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  1. I was told you must be 5 years post BK to get any customer initiated products. They did say preapprovals can happen prior to that. Step
  2. I kept EX frozen and they pulled TU and EQ and approved me, so YMMV. Jim
  3. I have two Macy's accounts. One is the store card with a 10k (started at $200) limit and the other is a large purchase account. I have had these since 2006 and they did not close or adjust the lines when I filed BK. They have done two soft pulls on my EX report since BK and have yet to close or adjust my line, so I am sure they are aware of the BK. It is a miracle to say the least. Step
  4. I have two Cap One cads. Each has a $750 cl. Step
  5. Apped for membership 11/3/2010 and mailed signed app for Savings on 11/04/2010. Soft pull Experian when I apped. Called to add checking on 11/04/2010. Unfroze Experian just in case. Hard pull on Experian 11/08/2010 and recieved the welcome to PSECU email on the eve of 11/08/2010. Step
  6. There is a surgery to correct this problem, however it can be quite expensive and most insurance companies will not authorize it. That is my experience anyway. step
  7. Yep I have done all the things you have listed and I have a Hiatal Hernia . It just does not seem to get better. When I did the PH test the doctor told that it 100% supported the surgery. Less than 2 weeks away for the surgery and I hope it helps! Step
  8. Sorry for all the questions, but I am worried about this stuff! So they had her taking pills after the surgery? Did she have IV pain meds in the hospital? Did they feed her through a tube in the hospital? Step
  9. Thanks a ton for sharing! Do you recall what kind of pain she had directly after the surgery? How long was she in the hospital? How did they control pain in the hospital? How severe was the pain when she went home? Anything you can share would be great! Step
  10. So I have had awful heartburn problems for years and I am having a surgery done known as- Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Procedure to Correct Acid Reflux (GERD) A description is linked here- Heartburn Surgery I have already had the Esophageal Manometry and PH tests. The PH test showed that I have stomach acid in my esophagus more than 65% of a 24 hour period, and can cause cancer. Has anyone else had it or known someone who has? I would just like to know some experiences or feedback. Thanks . Step
  11. Does anyone know if they are going to ever report credit lines again? Step
  12. No the Judge does not have to sign off on jail sanctions. WA state changed to a new system about 8 years ago that allows officers to levy sanctions (including jail time) without the court being involved. There are some offenders under the old guidelines that still go to court, but many are just placed into custody and given jail sanctions by the officer. There are specific parameters that are set by policy, a sanction grid of sort, but they are allowed to sanction and modify almost like a treatment plan. Step
  13. Neither a probation officer nor a parole officer (at least in MOST jurisdictions) applies ANY manner of punishment under the color of law. In teh case of probation, the officer can submit a report of violation, after which the State will file its Motion to Revoke or Motion to Adjudicate to the Court. Only the Court can actually modify or revoke the specific terms of supervision. In the case of parole, the officer reports the violation and a decision is made outside of their office (in Texas, it is an Austin decision on ALL warrants) whether to seek a violator's warrant or not. Only the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles retains the authority to revoke supervision or add conditions of supervision to a person who is on active supervision. And with the recent decisions out of the 5th Circuit, I would *LOVE* to see an officer actually attempting to sanction via punishment as the officer could then be held personally liable... Not true in WA state. Officers do have the power to place conditions and modify. Step
  14. I am not sure why people are saying this? I joined and was approved for a 10k visa and a 10k LOC with one pull when I joined. As always YMMV. Jim
  15. If that's the case, everyone is addicted to something. Following that logic, who gets to say whats good or bad to be addicted to? Not really. There are lots of people who live ordinary lives with a balanced lifestyle. Of course the people who get all the press are those afflicted with addictive choices because they are more extreme than most. Jim
  16. This medication has worked well for lots of people. It does however create huge problems with various toxic substances in the body. One that keeps coming up is extremely elevated potassium levels in many of the people who take the medication. Very dangerous and can cause death. Jim
  17. It has been banned for use by Pilots and Truck Drivers. There is also a meta analysis being performed now to determine if it should be banned across the board. Jim
  18. Yes, it's easy to not start drinking or smoking, but is a whole different ball game with painkillers. Usually, you start on them for a reason, with a script, you know? It's not like you HAVE to have a cigarette or a drink, but with painkillers, sometimes you HAVE to have them. And if you have no reason to suspect you have a predisposition to addiction, then why hesitate to take them? Chronic pain sucks flowers. That much I know. Painkillers are a bit different than alcohol, meth, etc. But, given that I know the dangers of addiction to painkillers, I take reasonable precautions when I absolutely must take them. First, I almost never fill the script. Then, on the rare occasion I have, I get the bare min. number with no refills so that I have to seek out a Dr. to get more (never done it). I get that addiction is addiction and its something tough, I really do...but, I don't think it takes perfection to be a person that wants to try hard to make tough decisions about his/her life. In fact, I'd say being smart enough to ask for help where it is needed is making the decision to control a situation. I just wanted to say that because I think a lot of times we let the words or impressions of perffection get in the way of understanding that its okay to slip and fall...but you have to get up...and getting up, even with the risk of another fall, is what makes all the difference in the world, IMO. Now whether some have the propensity to just stay down after a fall more than others...I suppose that's another discussion... ETA- 20yrs is some cool stuff! An addict does not think like a nonaddict does. However, before an addict is addicted, they are not an addict. They still made the same decisions when they started taking the meds, the drugs, drinking etc. Therefore they are still responsible for their own addiction. Let me help you out with this thought process. It has nothing to do with drugs at all really. It has to do with the way the individual thinks. Drugs are a symptom of the disease. Those who are afllicted with this distorted thought process may never use drugs, but I would venture to say they probably work too much, eat too much, spend too much, you get the idea. I bet many here have made poor financial choices that have been motivated by the very same distroted thought process. The differemce is there is not a debtors prison to send us too. Jim
  19. As a general rule lenders have a maximum that you can have in unsecured credit. This maximum varies based on a ton of criteria. Credit unions generally will set a maximum amount that you can have available with them based on income, credit score, outstanding debt to name a few. 50k, 60k, 70k in total unsecured credit for example. I am not saying definatively that GEMB has this practice, but you can be sure the UWers at GEMB are aware of what you are charging on GEMB accounts. Like I said I had 15 at one time, but because I filed bankruptcy on one account they closed all of them. It sucks, but it is a reality for me . Jim
  20. My experience is GEMB as a general rule provides such low limits it would be difficult to reach maximum exposure with them. At one time I had 15+ GEMB products, both store and major CC (Discover-ect) branded cards. $10000 + in exposure. I am sure others may have more than that. YMMV. Jim

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