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  1. Agree. One can have just about any credit card they want, but you can't have them all.
  2. I've had a USAA visa card for well over a decade. $9,000 limit, which is the same when I opened it. I've never requested an increase as I really don't use it much. That's just my experience.
  3. But I didn't hear in the requirements about how long the body needs to be in the water. Anyone who has a body that has only been in the water for five minutes and they refuse to pay, must sue them in small claims.
  4. I assume it's $5,000 per human body. This is Las Vegas. Many people have been dumped out in the desert and never found. Go searching for some body parts, go to what's left of the lake, throw those remains in, dive in to retrieve them, yell "Look what I found!" and collect $5,000. A perfect way to supplement your income, Las Vegas style.
  5. I got my Transferwise renewal debit card (they now call themselves Wise). I also need to vent. Spectrum disconnected my cable TV and internet. After calling them, and jumping thru hoops, they finally told me that they entered the wrong address for a new customer (my address/one number off). They disconnected my service, assuming I moved. They don't validate anything. I'm still working on getting things back the way they were. The other day, they sent me by FedEx a cable modem/router and VOIP adapter, addressed to a woman I don't even know (the person they set up service for). I found the box at my door when I got home. If Spectrum wants it back, they'll need to come and get it. I'm not responsible for it. I feel like throwing it into the garbage can.
  6. Yes, it's one of those old, have size, rectangular Sears cards. Cards that size were also issued by JC Penney, Bullock's, Saks Fifth Avenue, May Company, etc.
  7. Wall Street tycoon, Burgerwars, also bought RIVN. I have one share in my SoFi account. I think I bought it at about $100, so I'm also down in dumps. I see HOOD is priced at $9.27. I own one share of Robinhood in my Robinhood account that I'm also losing my shirt on. It's possible if HOOD goes under the SIPC would go to Schwab, or another big brokerage, and ask them for assistance with assuming their accounts. I already have a Schwab account, where I do most by brokerage business at, so they'll be doing me a favor in moving this toy account.
  8. That was the term. If you have an old Sears card (I save my old cards), there is a smaller four digit number below the account number. This number was the Credit Central the card was issued from, which was usually the one closest to where you lived.
  9. I'm still confused what was the deal sending the peasant bank accounts to Citizens Bank but not all the peasant credit cards, especially since probably most peasants, like me, had both. Anyway, if I get a notice about some humongous annual or monthly fee unless I become a Premier customer with $75K on deposit, I'll just close the card. No biggie. I have a ton of other credit cards. That said, it's a shitty thing to do to customers with only that credit card where their bank account went to Citizens.
  10. Crypto, sh!tpo. I look at these cards as any other rewards card issued by a Joe Schmoe bank. It's just that the awards buy crapto on a crypto exchange, instead of cash back, points, miles, etc. What's the big deal? They're not even issued by crapto exchange, but a bank. If you want to buy crypto, just buy it. No need to wait until you get the 1%, or whatever, from a sh!tcoin credit card.
  11. Too many new accounts (that goes along with the inquiries). Creditors get nervous about that.
  12. Question: What is this annual fee? The HSBC credit card is worth a $0 annual fee, but no more. An HSBC Premier relationship without the required deposit is $50 a month. I certainly wouldn't spend $600 a year for a credit card. If I wanted to waste about that amount of money on a credit card, I would pick up an Amex Platinum, but I have no intention of that.
  13. I just logged on. My peasant HSBC Platinum Card still shows as a peasant HSBC Platinum Card.
  14. Another article about Robinhood being down in the dumps. If they don't survive, I wonder what brokerage will scoop up the accounts that are even worth scooping up. Robinhood stock is in a ‘dumpster fire of a situation’ right now, says retail trader (yahoo.com)
  15. Today I noticed I can activate the Robinhood Cash / Spending account from my app. They're discontinuing the debit card linked to the brokerage account in favor of a separate spending account. I transferred some money from the brokerage account to the spending account to start things off. My brokerage debit card was immediately deactivated. The new card will arrive in two weeks but I can immediately use a virtual card. They're also having their shareholder meeting today. I was able to submit questions because of the one share I own. I asked if they're closing up and declaring bankruptcy. They never replied. I think it's a good question. 🤔
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