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  1. My family has just gotten into this and found 9 in the first two days of GeoCaching. It's extremely addicting and gets people like me who hate hiking, to hike and just get moving. You not only use your GPS, but you use your directional skills, hide and seek skills and your brain to figure them out. You don't NEED a GPS for some they are that easy, especially in viewing satellite maps. It's an adrenaline rush to look for it and actually find it.
  2. Oh man, Cas. We weren't close friends, but chatted here and there. He seemed like a really nice guy. Oh wow. Was it sudden or expected? I am so trully sorry for the loss of him. Oh man.
  3. I saw those. And DAMN she does look great!
  4. Children of the Corn comes to my mind... That's a LOT of estrogen in that family. If I was that dad/husband, I'd have gotten a vasectomy ages ago. I don't know why it's such a big deal as she's clearly petite because of her genetics and probably a LITTLE bit of diet/exercise habits. The REAL question is, what is the state of her vajayjay? She needs a dress that low because it hangs between her knees. (of course I am kidding - she looks great.
  5. If you search REALLY well, you can find the boxed sets cheaper than $100. I paid about $70 for season 3 which I know is still a hefty price, but I have to have them. You have to be careful on eBay because there's a lot of pirated versions there. I think I got season 3 off amazon.com
  6. OMG. I LOVED that bit. She had my head literally spinning like the Doctor usually does with the whole super speedy wordy talking where they're saying words and you really don't fully understand and your head does this spinny thing and you're like, "whoa". I was literally slapping hubby with how hard I laughed at that show and afterwards, we were actually physically DIZZY with all that had happened and all the information that was crammed into 1 hour. I was really really upset that Donna now has no memories of the Doctor, but I'm sure that's how it has to be. With the whole "she'll explode" thing apart, she really has to have her own life (as all the companions do eventually) and she couldn't have if she had had her memories. It kinda broke my heart a little bit with how much she was back to her old usual, gossiping self, indifferent to DW. But I think now her mom will treat her so much better. Wah. I wonder who his next companion will be?
  7. Yes I found it minutes after posting this. I DID PM you, you didn't get it?
  8. Okay Neen and others, have you seen the last episode yet? All the versions I can find are cut off at the end!!!! Help!
  9. Rootforum did get deleted. It probably wasn't a narc, but his downloads were getting tons of attention that the wrong people noticed him. They have a website www.rootforum.com if you become a member (like I did on Saturday night LOL), you will find all the episodes he downloads onto YouTube. He actually DID download to YouTube, but under names like, "Nothing to see here (part 1)" and "Blah blah blah (part 2)" etc. About David Tennant and the whole regeneration thing; I HEARD that he somehow splits into two doctors. That that is the "regeneration" we're gonna see. RE: Jack and his whoreness. I was totally cracking up when Donna points at the computer screen and asks who he was. And DW's reply. Oh man I was laughing so hard!! And yes, Jack is a whore. He's a pretty manwhore which I think makes him so damn loveable. And yes, he's full of cheese. I, too, was cracking up when he had those 2 oversized alien guns. Hubby and I mimicked that action for awhile. This episode was definitely VERY exciting that I was wishing it was a couple hours longer!!
  10. Thanks Tee. I'm not complaining about the fact that he can't speak. It's actually a small slice of heaven.
  11. The only time words offend me is the context in which they are said. eg. If I'm being called one. Or someone I care about is. Ya know?
  12. Well he had it yesterday. From all he stuff I read, I was really nervous, but he's done remarkably well. He slept a lot yesterday and is only taking children's Tylenol for the pain (he's been prescribed Tylenol w/ codeine). He's not talking, but other than that, he's pretty much his usual self. He's been using a magna doodle type board for communicating. We're not over the worst yet. Apparently a few days post-op, it'll get worse for a bit and he could still suffer bleeding. But we'll take it one day at a time and stay busy keeping his throat moist and feeding him soft foods. Although I gave him ice cream and he flat out refused!
  13. Yeah David split with Sophia like last year. She's in LA pursuing a career here in the states. They didn't get to see each other much, obviously. I got hooked on her vampire show that stupidly got cancelled, Moonlight. I have a slight girl crush on her. Billie Piper is pregnant? Wow, didn't know that.
  14. Valerian Root is a sleep aid. And it stinks to high heaven.
  15. Share please. Click on my name and hit "send message". Is this to do with Billie's nickname for him? Yes please, share the link! :rofl: It totally does NOT look like 10 inches. But then again, it wasn't at ahem, full attention.

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