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  1. I know relatives and others who've graduated from USC, but I still found this funny: I read USC is changing their name: University of Spoiled Children
  2. Burgerwars

    Starbucks Rewards™ Visa® Prepaid Card

    The bad news of using the Chase/Starbucks prepaid Visa is you only earn one star per $10 of purchases. It takes 125 stars to earn one just one food item. Do the math. Almost no reward benefit. You can refill your Starbucks account with the prepaid card to earn stars at the regular rate, with a couple extra stars for doing that. As far as earning rewards, one is better off with any other rewards credit card out there. There is a Chase Starbucks Rewards Visa Credit Card offering more stars and a sign-up bonus, but the $49 annual fee is a turn-off. I'm not a huge Starbucks person. The good news is the prepaid card does appear with your other Chase accounts online if it's. From there, you can easily refill it from your checking or savings account. I basically keep a $25 balance on the card with small transfers to my Starbucks rewards account once in a while to keep it active.
  3. Hope is not lost, but I won't being trying for a card just yet.
  4. Burgerwars

    Adventures at the Calif. DMV

    I have a California DMV appointment next month. I was given the option of renewing by mail, but the ID would not be Real ID. I'm biting the bullet and heading to the DMV office.
  5. Dog food ain't bad, but I've yet to go even lower, and live off cat food. :/ I do owe more taxes than last year, mainly from an investment that paid off. I'll be filing and paying the amount due within a couple weeks.
  6. Burgerwars

    Free Annual Reports

    I also just ordered my Certegy report. I'm wondering why they're been denying mobile check deposits from my Wells Fargo Bank account. It's been handled perfectly since the day I opened it.
  7. Before he ended up in jail, I wondered why he lived on that side of town, where most of the entertainment big shots lived on the west side of L.A. I remember he wore that hair style to court. That must have been a wig. He was convicted of killing Lana Clarkson in the entryway. I think his defense was she killed herself.
  8. It depends where you are in life. If you have tons of money lying around where spending $500,000 to get your YouTubing daughter into USC is like treating yourself to McDonald's, you might not even notice if $20,000 was missing from your checking account. On the other hand, if your neighborhood loan shark is threatening to break your legs because you still owe him $20,000, then $20,000 is life changing.
  9. Burgerwars

    This is how I lost $ 1,181 to an Airbnb hacker

    Airbnb sucks. Barclays screwed her too. IPs are no proof with services like ExpressVPN. I've never used or had an account with Airbnb so I'm safe from that company.
  10. Burgerwars

    NEW PREPAID CARD!!!! (Vegannection)

    It's some sort of prepaid loyalty card issued by a company in the UK. I doubt it's a Visa or MasterCard. I'll pass. If it was a BurgerConnection card, I would request one. Still very healthy. Hamburger is nothing more than processed vegetables.
  11. Burgerwars

    Do Banks Still Need Branches? (The Answer Is No)

    Chase must not have got the memo: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-jpmorgan-strategy/jpmorgans-chase-to-open-up-to-90-branches-in-new-u-s-markets-idUSKBN1QU1LH
  12. Time to brag: I actually went to Harvard and MIT. I visited both campuses when I was in Boston last October. My major academic accomplishment was I used the restrooms at both campuses.
  13. Loads of banks let you deposit checks with your smartphone. It's time to go one step further. Allow customers to take pictures of their money, and deposit it that way. The first bank that offers this vital service, I'll be a customer of theirs for life.
  14. Nobody asks me either, but I'll say it here: Cal State Northridge. Elite enough for me.
  15. Burgerwars

    Do Banks Still Need Branches? (The Answer Is No)

    The author has missed the point. I agree that there is no need for as many branches, but they're still a lot. Around Los Angeles there are bank branches everywhere you turn. They're not exactly going the way of the dodo. You still see cars in branch parking lots. They aren't all cars that belong to employees, or decoy cars placed in the lot by the bank to pretend they have business inside. Anyway, bank branches will still be around long after all of us are dead.

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