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  1. Whychat...Thank you so much for your help...I paid the medical accounts to the OC via Credit Card. The charges have posted to my credit card accounts as the original hospital.
  2. I have great credit thanks to Credit boards. I repaired my credit back in 2005 with the help I received on the boards. However, I'm back again for help. I have several medical bills with scheduled payment plans. However, as I logged in to make a payment on 9/23/10 it stated that I had been sent to collections. Contacted the hospital and they confirmed that I had been sent to the collection agency for $110.00 on 9/19/10 due to my late payment. BTW...I didn't receive a collection notice. They explained that with 1 late payment due on 9/18/10, on a payment plan their policy is to submit to collection agency. Spoke with the supervisor at the Hospital and made the full payment with the hospital (OC) on 9/23/10. Supervisor explained that they will contact the collection agency and inform them that the account is paid. However, I am concerned about any collection tradeline paid or not reporting on my flawless credit report... Today, I received a letter from VanRU collection agency reporting the account and attempting collection. I have not checked my credit report if the tradeline is currently reporting since it was submitted on 9/19/10. However, with my experiences with collection agencies, they will attempt to collect on a PAID debt...What can I do to ensure this collection account will not appear on my report. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Marv thanks for reviewing my credit app. I picked up my leased 2010 Lexus RDX 350 today through Lexus Financial :-)
  4. Thanks MARV! MAy be a silly question but is Toyota Financing and Lexus Financial the same company? Thanks
  5. Credit Application: Your Age? 27 Your Equifax Credit Score? 731 Your Experian Credit Score? 728 Your TransUnion Credit Score? 733 How many years have you been on file with Equifax? 10 years How many years have you been on file with Experian? 10 years How many years have you been on file with TransUnion? 10 years YOUR PREVIOUS AUTOMOTIVE CREDIT HISTORY Do you have an open auto loan? YES Will this open auto loan be a trade-in? YES How many late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? 0 How many late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? 0 Your current open auto loan is financed with? FORD MOTOR CREDIT Your current open auto loan payment is? $500.00 Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? $1,100.00 Rate your payment history on this open auto loan from 1-10 (1=poor:10=Best): 10 (PAY EXTRA EACH MONTH AS WELL) YOUR REVOLVING CREDIT HISTORY Total number of revolving account(s) you have? 18 Total percentage utilized overall? 5% How many of your revolving accounts are store cards? 5 How many of your revolving accounts are major credit cards? (i.e. Amex, MC, Visa): 13 How many of your revolving accounts are known subprime credit cards (i.e. Aspire, 1st Premier): 0 YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION How long at your current residence? 8 MONTHS Do you Rent or have a Mortgage, or Live w/Relative or Other? RENT Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage payment? $1300.00 How long have you held your current job? 8 MONTHS (SAME PROFESSION 3 YEARS) Your total provable monthly gross income is? $7,300 Your provable monthly gross income is provable via what method? (i.e. computerized paycheck stub, or tax return, or bank statements): PAYCHECK STUB Is there additional monthly income? What amount monthly? YES/ SECOND JOB : ($800.00 PER MONTH) Describe the source. Is the additional monthly income provable? YES/ PAYCHECK STUB Spousal income is not applicable. N/A YOUR DOWNPAYMENT Please tell me your exact down payment in cash? (rebates and trade equity are not considered, please input a dollar value only.) $3,000 Does any credit repository contain any Public Record? N/A If yes, please very briefly describe. Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s)? NO If yes, please very briefly describe. Please rate your overall creditworthiness on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10= best): 10 Please rate your Installment credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best): 10 Please rate your Revolving credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best): 10 New or Used vehicle you are considering: Please very briefly describe. NEW LEASED 2010 LEXUS RX 350/ TIER 1 CREDIT
  6. Interested in lease with Lexus. Considering 42- month in order to lower my payment. However, is this a BAD idea??? ALSO: I have a Leased vehicle through Ford Motor Credit. 5 months remaining on my lease. Can I attempt to sell it to Carmax??? TIA
  7. Thanks Brian for the feedback! There's just so much to consider in this market. I continue to hear that it's a "Buyer's market" and I was just uncertain if this was a good deal or not. Thanks again
  8. Beautiful home in a great suburban Chicago neighborhood. Comps of homes in the area range from $325-450K. Seller currently paying two mortgages and wants to unload the house. Asking Price: $279,500. Price Negotiated: $265,000 and home warranty. Recent Bank Appraisal: $270,000!! So, I will only have 5K of equity in this house! I'm unsure if this is such a great deal as I thought before, considering that the home is Beautiful (inside and out), home inspection revealed few minor repairs and located in a great, desirable neighborhood. Currently in contract with this home. But, now I'm starting to wonder if this is such a good deal in this market? What factors should I consider? What other options do I have regarding the price negotiated and recent appraisal? Thanks
  9. Congrats ambrosiapixie on purchasing a home! I hope that you receive great news this week! :-) I live in Suburban Chicago and unfortunately purchasing a home will be much more expensive for me than renting......due to high property taxes! Yeah, everything is so stressful. But I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone in my feelings :-)
  10. Hello All: I have been posting and asking questions like crazy on the forums! Currently in contract for a home and I'm so nervous! This will be my first home! I'm young and single and I feel that this will be my first major accomplishment! But I have been perusing the "Foreclosure" forum for the past hour and can honestly say that I'm scared to "death"! Backed out of my first mortgage deal because I felt uncomfortable with the monthly mortgage payment. However, now that I have found a new home that I love and much cheaper, I still feel a bit nervous. I just had my home inspection and I was so excited! However, now just feeling stressed and nervous abut this entire process. Am I alone in this feeling? Is this type of first-time home-buyer "jitter" common? Maybe I'm just venting.......thanks for listening :-)
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'd really like to stick with a less expensive SUV. How soon is Ford lease pull-ahead program? I may consider another Ford product such as Ford Escape. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies. Bumping to be moved to mortgage forum!

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