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  1. Of course it costs money to pack up and live abroad. There's also a large chance couples living there won't be happy with the average lifestyle. Many added costs like traveling back home once in a while, vacationing elsewhere, medical, etc. One isn't going to move and live at these places like a hermit. Costs can change. There's no guarantee your cheap retirement location will always stay cheap. Things can change on a moment's notice. A coup or war can happen, leaving you escaping from your "dream retirement" with only the clothes on your back.
  2. The article quoted that half the safe deposit boxes in the country are empty. So why is it so hard to find a box available to rent??? I have a small box at Bank of America that used to be Security Pacific Bank. A while ago, the whole branch moved down the street. I did get a letter saying not to be concerned. I don't have like $10 million in the box, so I wasn't. They didn't drill open anything. My box made it to the new location with no issues.
  3. I prefer making myself a couple Gaines Burgers sandwiches for work. The only side effect is I've developed a habit of burying pens and pencils, which sometimes irritates my co-workers. Dog food isn't bad. I prefer it to the daily specials served in the cafeteria. Cat food is another story. Aside from snacking on a box of Little Friskies while going to a movie, I now try to avoid it. After dining on five cans of Nine Lives, I ran up a tree and couldn't come down. The fire department won't come back again to rescue me, so that's why I switched to dog food.
  4. Need more information. What card was this? UnionPay, Visa, MasterCard? Did the card not authorize or did the front desk just say no? Hasn't this movie star from China traveled out of the country before? Was this the only card she had on her (not smart)?
  5. I read an article that good savers usually make poor spenders. Once retired, they're scared to spend money being afraid they'll run out. If you have some sort of pension and social security, along with a 401k, don't just let the 401k sit there once retired and live the life of a hermit. Take regular payments out of it. Being the richest person in the cemetery won't help you.
  6. Question: If the DoNotPay virtual card cannot be used for anything, and allows the user to use any name, address, etc., how would it pass as a valid card when signing up for a service, like a free trial of Netflix? Surely they put through an authorization, even just for $1, to see if the card is valid.
  7. Yes, everything is relative. A homeless person who just found $1 million in a garbage can will feel extremely wealthy. Someone near retirement who has $1 million but no other retirement income or assets, may feel they'll do ok in retirement but not wealthy. The article talked about people who have between $1 million and $5 million. There's a big difference between the two. $5 million in the bank is wealthy.
  8. I won't 100% blame the millennials. Colleges can, and have, raise fees enormously, knowing students can take out loans that don't need to be paid back until they're gone. Someone starting out will need to be extremely lucky in the salary department to afford a one bedroom apartment in a lot of major cities. The economy has a lot of jobs available, but that only means jobs, not good paying jobs.
  9. I read this to figure out where Wamego is. Never heard of this place until now. Wamego Kansas has a population of 4,300. How many banks can Wamego have?
  10. I've been to San Antonio twice. There's the San Antonio River Walk and not much else. A few years ago I attended a meeting in San Antonio. For lunch I went to the Souper Salad next door to the hotel. The salad bar did stink. The food in it was old, looked bad, and really not much of a selection. I nibbled on some and left. I hate to say this, but of the few customers at the Souper Salad, half were missing most their teeth.
  11. That's even a lot in Australian dollars. The bank must have pushed up her daily ATM withdrawal limit. I first thought this was the scam: "Sorry, due to some dodgy activity on your credit card, we've cancelled it'." If I got a text saying exactly that, I would have ignored it. 😕
  12. The summer weather in Texas, in my opinion, sucks. Even if they can find a house cheaper than in Eugene, running the air conditioning 24/7 could offset that. Also, everyone's situation is different. I live in the Los Angeles area. Very expensive on average, but very cheap for me. I bought my house in the 1990's and is paid off. Prop 13 property taxes makes mine much less than most my neighbors. If I had to pack up and go to Texas, it would increase my expenses.
  13. Point taken. Whether you lease, buy, finance, steal, etc., a car, it's almost universally a money loser. I've leased and bought, and lost money, but that's the cost of having a set of wheels. The last car I bought new for close to $30,000 I eventually sold for $5,000, although I sold it for a bit less than it was worth because I sold to a relative who needed a car. I wish cars were free. That would solve lots of issues. 😕
  14. I doubt you can pay your mortgage with a credit card. AT&T and Spectrum cable I pay by credit card.
  15. If she really is a model, the "$3,000 for flights" each month must be for photo shoots in Los Angeles and New York, but where's her income? Her model/wife must be pregnant because they're saving $1,000 a month for someone not born yet. That's odd/kind of early since one can't go into a bank and open an account for someone who isn't born. You can't write a future date on the date of birth line. Then there's $400 a month for party supplies. What's with that? Just go to McDonald's to have birthday parties, and so on. Much cheaper.

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