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  1. I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic the other night. Creditboards.com comes up in the movie when the main character does a google search. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I did search here under "shopaholic."
  2. Anyone here have more than 4 visa or mc from Chase?
  3. I was wondering if the party who adds someone to their credit card has ever, in CB experiences, been adversely affected for requesting the add. Not talking about not paying cards or lates, etc., just the actual act of adding an AU. In particular, family members with the same last name. thanks
  4. Paul Wall

    BofA love!

    thx for the number.
  5. tripled my TU inqs still under 10 total for TU
  6. Do you mean an unsecured personal loan? I'm not sure I'd have too much luck with Chase considering GEMB won't even give me the time of day. But thanks for the suggestion anyway! http://www.chasehealthadvance.com/
  7. Are you saying they are Popular there?
  8. I wish that list were much longer.

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