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  1. Opened a Blue from Amex with a 4600 line of credit. I carried a bal on the card for a couple of months but made signifigant pymnts like 750 to 1000 pymnts every time. I have only a 2600 bal and they lowered my line of credit to 2800. I called and they said a recent derogatory claim had just gone on to my credit report. I have never been late and been an excellent customer with them. After talking on the phone with a credit rep from amex he basically said we are a lending institution and dont really care. I adv him to close the card out and willnotify everyone I know not to do business with them....He basically said he doesnt care and ended the call! I was pissed..... BIG
  2. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram Laramie fully loaded. Iowe 16,500 on it and would like to get it paid off. I want to trade my trcuk in somehow. I found a private buyer that has a 2004 Yukon Denali fully loaded with and extended warranty for only 26900. It only has 23,000 miles on it. How can i work this out? is my best choice to try and see what car max will give me for my truck and then find private financin for the denali? Need advice? Big Mike
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    If those are not hard copies, then how do I get hardcopies to get the acct #? BIG
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    Sorry for the mispost!
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    I have a pulled 3 reports from myfico and are showing as follows: Transunion: 657 Experian: 730 Exuifax: 640 I have only 1 derogatory item from Grande Communications. I have never even had service with this company. I called Credit Protection Association CA and they have no record of me or this acct, and neither does the OC. The problem is when I pulled myfico scores they show only part of the acct # follwed by XXXX. Does anybody know waht I can do to get this removed? I cant send a letter with the acct # because I dont have the full #. BIG

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