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  1. so.......how about an update!!? i've been off CB for a looong time, dealing with life and enjoying all the good things that have come since finding CB. seriously! i thought i would post this week's victories as an update to show that YOU can do it too. if i can, YOU can. i remember starting that first battle with 30+ baddies and no credit, thinking i'd never be able to improve my situation. this week i decided to go for an app spree, havent had a new INQ since buying the wife a nice 35k car back in April. prior to that no apps for a year plus. here's the new lines so far
  2. my DW and i both accepted pre-approved no AF green cards over the last month or so. scores are 700+ today we both received pre-approved gold card offers. i think we're gonna pass, i dont see the benefits for our usage?
  3. certs aren't entirely worthless, they do help with the auto-OCR filtering. i got lucky & got hired by my company 8yrs ago, still have no idea how they found me. i do work with ALOT of MCSE certified peeps that have NO idea what they're doing and can't work with command line at all.
  4. if you sirch my screen name, there is waaay too much information about me out there. i lack the ninja.
  5. now that you said that, the finance guy did say that when we pay it off we have an open $2k line to come back & buy more junk with. so yeah, i guess it's revolving.
  6. aww crap. i didn't know that. (that's why i love CB) i got their best financing offer. if i knew that i would've probably just slapped it on the NFCU card! damn, thanks for the info.
  7. i think snowpuppy described pretty thoroughly, exactly what you can do.
  8. my orchard card only updates (paid balances) every few months, it's pretty random.
  9. ......but i was approved for $2k from wells farblows financial for a new bedroom set....0% for 12mos. i only spent 1400. and now, back on KONA til 2011!
  10. this post wreaks of arrogance.
  11. glad for those who are going through the process.... .....but personally, i worked like HELL to make it happen in time to get the credit, was a nervous wreck, didn't sleep much and virtually sat on my email & fax machine 24/7 so i could turn everything around as quickly as possible......
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