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  1. Bad checks. Link: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/catch-predator-host-chris-hansen-arrested-over-13-000-bounced-n959471
  2. Burgerwars

    Apple Spends $150 Million with United Airlines

    I have no idea if all those flights (50 a day to Shanghai) are required in Apple land, but one would think the inventors of the iPhone can learn to teleconference or have Skype meetings. I've been to Shanghai (from LAX) on United. It's was far from a pleasant flight on the way back. They first tell all the passengers the flight will be delayed, and then after waiting around late into the evening cancel the flight for mechanical issues. They bus us all to a Ramada hotel and then pick us up the next day to try again. That flight leaves late, where I get to "enjoy" my tiny economy seat. I finally make it home, exhausted. United gave all the passengers $250 vouchers so they can torture us again.
  3. This email I just received. I didn't even know there was an outage until I read about it here. I don't do much with my Ally account. ----------------------- Thanks for your patience. Yesterday, there was a power outage at our vendor's debit card processing center, and you might have experienced issues with debit card transactions, ATM activity or activating a new debit card. We're sorry if you were affected by this outage, and we appreciate your patience as we work hard to make things right. You can now make purchases and use your ATM card for withdrawals, and your ability to activate your new card and change your PIN should be available soon. If you need help in the meantime, give us a call at 1-877-247-2559 or log in at ally.com to chat with us. Our customer care team is available 24/7 to help with whatever you need.
  4. It also can.happen to credit cards. Fortunately some of us here have 100 backups. A 1 1/4 hour failure isn't the end of the world, ...or is it?
  5. Burgerwars

    I'm In Five-Figure Debt Because Of My Dog

    Always a difficult decision, even when amount means you'll end up living in a doghouse, ...I mean poorhouse. I wonder what a pet thinks when you start taking him/her to someone that keeps torturing them, as they may have no idea that they're trying to save them.
  6. Burgerwars

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    I'm not him! I don't even want to be him He's now 76. I called him up a long time ago, but he had the personality of a brick. I doubt he is fun at parties. I also don't think he's very truthful when he has been interviewed. The number of cards he has, has been fairly stable over the years, yet he still quotes them as available credit. Not true. Accounts get closed for inactivity, along with places that issue cards no longer issuing them, or just plain go out of business or merge. I do believe he has a high credit score, but that has come from the age of his credit file. If he hasn't applied much in recent times, his credit record might even be shorter than many people here, including mine. After a period of time an account has been closed, it also falls off your credit report. It doesn't stay there forever. That said, I do have a lot of credit cards myself (nowhere near his number), but I'm kind of a private person. You won't find me quoted in a newspaper or magazine.
  7. Burgerwars

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    The name is Walter Cavanaugh. The number hasn't changed much in years/decades. By now most all credit cards have closed for inactivity and/or the place has gone out of business with the credit line long falling off his credit reports. He still counts the accounts for his total credit limit, when actually he just has a huge collection of cards that are of no use other than for claiming a record.
  8. Yep. Hotels I always stay at insist on ID and a credit card for incidentals where they run an authorization through first. This is also when I've already paid for the room.
  9. Link: https://www.wsj.com/articles/mastercard-drops-its-name-from-logo-11546858800
  10. She doesn't look 15. I haven't set foot in my high school since the day I graduated. No pleasant memories. College was better.
  11. Burgerwars

    Damaged vs. Lost

    You'll need to get over it. They'll probably give you the same number. Amex has issued me the same number when requesting a replacement for a damaged card, but there are no guarantees. Many, many, many, many times I've been issued renewal cards with new account numbers or even sent a new account number long before my current card expires.
  12. Burgerwars

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    To answer your question: Yes, if you apply for too many at once or feel you can't handle the accounts responsibly. Otherwise no. With an extensive and old credit history having a bunch of cards that you use and immediately pay off shouldn't hurt you. Buying a pencil and then immediately paying it off is enough to reset the inactivity clock. Off hand, I don't know how many active accounts I have. I would need to go home and count them. It is a lot.
  13. Burgerwars

    Should I convert Sears store card to mastercard?

    Don't refuse the offer. Slick Eddie's deal to "save Sears" looks like a no go. It's better to have some sort of Citibank Sears MasterCard than a Sears only card. If Sears goes into liquidation your Sears card will just become a souvenir.
  14. When I have extra food to share, I cut it into three halfs and everyone is happy.
  15. Burgerwars

    Credit Pulls

    Don't newbies have to wait to post to creditpulls? Their profile says they joined one hour ago.

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