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  1. This is one of many signs of dementia/Alzheimer's. I don't think my father was ever diagnosed, but he sure was losing it from about five or six years before his death. He did some odd things with his finances in that time. One was he hid his 1099's he got in the mail for his savings accounts before having his tax person do his taxes. This was when savings CDs paid decent interest. If he hid them, he felt the income didn't count. After his death my mother got notices from the IRS for unreported income. She paid the amount due plus a late penalty. Fortunately this didn't result in an audit.
  2. Hmmm, I don't know. It looks more serious this time, but only time will tell. Maybe they'll just become an online bank in the U.S., so they can at least maintain their footprint here. They've marketed themselves as a bank that spans to something like 70 countries. Without the U.S., there's a big hole in their coverage.
  3. If I wrote you a check for: One Googolplex Dollars and 00/100 Cents, would it bounce?
  4. I hope not. Link: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hsbc-hldg-usa-idUSKBN2880DD
  5. Agree. I wouldn't rely on the U.S. UnionPay card to work here as it's supposed to. I don't use mine much, but sometimes it doesn't work. You could be living on the streets if you solely travel with the ICBC US UnionPay card and/or Discover.
  6. I was in Target this past weekend (Northridge, CA). Paper towels were almost out. They were low on toilet paper, but enough there to get by. They still had plenty of hand sanitizer. No shortage of that, at lease not yet.
  7. I've had the Bluebird Prepaid American Express card for years. I have no real need for it other than adding it to my collection and cards/accounts. Today I noticed while logging in to Bluebird there's now a Bluebird bank account. It's a Visa debit card issued by MetaBank (not American Express). I'm not going to bother to apply, but I'm guessing applying for that is more like applying for a checking account, with probably a Chex or EWS inquiry. I'm mentioning, just in case anyone is interested.
  8. Google announced their new Google Plex bank account coming next year, that integrates with Google Pay and will be co-branded with many partner banks. I was wondering what the debit card will look like. I found this web page with the Citibank version of the card: https://9to5google.com/2020/11/18/google-pay-plex-account/
  9. BNP doesn't seem to want to let go of Bank of the West. HSBC probably won't leave because a world footprint is their trademark. But Rabobank did sell their Rabobank network in California to Mechanics Bank. Only time will tell. Maybe next year, with things changing in D.C., foreign banks and companies will feel more comfortable here.
  10. I think BBVA has only one branch for the entire Los Angeles region. If PNC is really interested in expanding into Southern California, they could double their L.A. branch network with only one more branch. 😕
  11. Same here with Wells Fargo. It comes and goes.
  12. Link: https://www.sofi.com/card/ (you need to login) I'm a SoFi customer and got an email about it today. It's issued by Bank of Missouri. I'll try to tame my compulsion and not apply at the moment.
  13. Call the bank up to be sure. I once had a pending charge from Guadalajara Mexico (I've never been there). They said don't worry, so I didn't. Another time I had a pending charge from a sporting goods store in Reseda, CA. The bank indicated that looked fraudulent, so they closed that account number and issued me another.
  14. One thing I noticed today is my PayPal account does let me buy crypto. They announced this a couple weeks ago, so I added myself to the waiting list. As a test, I bought $5 worth using my cash balance. It's only a balance in your account. You can't spend it or send it to a bitcoin address. You only can buy and sell crypto. I probably won't bother doing any more transactions, because this isn't the reason I use PayPal.
  15. I have one PenFed credit card. I took two pre-approved card offers and combined them into one, large, 50K credit line. I hit some sort of limit with them, and they've never sent me any offers since. It's my largest credit line, by far. I don't use the card much, but they haven't decreased the limit. In this day and age, card issuers have been decreasing credit lines. If they do decrease mine, that's life.

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