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  1. I agree that you should wait. Even without the inquiries you still have new accounts. After one year they don't affect your FICO, although creditors will still see them for another year.
  2. Then there's the part about staying at her sister's house. If the bank did send a notice to her address and she never read it because she's not bothering getting her mail, is that the bank's fault?
  3. This has happened to others. Fifth Third Bank this time. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/womans-bank-account-frozen-after-pandemic-aid-deposit
  4. No doggie. If I did, the dog wouldn't be allowed to answer the phone.
  5. Today I got an automated message from "Amazon" asking me to confirm a purchase of an iPhone for $799. The message asked to push 1 to confirm the purchase or 2 to deny it. I just hung up and logged on to Amazon (no unusual purchases). The spoofed number on my cellphone started with +850 then a bunch of random numbers. I didn't recognize that country code. A quick Google told me it's North Korea. I doubt the call came from that country, and that they're trying to help peons like me prevent credit card fraud. Anyway, if you get a similar call, I suggest not pressing 1 or 2 and just hang up. Something that is very fishy is going on.
  6. Out of curiosity, I looked up the hotel on Expedia I stayed at several years ago (City Seasons near the Dubai airport). Granted September is still hot (highs about 100), the room rates are cheaper than dirt. $28 a night for a non-refundable king room, and $30 for refundable. $40 if you want breakfast (I had their breakfast buffet a few times, and it was good). Unless the place has turned into a dump since I stayed, those rates are almost free. Of course, there's the problem with COVID (travel restrictions, quarantines, getting there, etc.). If it wasn't for that, I would be packing. The Expo has been delayed until late next year. If rates (and flights) are still like that and COVID abates, one would be crazy not to go.
  7. Definitely worth a visit, even considering the long flight from LAX and back. The hotel I stayed at was relatively inexpensive for the city: The Hotel City Seasons, that's close to the airport. It's also close to the Metro, that can take you to tourist areas like the Burj Kalifa and Dubai Mall. There's a large mall a couple blocks from the hotel that I used to pick up a few items and some food to snack on (it had a large Carrefour supermarket). You can do much of the city on your own, with a couple tours to round things off. For the Burj Kalifa, book your tower visit online in advance, so you can go up it at the time you want. One tour I took was the desert experience tour. I booked it on Viator. It was interesting, where we had a dinner out in the desert. The only issue I had was the tour driver drove like a maniac, both on Dubai streets and in the desert. I felt I was going to fly out of the truck going through the desert. Obviously, don't go during the hot months. You might perish. I went in early March. It was a bit warm, but comfortable. You should enjoy the place. Modern architecture that you might not see anywhere else.
  8. Some might be excited, but I'll skip it. I've only flown Emirates once (LAX to Dubai five years ago). One would need to give me some incredible reason to apply.
  9. I just received a brochure from U.S. Bank in the mail explaining State Farm bailing out of the banking business. Credit cards will transfer to U.S. Bank in 2021, but deposit accounts (checking, savings) transfer to U.S. Bank in October 2020. With stuff like this, the consumer loses. My State Farm checking account basically had no fees. U.S. Bank will continue that for only one year, after that it's U.S. Bank fees, where you need to maintain a certain deposit balance, or have other certain business or activity, to avoid the fee. Basically I have one year to increase the balance to above $1,500 or be charged a monthly fee. Actually, I already have a U.S. Bank checking account. There's really no benefit for me having two of them, so I'll probably just close one.
  10. Extrapolating that to a year ($96,000) that was mentioned, is impossible. There's no way a person could do that 13 hours a day, 365 days per year (I'm including his hour break). Maybe good for a YouTube channel subject, but potential Uber Eats drivers don't think "I can do that too." I'll keep my day job. Normal hours, and only a two mile commute to work. I don't post my salary, but it's better than doing Uber Eats 365x7x13.
  11. Ho How about something like a Visa Buxx card, that is usually used by parents giving it to their kids. Here's a link to TD Bank that offers it: https://www.td.com/us/en/personal-banking/prepaid-cards/go-reloadable-card/ Navy Federal Credit Union also offers a Go Prepaid card. Other places offer similar products. These cards should work in Canada.
  12. Did you run anything business related/like a PPP loan deposit through the Chime account? I've read something recently about someone getting their checking account shut down for doing something similar.
  13. Darn, darn, darn! https://people.com/tv/keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-ending-after-20-seasons/
  14. Not much, although something about Kanye running for Prez. I remember being in Scotland years ago and there were advertisements on the sides of city buses from a cable TV company: "Watch new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians the same day they air in the States." I wonder who thought of that advertising campaign. That would be a reason for me not to subscribe to their service.
  15. The problem for me is these are non-U.S. airlines. I can't exactly take a flight to nowhere from Japan when I'm stuck in California. 😕

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