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  1. They must be working in geologic time. I don't think any of us will be alive once the "improvements" are complete. Anyway, it just looks like a MasterCard with the Diners Club name printed on it.
  2. Banks can check CheckSystems and EWS (Early Warning), and see what new checking/savings accounts you've applied for, and how you're handling them. Five years ago I was literally kicked-out of a bank branch because they saw I applied for a couple other checking accounts in the past six months. It wasn't a pleasant experience. Banks have been known to close customers' accounts if they opened another account elsewhere shortly thereafter. There's a service by Chex that notifies banks you have opened accounts with about this. Banks, and even credit unions, are a suspicious bunch. They get nervous about this, may suspect fraud, or just don't want to deal with customers chasing new account bonuses. That said, I do have plenty accounts myself, but I do not push it by doing foolish things this website is suggesting. On the credit forum, many say inquiries don't matter. That is probably true there, as long as you're not doing something crazy in the applying department. With Chex and EWS, banks do count them. Some banks might not care if you applied for a few other accounts in the past six to 12 months. Others won't touch you with a 10 foot pole.
  3. I saw the below link advertised on Facebook. They're giving people the impression you can go hog-wild, opening a bunch of bank accounts at once, with no repercussions. As someone that got burned by this years ago, that's the farthest from the truth. We know here about ChexSystems and EWS. Space out applying. I've been OK for the past five years, but I learned the hard way you can't apply for everything. Not even close. https://everybankbonus.com/blog/7-easiest-bank-account-bonuses-worth-500-to-open-from-home
  4. Nothing new here. Creditors don't like the first guy because he's chasing sign-up offers and obviously has a bunch of new accounts. The thing about not releasing their identity because he's worried about repercussions is enough to make me throw-up. If he wants to maintain his privacy, fine, but creditors aren't going to take you out back and shoot you.
  5. I have twice that. I'm set! Nanner, nanner.
  6. It's called locality pay. This is not just Facebook. Many employers (both private and public sector) base salary scales on the local cost of living. In-N-Out Burger pays more in San Francisco than in Dallas. I don't think it would be hard to find cheaters. If they're living in Waco, Texas but claim to be living in Menlo Park, CA, make them show up at the office once in a while, maybe with no warning. The cost of last minute travel should more than negate any salary cheating. There's also stuff like having state payroll deductions taken from you for the wrong state, so tax issues. Link: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/facebook-workers-bid-goodbye-menlo-233504305.html
  7. How true. If AA stops flying, the 200,000 AA miles I have in my account are worth doo-doo.
  8. He looks like a space alien. When I saw the title, I initially thought a customer didn't have a face mask to wear, so grabbed the next best thing so they'll be allowed in. Are these masks COVID-19 compliant?
  9. Yep. Instead of 2 passengers per A380, we're now up to 5 passengers.
  10. I find this quote more astounding: "A quarter of respondents are withdrawing money after losing their job." If this is a representative sample of the U.S. as a whole, not only does it mean the unemployment rate is quite a bit north of 25% (adding the people who were already unemployed), it also doesn't include people who are unemployed but haven't withdrawn money from their retirement accounts. Who knows how high unemployment really is.
  11. I just looked up a picture I have in my cellphone. The sign in front of the San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf In-N-Out on February 6th said starting pay was $18, up to $20.50. If I was a teenager I would think I hit pay-dirt earning that. To live in San Francisco on that would be impossible if you plan on living in an average one-bedroom apartment ($3,600 per month). There is nothing wrong with these jobs, but they're stepping stones (not careers) unless one is looking to go into management. My first job was at a company owned Taco Bell. One thing I learned that fast food was never going to be a career for me. I eventually went into I.T. The pay is good, with no need to run around in a restaurant all day.
  12. The terms "bailout," "handout," "welfare," don't have the stigma they used to have. Today it's become mainstream. It's "economic stimulus package" by another name. All the same. Now if a company doesn't get bailed out, they're out of business. It's a requirement. Forget about what you learned in economics class in college. Decades ago if you said you're collecting food stamps, people might think there is something wrong with you. Now it's cool. It's no longer food stamps, but a smart looking EBT debit card. It's one card I have been unable to add to my collection. Times have changed. 😕
  13. I would donate the money elsewhere. The way the government spends and gives away money, any money sent back won't help with the debt. If you're set on donating money to the government, buy savings bonds and forget about them, from the same website. At least if you ever need the money back, you can redeem the savings bonds.
  14. I wasn't eligible for the first check, but that's OK. I don't know, but we've got to the point where people want, and require, handouts. Where is this money coming from? Running the printing presses just devalues the currency. Borrowing it bankrupts the country, but still people want handouts, and lots of them. Go figure. The U.S. dollar after all is said and done, will end up being like what the Zimbabwe dollar ended up. $100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars to buy a loaf of bread. 😕
  15. I just logged onto Robinhood, and noticed that fractional shares are activated for my account. To maintain my reputation as a big Wall Street tycoon, I entered an order to buy $1 of Amazon, just before the market closed. It executed immediately. I'm now up there with Jeff Bezos with my 0.000416 shares. There will be a battle at the next shareholder meeting for control. I think I have enough clout to take over as CEO. All this corporate big-shot stuff has gone to my head.
  16. Suze O. said nothing about her $550 year Amex Platinum card that's she relying on to travel to Europe "free" next year with points. I've used points to pay for parts of trips, but nothing is free. I've never owned a BMW. The closest I've been is to be a passenger in some.
  17. Whatever makes her happy. I didn't watch the video, but what is her housing costs? L.A. isn't cheap. It's only cheap for me because my house is paid off.
  18. I saw that when logging in to my Schwab account. $5 minimum. SoFi lets you buy $1. It used to be brokers chased after rich customers who have big accounts. Now they want any customer, as long as they're still breathing. Anyway, a small customer today may be a big customer tomorrow.
  19. I never have played that game. I would have lost my house based on skill. When I was in high school we once took a field trip to the Van Nuys court buildings. I went to watch small claims court while there. One guy drags another guy to court because he won $100 in a poker game from him and he wouldn't pay. The other guy shows the judge a piece of paper that is signed by the other person that he owes him $100. The judge wouldn't enforce the debt for a lot of reasons, so they both left empty handed.
  20. My cousin Jethro used to like to splash some on after taking a shower. He had to stop, as the neighbors started complaining after he acquired an odd habit of howling at the moon. 😕
  21. Expensive, even without shipping. I remember reading some funny reviews on Amazon for a similar product. If I drink it, does it help with the virus? It's probably safer than bleach, with an added benefit: The smell of my breath will automatically maintain social distancing without me even trying.
  22. 31/2 = 15.5 hours. You sure were on hold a long time.
  23. You also encouraged me to login after not logging in for a few months. I put myself on the wait list but may not apply. It looks like a hundred other of these debit accounts. The account won't do anything for your credit but they'll probably do a Chex Systems inquiry.
  24. I've had the SoFi Money account for about a year, and SoFi Invest for about the same time. I was pissed at SoFi a couple years ago for buying Zenbanx and then shutting it down (what was the purpose of buying it?). I did like that account for the ability to hold different currencies. As for SoFi Money, it's similar to many other of these debit accounts. I haven't used its check writing feature, but believe they did send me a pad of checks that are probably at the bottom of a desk drawer. The account does pay a small amount of interest. Nothing special about it, but if it works for you, that's all that's important.
  25. Actually it is easy to apply for credit, even if you're living on the streets with no money. Whether you'll be approved is another story. For many, being laid-off is a temporary raise. The $600 per week boost in unemployment insurance might be more than they earned. If I worked at McDonald's, I might want to be laid-off.

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