heard of it.
  2. I got the same limit. My FICO is about 820 or so on Transunion with several inquiries in the past year. My card finally arrived today. Eight days. Actually it came yesterday but UPS required a signature and I wasn't home. It was then sent to a UPS pickup location at a dry cleaners about a mile from my house. I went there to get it.
  3. My record for wearing the same pair of underwear is four days. What happened is I traveled to Las Vegas for a conference. I realized I didn't pack any underwear. Instead of buying some while there I went for a personal record. I was still let in the casinos and the conference. What happens in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. I wore my underwear home.
  4. Thanks for this important news, and also thanks for reminding me. I think I'm a bit late for my annual bath.
  5. An update: My package is now in Sylmar, CA. I'm thinking it flew out of Long Beach Calif. Airport, arrived in Louisville, Kentucky and was then flown to Burbank, CA. Delivery is still scheduled for Monday. The type of service the package is sent is UPS 2nd Day Air. This now makes sense. They send a package that shouldn't leave Los Angeles County using UPS 2nd Day Air, so UPS sends it by air. 😕
  6. I am not kidding you, but my package that is being sent from Los Angeles to Northridge, CA the UPS site now says is in Louisville, Kentucky after being in Long Beach, CA. What???? Delivery is now scheduled for Monday the 18th.
  7. In UPS tracking, the card shows it shipped from Los Angeles and then made it to a UPS facility in Long Beach. I live in the San Fernando Valley. No huge distances here, it's just stuff doesn't go in the most direct route.
  8. About my card shipping: I applied Monday in the late afternoon. I got a notice on the Wallet app that my card has shipped today (Thursday) by UPS. The UPS tracking site says I should receive my card tomorrow (Friday).
  9. I did see that in the Wallet. I don't think it's possible to change the account number on your physical card via their Wallet app, as that data is embedded in the chip and magnetic strip. On a receipt, you'll probably just see the last four of that number. For everything, one would need to read the magnetic strip. I'm hopeful there is an actual address to pay your bill. I wouldn't use it unless every other method failed, but I don't know of any other credit card issuer that wouldn't accept a mail payment. Somewhere at Goldman Sachs they must know. 😕 https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209228
  10. I only plan on doing two things with this account: 1. Using the physical card to buy a pencil once in a while and then immediately paying it off. 2. This will be my first metal card. I'll be dropping it on the table to see how it sounds. I'll be OK. I won't be carrying an iPad with me.
  11. Link: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/13/apple-card-promotes-iphone-steers-users-from-android.html I thought this was much of it, but sorry Apple, even though I applied for the card, I'm still an Android. I used my work Android phone to apply (that I hate), will use bill pay from elsewhere to pay it off, and will be getting a cheap iPad that supports the iOS needed for the Wallet app (maybe used off eBay) to access the account and then remove it from my work phone. I'm typing this on my Galaxy S10. A cool new phone that replaced my 3 1/2 year old LG. I'll never be an iSheep. Baa.. Baa...
  12. Cool but I learned one day late. Anyway, eventually I'll need to buy an Apple device, probably a compatible iPad version, to support Apple Pay/Apple Credit Card, to get the account off my work phone. My Apple ID does send text messages to my Android phone, so there's no requirement that needs to be on the same phone. I can't believe I'll need buy something Apple. I would tell people to promise to shoot me if I did something an iSheep would do, because something would be wrong with me. Apple created this insidious plan to force you to own an Apple device if you want their credit card.
  13. I subscribe to TransUnion credit morning. I too, got a notification about two hours after I applied. I didn't think to freeze in the interim. My feeling is it wouldn't make a difference. It's probably just a delay when things get posted and notified, and not a get-no-hard-inquiry pass. This card will be last I apply for this year, so an extra TU inquiry will hardly make a difference in my life.
  14. I got an invite and applied. $8,500 limit, 17.99% APR. I'll buy pencils after the card arrives.
  15. Question: Their website says you can get virtual account numbers to make purchases from web sites, and so on, from their Wallet app. Is there a static physical account number? There must be, as you have a card but the number isn't on it. How do you get that? I ask, because once I get the card I might want to use another bank's bill pay to pay off the pencil I just bought. You need to enter the account number to do that. A virtual account number that might only be good for a day, just won't cut it.
  16. I've thought the same. An iSheepo will charge more and more and more and more just to see what color will show next. There goes their mortgage payment, their child's education fund, savings for a car, etc., etc.
  17. Chase exited the Canadian credit card market a while ago. For customers still paying down their balances, they said the hell with it and paid it off for them. If that happened in the U.S., I would bet the bank would issue 1099's to those customers because the IRS would look at that as income. Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/09/business/chase-credit-card-debt-canada.html
  18. So it's some sort of signal booster if you're still near your car. I still own The Club. I have that sitting in my trunk. Picking a lock might slow the bad guys down while I'm in In-In-Out eating my burger.
  19. That's OK with me. When I'm finally able to apply, the card will be used to buy pencils and then pay the card off.
  20. Well, the salesperson doesn't run the credit department. Does she have a job/income? She might have been declined anyway, even if 18. A credit record with just an inquiry and nothing else isn't the end of the world. She'll eventually get credit elsewhere and the inquiries will get old and fall off. After a year they're not counted on your FICO. I don't think it's worth fighting, but it's your decision.
  21. I'm 1000% not an iSheep but I plan to apply for this card. I don't have an iPhone (I have an Android Samsung Galaxy 10e) but do have a work issued iPhone that I hate. Last night I made sure it had the latest IOS version. It does and the Wallet app shows. I initialized it with my personal email address for the iCloud (I already had an iTunes account), since the Apple ID on that phone is my work email, that I don't want linked to my Wallet or any new Apple Credit Card. I signed-up earlier to be notified when I can apply, but the Wallet shows nothing yet. I read if I click the plus symbol in the corner of the Wallet app, it will show that I can apply for the Apple Card, but all it shows now is asking to add new cards to the app, which I have none. So I now need to wait. 😴
  22. There are a lot of YouTube videos of people throwing their FOBs out the window while driving. The cars keep going until the driver turns it off, with a "no key fob" detected message displaying. Right now I'm in a sandwich shop. My car is parked outside, about 25 feet from where I'm eating. Nobody has stolen it yet.
  23. I wonder the same. When I'm going in the car with a friend, I've asked her to touch the door handle first, to see if the car will unlock. It usually does. I guess she then could steal the car, and leave me stranded. The range of the FOB is close. At about 10 feet from the car it senses it. Unless I drive the car right into the restaurant, I doubt someone could drive off with it.
  24. I see my car is one of the least wanted by thieves. It can also be cars are harder to steal. Mine has a FOB that stays in my pocket. I'm unsure what a thief would need to do to drive it off, but there are probably easier cars to take.
  25. I haven't looked at this post in a while, but it just reminded me to check my USAA accounts. I logged in and my accounts are all there. USAA has been running some "feel good" commercials. You've seen them. Happy families, with them saying "We're the Smith (or whatever name) Family, and we're USAA members for life." I doubt they'll make a follow-up commercial, once the bank closes all their accounts. Again, always keep accounts at more than one bank (several banks is better). They can close your accounts at any time, with little chance of getting them to reconsider.

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