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  1. I've haven't heard anything from my insurance (21st Century/Farmers). Maybe it's coming. I drive to my I.T. job early each morning (it's considered essential). Only a three mile drive. I often can see a mile in front of me. No cars to hit, except parked cars.
  2. I'm not getting relieved either, because of my income last year. No biggie. I know some will not like the fact that if they made over a certain amount in 2019, they will get zero. It won't help someone who made just over the limit last year, but is now unemployed this year. With a higher income, they should have more than $1,200 saved. Still, unemployment benefits have been pushed up, so they'll get that.
  3. Same thing happened to me. I wouldn't sweat it. Link:
  4. Today I decided to use my UnionPay card to reload a gift card on Amazon, to keep my card active. Amazon didn't allow that for this particular card. I don't know why, but maybe they're concerned about fraud. I then decided to make a small purchase on Amazon instead. That does work. That is all.
  5. I wondered about Al Bundy. He was a shoe salesman, and a bad one at that, yet managed to support a wife, two kids, and a nice two-story house. How did he?
  6. It's nothing new that issuers want to see your income. Social Security and pensions are good, as you're retired with reliable income. Putting unemployment insurance on your app is income, but you can't collect it forever, so I doubt an issuer would look at that the same as having a permanent job. Anyway, if you can't make ends meet because of unemployment, I don't think applying for credit cards is the answer.
  7. This is about the time I rotate through my ton of credit cards to keep them active. I haven't been going to Starbucks, buying pencils, getting a burger, etc., because of the social distancing stuff. What I've been doing instead is reloading my e-gift card balance on Amazon, about $5 at a time. My balance is now about $85, that I'll eventually use. I know. This isn't a problem in the big scheme of things.
  8. How do you "uncut" a pizza? I know how to cut it, but I'm unsure how to remove the cuts. I've been looking all over Amazon.com for a pizza uncutter. I can't find one.
  9. I agree that online gambling can cause issues with bank accounts and credit cards, including closure. I don't gamble online (buying a $1 lotto ticket is big time gambling for me) but if I did, I would use some sort of free prepaid debit card to do it.
  10. I have over 200,000 unused American Airlines miles. Most of that is not from travel, but from credit cards. I'm thinking American Airlines will survive, but once the coronavirus issue ends, it's probably best that I start burning through these miles. They don't increase in value. I'm willing to bet the airlines will get more stingy with redeeming miles to help offset their huge losses.
  11. Dear Moven Customer: At Moven, our priority has always been to help users Spend, Save and Live Smarter®. As we look at the future, it has become clear that our focus must shift to providing our technology to helping banks, across the globe, help their customers. As a result, we will be closing all Moven accounts effective April 30, 2020. To prevent your money from being tied up in the closure process, here’s what you should do: Update automatic transactions and payments that use your Moven account. Included are your direct payroll or social security deposits and tax refunds. Move funds out of your Moven account before April 30, 2020. You can do this by: Transferring money to another bank account. Withdrawing the balance using your Moven debit card at a participating ATM. o Using the Send Money feature of the Moven app. Any current disputes or pending issues regarding your Moven account will be processed in accordance with established procedures. In addition, you may receive communications from CBW Bank, member FDIC, who can provide you with additional details on your account closing. CBW will continue to follow its privacy policy with regard to any personal information collected in relation to your account. You can find your cardholder agreement and the privacy policy at: Moven Cardholder Agreement. We’d like to thank you for the trust and confidence you bestowed on Moven over these years. It has been our honor and sincere pleasure to have served you and provided you with, what we believed, was valuable information about how to save more and spend less. Kindest Regards, The Moven Team https://moven.com
  12. The account can do direct deposits and ACH transfers. No check deposits. I wouldn't consider it a primary bank account.
  13. I recently received both my free annual reports. Here are the inquiries I see. Some might be soft inquiries, but I can't tell. I hope it is of help for some. Chex: Los Angeles Federal Credit Union Umpqua Bank State Farm Bank Fifth Third Bank GS Bank (when I applied for the Apple credit card) EWS: Citibank credit cards (many). I think these are softs for when I paid a card online. SoFi Bank of America (I didn't apply for a checking with them in the past three years, so I'm unsure what this was for) Fifth Third Bank BBVA (Compass) My Chex report is very short. Just the inquiries and not much else. My EWS report was over 220 pages. A lot of crap. What made it long were banks reporting my balance daily, even if there was no change.
  14. I got off the waiting list about a month ago. It was moving quick, over 15,000 a day, when I got to the top. I find it's nothing special. It's like debit cards you can get from Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade and so on. The bigger brokerages offer more investment choices and check writing if you need it. Anyway, I'm keeping the account, although I don't use it much.

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