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  1. Be careful of Marcus/Goldman Sachs phishing. I recently got an email to verify my email address with my Marcus savings account. Don't click on the link. The email address it came from was from a jewelry store in Boston. I was suspicious before I even saw that. Don't trust anything these days.
  2. Not the same, but it reminds me of a 3% surcharge I've seen going to Burger Lounge around L.A. It basically said it was for the high cost of doing business in the area. What? That should be part of the price. They did eventually stop this.
  3. Bernard Hill, the captain in the movie Titanic, passed away. 😞
  4. I haven't been to Costco in a while (not a member) but the last time I was by the one at the Westfield in Woodland Hills, CA no membership card was required when I ordered the $1.50 hot dog and drink. That line is outside of Costco. If someone was going to buy a $60 membership solely for $1.50 hot dogs, what would be the break even point when comparing purchasing from a hot dog stand or roach coach?
  5. I agree San Francisco has a collection of historic bank buildings. In my part of the world (L.A. area) not much historic. First Interstate Bank in California was originally United California Bank. A bank holding company that owned a bunch of differently named banks in the west renamed them all First Interstate Bank of (State Name). Wells Fargo Bank eventually swallowed up the whole bunch. The First Interstate name still exists for a group of bank branches but it's not the same bank.
  6. I've had an account with them for years but never had or needed a checkbook. Just a debit card. They're now phasing out checks. The same may eventually happen in the U.S., Canada, UK, and so on. Link: https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/banking/anz-will-no-longer-issue-cheque-books-to-old-and-new-accounts-from-june-citing-declining-use/news-story/c56afb7d1d22b23f968ef24c0318802c
  7. Even with pre-approval, expect a hard inquiry if you accept the offer. If you don't get a hard inquiry, enjoy the rare exception.
  8. Not having an active installment loan costs some FICO points. That has happened to me when I paid off a mortgage, and later a car lease. If your file is strong otherwise, I wouldn't worry about that part.
  9. It was about a year ago when HSBC threw me out because I didn't have $75K in the bank. My checking account went to Citizens Bank. I have that PFCP credit card. I don't do much with it other than use it at McDonald's every few months to keep it active.
  10. One of my first credit cards is Macy's. I'm taking old, too. It was initially Bullock's. I use it once in a while to keep it active. No plans on letting it go inactive/closing it. They never gave me an offer to convert it to their Amex.
  11. That sinking ship article I've seen before. It's obviously fake. If there was such a sinking off Italy, it would be all over the news. Top story on CNN, and the like. Costa Concordia was real. Everyone knew about that.
  12. Thanks. Maybe "I need" a new card, but I do have my credit reports frozen as a precaution. I'm still not out of the woods. I still get many calls trying to sneak me into providing verification codes. I got an email from PayPal, that was legit, saying my account was locked because of something suspicious they wouldn't tell me about. I did have to change my password, and they unlocked it. Of course, I have 2FA on the account.
  13. One thing I wonder is let's say the Icon of the Seas hits an iceberg and will be going down in two hours. Given it takes most of the day for passengers to board, how do you get them all off on lifeboats in two hours? Passengers will go to their muster stations and then wait. As they sense the boat is sinking, panic sets in, and pandemonium and total disorder follows. They may have enough lifeboats but not enough time.
  14. I've been on two cruises in my life, but can't imagine being on a boat that can hold the entire population of a small city. I went to Royal Caribbean's Facebook page and saw they posted a video about their monster ship. I asked if there are enough lifeboats, or is it just women and children. They didn't answer my question.
  15. I have a similar system using parts of the company's name to make things unique, but not so consistent that it can be guessed. 2FA is extremely important, but the thing with forgotten passwords is it may only take a text message to reset it. That's one factor. Multiple factors should also be used for that. Authenticator apps can be a pain, but we may get to the point that texting and emailing codes just isn't secure. I have called up my cellphone provider and enabled enhanced security (a personal pin required for everything plus they noted my concerns). Hopefully this lessens the chance of SIM swapping, but cellphone company employees can also be fooled by scammers and hackers.
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