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  1. Does anyone here report to either eq or tu without the 500 customer min? I currently report to EX and want to report to TU and EQ but do not have 500 customers to report on. Thanks
  2. got denied because they said it was a duplicate app, (it wasnt) when i called the rep told me that i wasnt in the system at all and to reapply.... anyone else have trouble here?
  3. Does anyone have the phone # for First Equity?
  4. how do i go about getting the dell CITI account, I have the CIT one (cant get the CLI i need) so i am going to shoot for the CITI one but dont know where to go for the app. Thanks
  5. oh, and you cant add creditors without full files and a rating... so that eliminates most small creditors also....
  6. Do the Citi Trio cards/bill go the the biz address or the personal address? Thanks
  7. If you got a good contact person Dell, share please. I could help alot of us out. Who cares about your contact getting a bunch of calls, we wont tell him that "CHRIS I" from the creditboards told us about it! Also look at the HDMC threads... Sondee's # got passed around and helped alot of people
  8. if your Experian and DNB are well established, (ie Experian score of 93 and a paydex of 80) high credit lines are not hard to get without a PG. Look at the Citicard sticky.
  9. I had my hd revolving card closed because i had the expo card already, I was told that they are basicly the same card (both home depot revolving cards) and you can not have both.
  10. you could try the homedepot MC, your dnb and experian file may be boarderline.... Its probably your best shot.
  11. Its being updated (either internally or you submited eupdate updates) or it is locked... give it a day or 2 then call

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