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  1. I assume that the credit union will be getting members based upon word-of-mouth, and will be something like a community credit union. I don't think a credit union can put in their field a membership that being gay or straight is an eligibility requirement. The same for indicating specific religions, ethnicity, and so on.
  2. I was born on Friday the 13th. I don't know about it being a full moon.
  3. Tourist trap. Years ago I went to a huge McDonald's nearby. Two stories with an escalator. Big, but they did a lousy job on my burger.
  4. Me, being a big Wall Street tycoon, just sold my one share that I bought on Robinhood. I sold it for 16 cents. Three cents pure profit! If I keep doing these "huge" trades, I wonder if I'll get a nasty note from Robinhood. Now that I've locked in my three cent profit, I'm set for life. 😕
  5. Most cards. Just don't use it. Eventually it gets closed for inactivity. This has happened to me a zillion times.
  6. "In his analysis, which assumes that Goldman spends $350 to acquire each new user, the bank will begin to break even on a customer after four years." If they spent $350 to acquire me as a user, at the rate I'm using the card, the dinosaurs will have returned to earth before they break even on me. "The tech giant and Goldman might offer a debit card next, the analyst wrote. The bank could do that because customers will likely pay off their Apple Card balances via bank accounts, meaning Goldman will have users’ account and routing numbers stored. Debit cards generated $15 billion in revenues for banks last year." I think this is kind of expected. Goldman Sachs (Marcus) Bank currently only offers savings accounts. A checking account should be coming if they're going to be thought of as a full-service bank.
  7. I'm now heavily invested in FRED. I bought one share on Robinhood for 13 cents. You got to love those commission free brokerages.
  8. I also haven't heard of them, but have heard of Fred Flintstone. Their stock price today is 12 cents. Since they're bankrupt and closing down, it will eventually be zero.
  9. Apple Card can be sharpened into a knife. https://gizmodo.com/apple-card-also-an-apple-knife-1837980914
  10. It isn't providing anything new to me. It's another debit card with some bill paying and money transfer services and allows multiple currency balances. It's not as good as Transferwise as you can get local banking details in several currencies for direct deposits, but maybe that's also coming. I'll only be keeping a minimal amount of money in it.
  11. I was invited in an email message so I deposited $20 (they accept debit card deposits) to start things off. Card should arrive next week. I chose their free account. In the U.S., Metropolitan Commercial Bank is used for much of their service. I'm a sucker for opening up accounts I don't need. To apply, I needed to download their app. I needed to take a picture of my driver's license and take a selfie while applying. The account boasts low foreign exchange rates, low foreign ATM fees, plus you can keep your balance in multiple currencies. Link: https://www.revolut.com/en-US/
  12. To follow up: My available credit did update today. Six days after making a payment.
  13. I don't mess around with these miniature horses, so I'm wondering if I am still allowed to bring my emotional support Clydesdale on board?

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