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  1. I don't know what got into me, but I ate a Crunchwrap Supreme a few days ago and that's what happened. I'm thinking if you're prepping for a colonoscopy, you have two choices: Consume an entire bottle of MiraLAX, or eat a Crunchwrap Supreme. I've mentioned before my first "real job" was at Taco Bell. The menu was more limited back then. Tacos, burritos, Enchiritos, etc. No Crunchwrap Supremes, although I could have made something close to that from ingredients already in the store. I think that's the way the "master chefs" at Taco Bell World Headquarters in Irvine do things. Management wants to introduce something new but they don't want to deal with having to supply anything extra to the restaurants. They have the "master chefs" go to work, figuring out something new from stuff that's already in the refrigerator. 😕
  2. A Taco Bell Crunchwap Supreme should do the trick.
  3. Me too. Some people I know can drink booze like it's water, but whether it's this stuff or expensive wine, it still tastes like sh*t to me.
  4. This will work: https://www.navy.com/apply-now
  5. The punishment for robocalls needs to be increased to death. Quick executions too. This is the only solution as regulations like this have failed to stop the billions of these calls.
  6. I just read about this. Only being able to manage your card through an iPhone app I thought was dumb.
  7. Agree. During these pandemic times, staying under the radar is best. That is, no high balances, paying balances off quickly, and no unusual activity that could raise a red flag.
  8. Believe me, employees get fired for incompetence all the time and are still eligible. I've seen this. If mere incompetence were a reason to not be eligible, any employer can then tell the unemployment insurance commission that "Joe was fired from his job doing such-and-such and couldn't do it." Nobody would then be able to collect unemployment insurance for anything but the business shutting down or lay-offs, and the employer's unemployment insurance account/insurance would never get charged. Measuring incompetence isn't a science. I stick by what I've said, because I've seen it. I've worked at places like this (company owned Taco Bells), many, many years ago. Front line employees, managers, etc., got fired all the time because the company thought they were incompetent. They went on to collect unemployment. This stuff isn't worth companies arguing about. They might be able to prove a point once in a great while, but why bother with all the expenses to litigate this, when the odds of winning in an unemployment insurance hearing are so remote. Companies move on. It's the cost of doing business. That said, I'm not going to mention the company, but a long time ago (and I mean decades) I was personally let go from a job, and I collected unemployment for about two months. I had to go to an unemployment insurance hearing because this litigious company did actually want to deny my benefits. They went in, saying all this stuff about me being terminated for cause, that I 100% disagreed with. They lost. After that, they appealed the decision to the unemployment insurance appeals board, saying the judge "errored on the facts." The appeals board immediately denied their argument, rightly stating that the judge, who was there to witness everything in the hearing, is the arbiter of the facts, not the appeals board! No second chances or do-overs! I don't know how much the company spent trying to argue about two months of unemployment benefits, but it was obviously many, many times more.
  9. If you're serious, first what things/expenses are you going to put on the card that totals $2,000,000 in one month? Getting credit lines totaling over $2,000,000 will be next to impossible for an individual, unless they're part of the small fraction of the one-percenters. I'm thinking it may be possible on a single credit card with an achievable limit for someone with very good credit and a good income (a $25,000 - $50,000 card). At the beginning of the month, immediately charge stuff on it to bring it close to the limit. Pay that off immediately online. This should put your available limit back to the maximum. Keep buying stuff and paying stuff off this way throughout the month. It might work, although there are delays in when purchases post and payments get processed that can slow you down.
  10. In California, in order to collect unemployment, you need to have lost your job, and it was not for cause. Cause is difficult for employers to prove, so many won't even bother appealing an award of unemployment benefits to an employee they fired for cause (like they intentionally set the building on fire). If they were let go because they just weren't to the job, or accidentally did something wrong, then they're eligible. Get a job at McDonald's and just be incompetent at everything you do. The manager might first have you work at the cash register and never figure that out, Then the manager tries to have you work at the soda machine, and you can never figure that out. Lastly, the manager tries to have you mop the floor, and you can't figure out the mop. After that, the manager lets you go. You're then eligible for unemployment. Easy-peasy. This works whether the burger store is open or closed.
  11. If I was high school or college age again, it's a no-brainer. Collect unemployment and the bonus instead of flipping burgers. Starbucks must have a hell of a time finding people to work when they have to compete with these unemployment benefits.
  12. Maybe not the same, but last year I started a new car lease with Chase. They only went for TransUnion.
  13. I can only guess what's in the entire article, but all those people who are forking over $550 a year for an Amex Platinum Card, or something else, must be eating crow. I wonder what The Points Guy is up to.
  14. I'm not an influencer, but some might think I'm under the influence. That should be close enough to get the card.
  15. Another day, another niche credit card. I couldn't find if there is an annual fee. It looks like they've issued cards due to "testimonials," but I couldn't find the name of the underlying bank issuing the cards. Only a form to join a wait list. Do I qualify as an online creator? I create an occasional dumb post in Creditboards General Discussion. That should qualify.

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