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  1. I got the following email today. I chose the PayPal electronic payment method. From what I read elsewhere, the amount I'll get will be about $7. A long wait for what is barely worth a McDonald's two cheeseburger meal. Your Claim Number: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYXZ1234567890 Dear Burgerwars: You filed a claim in the Equifax Data Breach Settlement between July 22, 2019 and January 22, 2020. We have processed your claim and determined that you are eligible for a Settlement payment. You chose to receive your Settlement payment via check. The Settlement Administrator can now offer you the ability to receive your payment electronically via PayPal or pre-paid card. If you would like to switch your payment selection to electronic payment via PayPal or pre-paid card rather than a physical check, please click here. If you do not want to change your payment selection of check, you do not need to do anything. If we don’t hear from you by October 14, 2022, your payment will be sent to you by check. If you also filed or file a claim between January 23, 2020 and January 20, 2024, and you are eligible for a Settlement payment, we will use your most recent payment choice to send you your Settlement payment. This notice is from the Court-appointed Settlement Administrator (JND Legal Administration), not Equifax. Please do not contact Equifax with questions. You may contact JND by email at info@EquifaxBreachSettlement.com, by phone toll-free at 1-833-759-2982, or by mail at Equifax Data Breach Settlement, c/o JND Legal Administration, P.O. Box 91318, Seattle, WA 98111-9418.
  2. There's an annual purchase limit. Something like $10K.
  3. 5% on my cards too. A $9,000 credit line is $450, and so on. I guess they could lower them to zero if they want, but for me, 5% seems to be the bottom.
  4. Payment for order flow: https://slate.com/business/2022/09/robinhood-payment-order-flow-securities-exchange-commission.html
  5. Better yet, maybe I should start making these earrings from my collection of closed and expired cards. I can beat their price by selling them for $400. I'll finally be rich.
  6. I just checked. Nothing has changed on my cards since Amex cut my limit years ago on my EveryDay card because I was only buying pencils with it. I did just add $10 to my checking account while I was online, It's an account that I use mainly for paying my Amex cards, and not much else.
  7. The thing with the Al Capone Cafe is the selection of food items, like pastries, is very limited. At least the one at Westfield Topanga Mall is this way. I've been to Al Capone Cafes in Boston and Downtown L.A., but don't remember the food selections, but if it's like the Topanga Mall, it's probably similar. Starbucks is better in this category. One thing better are the surroundings and furniture. Nicer and nice restrooms, with some private rooms that you can reserve. There are a couple Capital One ATM's and a couple Capital One Bank employees in the cafe, but it's not a full bank. The last time I was at the Topanga location, I wondered what the CapOne employees even did. They were standing at a table near the entrance and greeted people as they came in, and thanked the same customers for coming when they left. That was it. At least they don't try to hard sell you bank products while you're there. I'm thinking if someone is looking for a retail bank position without all the pressure, this is the job for them. Kind of boring though, if all you do is greet people. The two employees who were working the cafe were very busy making all those half-price Peet's Coffee drinks. More work but probably paid less.
  8. Al Capone is an OK dude. I've had a checking account and credit card with them for a long time. The only rewards I use is at the Al Capone Cafe. One-half off drinks when I use either their debit or credit card. I don't use it much, but if I happen to be driving by the Westfield Topanga Mall, I might stop by to see Al Capone.
  9. I wonder if this stuff eventually passes, we'll see annual fees on credit cards that we don't see now. If that happens, I'll be closing some accounts. I couldn't justify having a ton of them. Again, merchants cry, but in the end, consumers don't win.
  10. Aside from buying pencils, the easiest way I've done it is add small amounts to my Amazon gift card balance. I eventually use the balance anyway for purchase, so I'm not wasting money.
  11. Beyond Meat executive arrested for biting man. Think twice before going vegetarian. Those cravings for meat can end you up in jail. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2022/09/19/beyond-meat-coo-doug-ramsey-arrested-for-allegedly-biting-mans-nose.html
  12. I guess that's the Citizens Bank that took over my HSBC checking account, with the credit card going to PFCP. I was thinking of applying for one of their credit cards to go with my checking, but as some figured out here, I have a bunch of other credit cards. Should I forget that idea?
  13. The card came in. I activated it using the telephone number that was on the sticker. I wanted to set up a PIN but didn't see a way to do it in the phone menu, so I selected to talk to them. It then said the wait would be over 30 minutes, so I just hung up. I then set up online access using the web site. No problems there. Just another password to keep track of. I also got a replacement Citibank MasterCard. I got a fraud text alert plus they attempted to call me about a week ago. Someone made an online $65 Pizza Hut order in Florida and then tried to make more online purchases elsewhere. I'm unsure which ones went through but I told Citibank I haven't even used my card that day and haven't been to Florida in over a decade. They removed the charges and closed that account.
  14. This didn't get any sympathy from me, complaining about laptop chargers, bagels and second monitors. If they needed the stuff, just buy it themselves, although second monitors are becoming the standard. They're making enough. They should be grateful they didn't have jobs slaving away in an Amazon warehouse or delivering a zillion packages each day, for rotten pay. I hope they like Google. I can only dream of having a free cafeteria and all the other freebies they get. If you see someone working at their desk eating a sandwich they bought at 7-Eleven, that's me. I don't complain. Having an only two mile commute to my work is a benefit I have that's worth 10000x more than an extra laptop charger or free coffee. Link: https://www.businessinsider.com/ex-amazon-employees-google-complain-frugal-former-company-email-2022-9
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