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  1. I think this video might have been altered. https://giphy.com/gifs/W1xcsZKbMPwzZfPkbo?ref=fbt&fbclid=IwAR26-LDP9ry2zPnJKFt9Fk5HVxxdQWeZjXoVzQi-3eS5Ew-44mwK-Ln5uR8
  2. With store cards, using them at least once a year is usually sufficient to keep them active. Are you sure you've used your Macy's card within the last 12 months?
  3. My debit card says US Bank and State Farm on it. The credit cards will be the same. Basically these are US Bank accounts, co-branded with State Farm. One goes to US Bank for help, not State Farm.
  4. Credit cards will transfer to U.S. Bank soon: Welcome to U.S. Bank | State Farm resources for customers What you need to know now: • Your new card will arrive in the mail by mid-March 2021 • Your new card will replace your existing card – no new application required • Continue using your card until your new one arrives What's next: • New online banking instructions will be provided along with your new card, including how to set up payments and redeem rewards • Look for more information coming in the mail soon
  5. Nothing new here. I browsed this article for one minute and then decided it wasn't worth my time. The writer should have just said "don't pay your mortgage." That will get your payment down to zero. Of course, you'll end up living on the streets, but it will lower your payment.
  6. Thanks, but I'll skip. This past week I cashed in a bit of Bitcoin on Coinbase. About $10K.
  7. That really narrows things down. Thanks. It is lost because it cannot be found.
  8. I'm not really sure of Amex's policy, but I did some querying and saw ambiguous answers. They got to call Amex. My guess is it should be OK, as the primary cardholder is ultimately responsible, although if the AU has an SSN number, that will make things easier.
  9. One added benefit of this technology is it's hack proof. With the big news recently of the SolarWinds hack, and how it enabled hackers to get into computer networks, not one hacker was able to get into my calculator. Now that's security that can't be beat!
  10. I use a $2 calculator I bought from Target. It works great in helping me balance the books.
  11. What's starting to bug me is the term "Robinhood Stocks" when some online writers are talking about investments to buy. I've even seen it on Motley Fool. If a "Robinhood Investor" is a bonehead who doesn't know what they're doing, then wouldn't a "Robinhood Stock" be something to avoid? 😕
  12. I've also got tons of messages from banks I have accounts with. I've been deleting them. The problem with me is they're wasting their time sending me these emails. I don't qualify because of the income limitation (the same as last time). It doesn't bother me, but should people of all incomes get this helicopter money? If you make more, you've already paid more in taxes. Anyway, let everyone enjoy their money.
  13. I asked HSBC on their website about leaving the U.S. All they said is "they don't comment about media speculation," and they appreciate me as a customer. Until we see an actual press release from them, there's little to tell us what is true and what isn't.
  14. A few years ago I went to the ABBA museum in Stockholm. After leaving I had trouble getting ABBA music from stop playing in my head. It was torture.
  15. Here's an article about a class action lawsuit against Robinhood for not disclosing payment for order flow. I'm going to defend Robinhood a bit here. Do Robinhood customers expect them to provide a service totally free out of the goodness of their heart, with no way of making any income from handling these transactions? Whoops. What am I thinking? These are Robinhood customers. They also expect to be reimbursed for all trading losses. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-24/robinhood-hit-with-class-action-suit-for-selling-stock-orders
  16. I'm going to guess you can make advance payments that go to principal. At least that's the way it works with many loans. I paid off my mortgage early by making advance principal payments. You got to call them and inquire further.
  17. This is why I don't keep much in my Robinhood account. I keep an account just because I'm a sucker for debit and credit cards, but they aren't special. It's not like you can't find the same stuff elsewhere.
  18. I see. I still can't get myself to accept a $400 annual fee, even though I could probably offset that we usage. I'll pass. Anyway, I agree that it might be a temporary reintroduction, so apply soon if you want it.
  19. I'm skeptical. After many, many months of hackers being able to hack unnoticed through hacked SolarWinds network monitoring software, how can banks, companies, other government agencies, etc., be so sure of no major hack after a couple of days?
  20. Here's another article that says an inexperienced customer made 12,748 trades on Robinhood. Well, after 12,748 trades, you must then be "experienced." The article also uses the term "investors." If you're trading like a madman, making thousands of trades, that is not investing. It's gambling. It's the same as going to the casino. At least at a casino, the casino will offer you perks/comps, and maybe even a hooker, as you're throwing away your money. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/robinhood-user-made-whopping-12748-trades-since-february-massachusetts-complaint-2020-12-1029904255
  21. For a U.S. resident, unless they travel to Canada often, it probably wouldn't be worth the bother. The article said nothing about an annual fee. If I was going to apply just for adding another card to my pile, there would have to be no annual fee.
  22. The texts and calls to my cellphone don't stop from contractors, wanting to bid on my "solar panel project." I have no such project and have never used or signed up for HomeAdvisor or Angie's List (they're the same company). I called their contact number (800-266-8722). They're worthless. They can't find my number in their computer, even though they text me a dozen times a day from short code 51781. Replying "STOP" doesn't work. One contractor was telling me yesterday that HomeAdvisor charges him for these leads. That's not my problem. Avoid HomeAdvisor / Angie's List at all costs. I just need to vent.
  23. I got the same PM a couple days ago. I ignored it. I won't post their username, but it starts with "BL". If you get the PM again, refer them to this link. Once they do this, they can join the credit union: https://www.navy.com/joining-the-navy
  24. Link: https://www.godsavethepoints.com/amex-shut-downs-paypal-key/ Those down at Flyertalk must be jumping out the window.

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