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  1. thank you!! No id theft just making sure there is none
  2. I have Experian monitoring but do not see how to lock my report. Can someone advise
  3. Just had the same exact problem. I have 6 bank accounts with no issues ever. Tried to open woodforest business and got this same thing. Chex frozen which it is not and never had been. LN is frozen and I won't unfreeze. Woodforest was unable to get any info from chex. I got my report in the mail and it says consumer reported security freeze. Called and again they say it is not. I am sure this is the same issue so I filed a complaint with the CFPB complaining since LN is frozen, chex will not provide woodforest with a report and there are 4 yes 4 inquiries on there from woodforest who kept trying to pull. I
  4. Ty Crandall is full of BS unless you have millions in revenue not happening
  5. Thanks guys. I called mort company and they said same as yall did. Old student loan that does not show up on credit report.
  6. My friend has federal debt that can not be paid down. It is not irs debt. Are there any companies that do VA loans that don't pull Cavairs
  7. Wow Konrad that just seems nuts. I might could see 10k but 2k? Seems crazy to me but what do I know
  8. Yes outside checking. I'll see what happens monday
  9. Very well could be payment processing problems. Called card services and they said they don’t process the payments anymore to call Alliant, called them and they said they can’t even see the payment on the account until Monday. Who really knows. Just never had available credit held like that before with them
  10. Paid 2k on credit card yesterday which i certainly don't call a large payment. Checked account today not available. Called Alliant and they said 5 day hold for anything over $500?? HUH Been a member for 7 months. That is some crap right there. LOL
  11. Was that a report from my fico or where? In truecredit I don't see those
  12. I'm in month 5 and my payment did not get held. I called just to find out because i was told before 6 months and they said the policy now is 90 days. Just thought I would pass that along.
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