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  1. I was told you must be 5 years post BK to get any customer initiated products. They did say preapprovals can happen prior to that. Step
  2. I kept EX frozen and they pulled TU and EQ and approved me, so YMMV. Jim
  3. I have two Macy's accounts. One is the store card with a 10k (started at $200) limit and the other is a large purchase account. I have had these since 2006 and they did not close or adjust the lines when I filed BK. They have done two soft pulls on my EX report since BK and have yet to close or adjust my line, so I am sure they are aware of the BK. It is a miracle to say the least. Step
  4. I have two Cap One cads. Each has a $750 cl. Step
  5. Apped for membership 11/3/2010 and mailed signed app for Savings on 11/04/2010. Soft pull Experian when I apped. Called to add checking on 11/04/2010. Unfroze Experian just in case. Hard pull on Experian 11/08/2010 and recieved the welcome to PSECU email on the eve of 11/08/2010. Step
  6. There is a surgery to correct this problem, however it can be quite expensive and most insurance companies will not authorize it. That is my experience anyway. step
  7. Yep I have done all the things you have listed and I have a Hiatal Hernia . It just does not seem to get better. When I did the PH test the doctor told that it 100% supported the surgery. Less than 2 weeks away for the surgery and I hope it helps! Step
  8. Sorry for all the questions, but I am worried about this stuff! So they had her taking pills after the surgery? Did she have IV pain meds in the hospital? Did they feed her through a tube in the hospital? Step
  9. Thanks a ton for sharing! Do you recall what kind of pain she had directly after the surgery? How long was she in the hospital? How did they control pain in the hospital? How severe was the pain when she went home? Anything you can share would be great! Step
  10. So I have had awful heartburn problems for years and I am having a surgery done known as- Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Procedure to Correct Acid Reflux (GERD) A description is linked here- Heartburn Surgery I have already had the Esophageal Manometry and PH tests. The PH test showed that I have stomach acid in my esophagus more than 65% of a 24 hour period, and can cause cancer. Has anyone else had it or known someone who has? I would just like to know some experiences or feedback. Thanks . Step
  11. Does anyone know if they are going to ever report credit lines again? Step
  12. No the Judge does not have to sign off on jail sanctions. WA state changed to a new system about 8 years ago that allows officers to levy sanctions (including jail time) without the court being involved. There are some offenders under the old guidelines that still go to court, but many are just placed into custody and given jail sanctions by the officer. There are specific parameters that are set by policy, a sanction grid of sort, but they are allowed to sanction and modify almost like a treatment plan. Step
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