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  1. 99% of people buying Bitcoin are buying it to speculate, like hoping it goes up. Few use it for real transactions. F-Coin, I mean Libra, they say will be tied to a basket of currencies. Will there be a demand for that? I wouldn't mix Facebook with Finance. Maybe I would get a couple of these Facebook coins, or even a Facebook credit card, but wouldn't use it except to buy a pencil. Facebook does not mean privacy. That's for sure.
  2. I would apply if the card said "Cannabis Card" or "Marijuana Money" on it, but I think it will just say "Columbia Care" or something close to that. That's no fun. I wouldn't apply for that.
  3. I think there is enough difference to avoid confusion. Still, I hope the credit union wins. Truist is an absolutely awful name. I hope BB&T and Suntrust read the comments here. They couldn't have thought of a worse name for the bank. Truist is the Worstist.
  4. Click bait. If I paid cash in the past month I would I have lost out on the thousands of airline miles earned. I was reviewing some history on this. Back in 1980, Jimmy Carter was dealing with huge inflation. Measures were taken to add extra fees/interest/charges to people using credit/credit cards to help curb inflation. People patriotically took the issue too far, stopped spending, hurting the economy badly. The Carter administration quickly backtracked. This idea hasn't been used again.
  5. Useless article. It's not rocket science to figure out wealth is relative. A homeless person living on the streets with no money might think $10,000 is wealth beyond belief. On the other hand, someone with $10 million in the bank might feel squeezed if they're looking to buy in the Bel Air/Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles and discovers they only can afford a starter home.
  6. I'm not a fan of reverse mortgages, but not paying your homeowners insurance isn't an excuse that your house goes into foreclosure. You lose your house if your house burns down if you have no insurance, whether you have a regular mortgage, reverse mortgage or no mortgage, assuming you don't have the means to eat such a large loss.
  7. The timeshares take you, then these timeshare exit companies take you again. My advice is to not get involved in these things. If you like to vacation in a specific area, just stay at a hotel when visiting. No worries. These seminars sucker people in to buy every time. I haven't been to a timeshare sales presentation in a while but went to one at Cal State Northridge on house flipping a few months ago. I couldn't believe how many people lined up at the breaks to give them $1,000 to sign-up for the "opportunity of a lifetime."
  8. If this is true, anyone would be an idiot not to apply: "The Evolve cardpromises 25% cash back from the top two purchase categories each month if you're in good standing." Last month my top purchase category was travel on a Citibank card. I charged about $2,000 for an upcoming trip. I would have loved $500 cash back on that. Better yet, I would hunt for a car dealer that would let me buy a car on a credit card. Buy the car, collect the 25% cash back, immediately sell it to someone else for a good price (but not for over 25% off), and repeat the same every month. Unfortunately, Sallie Mae isn't run by the tooth fairy.
  9. Yawn. More retailers than ever are accepting Visa and MasterCard too. As far as Amex cardholders spending more, maybe so for their Centurion card holders, but prepaid Amex Bluebird cardholders probably spend less. Anyway, I doubt an Amex card holder is going to buy more Big Macs to eat at McD's than a Visa card holder.
  10. Agree. I thought it was pronounced "tryst" before reading the article. Whoever thought of the name ought to be looking for work. I am now "looking forward" to my Suntrust credit card and account being renamed.
  11. When did working a second job "cleaning horse stables" to make ends meet become a "side hustle?" A glamorous name for something not glamorous. One well paying job without this side hustle crap is enough for me.
  12. Of course the Goldman Sachs CEO is going to say he likes the new card. What else is he going to say?... "I tried our new Goldman Sachs/Apple credit card and it is a piece of sh-t."
  13. Business Insider now has a pay wall to read that article. Since 99.99999999999% of Business Insider is garbage, I'll never subscribe.
  14. My new Transferwise debit card arrived in the mail. The U.S. version is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, is like pictured on Transferwise's website, but has no nick on the edge on the right. I'll be leaving my holepunch in my desk.
  15. It might be legal, but I wouldn't say ethical. If there are people in the back office of Joe Schmoe Credit Union looking at customers' payments and deciding to credit a customer's car payment to their credit card, so they can repossess the car tomorrow, that doesn't seem right.
  16. I just ordered the TransferWise debit card. This card also appears to have a nick on the right edge. I don't need a nick, but just in case the card issued to U.S. customers doesn't have one, there's nothing that using a hole punch on the card wouldn't solve. https://transferwise.com/gb/borderless/card
  17. It's the same story. With pensions almost non-existent, low average salaries, high average living expenses, saving for retirement becomes impossible. Many people near retirement will be looking at an "active retirement" of collecting bottles and cans. Then there's health insurance. I was reading a financial column who was answering an approximately 60+ year old person who lacked health insurance. The writer told them to work at Starbucks for their health insurance benefits. I'm unsure of the costs and how good, or bad, their health benefits are, but just go to a Starbucks. The job is a young person's job. You're on your feet all day working away taking orders, preparing coffee, cleaning, stocking, and so on. Not exactly a job for an older individual.
  18. I'm also "underwater" with my silver investment. I have a silver platter in a cabinet drawer under the kitchen sink. When the water is running, the platter is underwater. 😕 That said, there's nothing new about these gold/silver dealers pushing their product to people who don't fully understand the risks, or who may be unaware of how dealers may mark-up costs.
  19. You have 30 UnionPay credit cards? That must be the record. I have a large amount of various MasterCards and Visas, but only one UnionPay. 😕
  20. I have a ton of left over coins from foreign trips. I would die many times over from clogged arteries if I decided to spend it all on Thursday. McDonald's in Tijuana has taken my U.S. dollars. No problem there, and not just on McTaco day. In Canada, many McDonald's will also take your U.S. currency, and not just on McPoutine day. Some have the McD exchange rate right on their menu.
  21. Somehow I don't think UnionPay has issued six billion cards in China, unless they're counting every replacement for expired/lost/stolen cards since the beginning. If it's truly six billion, each man, woman and child in China would be carrying, on average, 4.28 UnionPay cards. My U.S. ICBC UnionPay card usually works, but when I tried using it a quick serve restaurant that takes Discover this past weekend where I live (Los Angeles area) their card reader did not accept it after several attempts of inserting the chip and swiping. It worked fine next store at Starbucks. I think every time I've inserted the card in the chip reader, the reader has told me to swipe instead. It always happens so I have swiped first, but that doesn't work until I insert the card in the chip reader, for the reader to first know it can't accept the chip.
  22. At least from what I see here: https://transferwise.com/help/18/transferwise-debit-mastercard/2968915/can-i-get-a-transferwise-debit-mastercard-in-my-country I logged onto my account and there was a place to request one, so I did. The requirement is you have an account with at least $20 in it. There's a conversion fee of .35% - 1% when using a currency not in your account. If you make a purchase in a currency you already have in the account, there is no additional conversion fee. I'm unsure if the card is sent from the UK or the US, but I think cards issued to US customers will probably be issued from a US financial institution they use. According to the website, I should get the card in about a week.
  23. Horrible deal. $185 a week equals $9,620 a year or $801 a month to lease a USED car. You can lease a really, really nice new car for a fraction of that, including insurance, although that wouldn't be ideal to use that car for Uber driving (extra mileage issues, extra wear/tear, etc.). One would be better off buying a car with financing, which will also establish credit. Who wins with the $185 a week deal are the leasing companies.

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