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  1. There was no hard credit inquiry. I'm unsure of Chex or EWS. Since I recently got my free annual Chex and EWS reports, I won't know that for a while. My guess is, since the card is issued by a bank (Consumers Bank), and it has most checking account features, they did run one of those.
  2. In addition to no raised numbers, many cards are now printed sideways. Perfect if you want to put your card in a plastic ID badge card holder. I've worn an expired Redneck Bank debit card in one. My "picture" is that smiling horse. https://redneck.bank/
  3. My card arrived and I made an ACH deposit which will take a few days to credit. After that, I'll make a small purchase somewhere, like Starbucks, to start things off. The card looks very handsome. T-Mobile pink on a black background. Since I only have a cheapo prepaid account with T-Mobile, it's only 1% interest for me. Postpaid is 4% up to a $3,000 balance. No biggie because I only have $100 in the account.
  4. People who violate Do Not Call should be sentenced to death. Quick executions too.
  5. Use it or lose it. Remember, just buying a pencil once in a while, and immediately paying it off, is usually enough to keep an account active.
  6. Many times I see a couple convenience checks printed up with a credit card statement. I think they need to be pre-authorized, so someone can't just take your mail and write a $10,000 check to themselves from your credit line. If they somehow do, it's the bank's problem. Anyway, I always tear them up. Easy-peasy.
  7. There's also a TV news piece about this on YouTube. I think it's 60 Minutes Australia. Mum and dad are busy blaming the government and the airline when they should be blaming themselves.
  8. I remember reading about this over a year ago. It must be a slow news day.
  9. I personalized a credit card with a picture of some insects (cockroaches) having a meeting. When I use it at a restaurant they think that's ugly, but that's the plan. I agree that clear Amex Everyday card is ugly.
  10. I'm at the point where precautions don't matter. I've had sock-drawers cards used where the only place I've used them is for a couple purchases at Starbucks in a chip terminal. Your account data just leaks out from who-knows-where. Anyway, since you're not responsible for this, just report fraud and get a new card each time.
  11. I had a low income for part of my adult life, but still a high FICO. Just pay your bills on time, and keep your balances low. If you're spending beyond your means and then can't pay your bills, that isn't something that affects only women. FICO is gender neutral. A male and female with similar credit profiles should have similar scores.
  12. My compulsiveness got to me, and I applied. The account was approved and I should receive their debit card in about 10 days. I can't do mobile check deposits until the debit card arrived. I'm waiting for two small trial deposits before I can connect a funding account to it. You need a T-Mobile login to apply. I already have one since I have a spare prepaid phone on T-Mobile but I do use AT&T as my mobile service. I'm grandfathered under their old T-Mobile Gold Rewards program, so just adding $10 extends the account for another year. I had to use that number for the account's text verification, but I'll see if I can change that to my AT&T phone later on.
  13. Link: https://www.t-mobilemoney.com/en/home.html I don't know much about it, but from what I read it's a soft credit pull. I'm unsure about Chex.
  14. The iSheep will apply because they want everything Apple. What percent of iSheep will be approved, I don't know, bit if the average millennial iSheep is in debt from buying all Apple, it probably will be below average. I'm not an iSheep, but will apply just to add it to my collection. I'll have to budget for a couple more pencils, to keep it active.
  15. Not interested in F-Coin. How many more ways do we need to transfer money??? I wouldn't hold much money in a Facebook account. If/when they do that they will require more information from you, given all the fictitious Facebook accounts. If FB started a debit card, I might deposit a small amount of money for that. I'm usually open to getting new debit cards for my collection.

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