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  1. Again, over the past couple of days there have been reports that HSBC will be announcing that they'll be leaving the U.S. I've heard that before and before and before. I'm not saying this will never happen, but every time a news source (such as Reuters) says this, I get a bit skeptical.
  2. Just because I haven't traveled recently, doesn't mean I'll never travel again. If you're 100% sure you're never going to travel again, then why keep a travel/points/miles card open that has an annual fee? One major travel card I have is Citibank/American Airlines. I have no plans on closing it. As long as the airline doesn't go out of business and the miles become worthless, when the time comes I'll use the miles to go to Europe or some other place.
  3. Old Name: http://www.transferwise.com New Name: http://www.wise.com Other: https://wise.com/gb/blog/world-meet-wise
  4. It happens to me. I have a boatload of credit cards, but only use a few, except when I rotate through the other cards buying pencils, to keep them active. When some of those cards start showing balances, my FICO goes up a bit, and then drops. It's nothing I'm concerned about. Nothing I can do about it. My score is in either case over 800, but about 15 or so points higher when there's activity.
  5. You did the exact same thing again?
  6. I can recognize Ronald McDonald, and I would be excited to get his autograph, but almost every other celebrity could walk right past me and I wouldn't recognize them.
  7. I didn't know about Koss but found an article about them. Maybe in the 1980's Koss was the big thing, when people were into fancy home entertainment/audio accessories, but I haven't heard about some big comeback. https://www.jsonline.com/story/money/business/2021/01/27/koss-stock-rose-more-than-400-wednesday-driven-online-traders/4283188001/
  8. I was going to post yesterday there is no way in hell that GameStop is worth $400 per share, but decided I had more important things to do. It bugs me that many news and other websites that write about this stuff, are calling these traders "investors." Nope. It's gambling, not investing. Creating one of the greatest short-squeezes in history isn't investing. Open and close your position as fast as you can, before the market goes against you. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/robinhood-bars-users-from-buying-game-stop-stock-infuriating-its-users-144007484.html
  9. I think this video might have been altered. https://giphy.com/gifs/W1xcsZKbMPwzZfPkbo?ref=fbt&fbclid=IwAR26-LDP9ry2zPnJKFt9Fk5HVxxdQWeZjXoVzQi-3eS5Ew-44mwK-Ln5uR8
  10. With store cards, using them at least once a year is usually sufficient to keep them active. Are you sure you've used your Macy's card within the last 12 months?
  11. My debit card says US Bank and State Farm on it. The credit cards will be the same. Basically these are US Bank accounts, co-branded with State Farm. One goes to US Bank for help, not State Farm.
  12. Credit cards will transfer to U.S. Bank soon: Welcome to U.S. Bank | State Farm resources for customers What you need to know now: • Your new card will arrive in the mail by mid-March 2021
  13. Nothing new here. I browsed this article for one minute and then decided it wasn't worth my time. The writer should have just said "don't pay your mortgage." That will get your payment down to zero. Of course, you'll end up living on the streets, but it will lower your payment.
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