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  1. I saw this guy quoted elsewhere. Whether this will come true next week, I don't know, but why do news sites quote people like this like what they say is guaranteed to come true?
  2. Even if I wasn't a peasant, I wouldn't spend money just to have this card. $5,000 would get me a luxury vacation. $15,000 might be more than my car is worth. I found a couple articles on the internet yesterday explaining this website to request consideration was something "new." If it's been around for a year, I've been had. 🤔
  3. You still need to be invited. Amex has looked at customers who spend over six figures annually in determining who to invite. Unless that includes the cents, that won't be me. It's $15,000 for the first year and $5,000 the following years. Please promise to shoot me if I'm thinking of applying. I don't need their concierge service for booking my trips to McDonald's. Link: https://iforms.americanexpress.com/iFormsSecure/un/iforms.do?cuid=centurionEx_en_US&evtsrc=link&evttype=0&intlink=loginpageEOI
  4. The two main ones are Chexsystems and Early Warning. Long story, but I learned the hard way you can open too many bank accounts in a short period of time. It can bite you. There's a Chexsystems forum here.
  5. A couple days ago I decided I wanted a Morgan Stanley Private Bank poor man's checking account, for when they absorb E*Trade Bank. I logged onto E*Trade and applied. It took two days to process until the account showed when I logged on. After that I transferred a small amount of money from my brokerage account to fund it. I believe they inquire on Chexsystems for checking accounts. I try to keep inquiries low on Chex, but I "needed" the poor man's account.
  6. There's that Morgan Stanley Amex Platinum card. It's possible to get the $700 rebated by having something like $30,000 spread in two accounts plus $5,000 per month in any type of direct deposits/ACH. A lot of hoops to jump through for one overpriced card.
  7. Morgan Stanley bought E*Trade a while ago, with E*Trade being the poor man's Morgan Stanley and E*Trade Bank being the poor man's Morgan Stanley Private Bank. They're getting around to merging the banks. It looks like E*Trade Bank will have the Morgan Stanley name. Now's your chance to bank with Morgan Stanley, even if you only have $1. Link: https://us.etrade.com/l/f/bank-merger
  8. I have a Bank of the West any deposit free checking account and a credit card. I'm fairly certain they issue the card. If not, they should get an Academy Award for hiding who does. I pay the card by transferring money from my BoTW checking to the credit card in their online banking site.
  9. Very low. I think only one new account and inquiry in the last year showed on my report at the time. I applied for two cards this year. The Schwab Amex card and the SoFi Visa. Both approved.
  10. Ain't that the truth. 0.01% "money market" rates. I still remember lessons in school about the "magic" of compound interest. I wonder if students today do compound interest problems in math class using a 0.01% interest rate. 😕
  11. I own about 30 shares of SOFI that I bought on SoFi. I'm ahead about 80 bucks if I sell today. There's one "big" benefit SoFi gives you every time you logon through their app seven days in a row. Hold on to your hats folks because this big: 10 cents! Incredible, isn't it?
  12. Thanks. When I've been to China I've traveled as a tourist. If MasterCard/Visa isn't accepted where you're going, ICBC ATMs (and other ATMs in China) did accept my plain old U.S. Visa/MasterCard debit cards to get cash. It's advisable to tell your bank(s) in advance if you're doing some foreign travel so they don't deny your transactions. The U.S. UnionPay card does work in the U.S., but it's kind of quirky, so don't only carry that card. Start with inserting it in the chip reader. Often when I do that, I'm told to swipe the card, but I can't swipe first. A PIN may or may not be as
  13. TPG site pimps this $700 AF card to no end. I wonder how much Amex pays them for that. Those $1,400 in benefits they boast about are mostly worthless.
  14. About applying for ICBC UnionPay. I found this in an email they recently sent me. If you can't get the card, don't worry about it. Your Visa or MasterCard will work just fine. No problems for me when I visited Shanghai and Hong Kong. 3 Ways to Apply! 通过以下3种方法进行申请! 1.Email us at Cardinfo@icbc-us.com and indicate which product (Preferred or Premier)
  15. ICBC USA offers UnionPay. I have one, just because it is there. My JCB card was closed a while ago when they stopped offering U.S. accounts. I got my UnionPay card when ICBC briefly offered online applications. Now, I believe, you need to be a checking or savings account customer before you can apply. It wasn't the case when I applied, but I opened a checking account afterwards. I did that at their Chinatown branch in San Francisco. I live in the L.A..area, but didn't feel like driving to the branch, which is a distance from me, so I stopped by the Chinatown branch when I was in Sa
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