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  1. I finally heard back from the mortgage company that they are not changing the reporting for the two months late in spite of the fact that the second late was the result of the CSR entering the “historical” account number rather than the correct one that I gave her on the phone and repeated to verify. They sent me a copy of all my payments for the past two years-including several that were made exactly at 30 days which were never reported as late. They were supposed to verify that I had given the corrected number to the CSR because they supposedly record all conversations, but I could not get their verification, and I imagine that they did not check-if they are even able to. So does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get at least this second late removed from my credit report if the mortgage company will do nothing? I think I am caught up in an automatic computer program that they have, and am not really dealing with people.
  2. I need to get hard copies of my credit reports from the CRA's, and not the free reports. When I go to the websites there is no place to order these. Does anyone know how I can get real hard copies from EQ, EX and TU?
  3. So I sent the information regarding my payments, the conversations with the CSR's at the mortgage company, and a request that they not report to CRA's. The delinquencies hit my credit reports the first of January and dropped my score immensely. I have not had any response from the mortgage company regarding the information that I sent them. What do I do next? They were to check their recording to verify that I had given the correct account numbers when I set up the payments on Dec. 27. (The payment(s) have finally cleared my account, but CRA's are reporting me 2 months late on my mortgage. Any help appreciated.
  4. Tomsey

    Fixing Fraud

    I am on this forum because there are so many more things to learn here other than how to obtain credit cards and increase the limits on them. I have had help with many issues, and this is just one of them.
  5. Tomsey

    Fixing Fraud

    I am not sure what hdporter is talking about. Do I get this type of card from my bank? I would be totally satisfied with only using it at the ATM. Actually that is how I am using my "new" debit card at this time.
  6. Tomsey

    Fixing Fraud

    It is not a credit union debit card. What is a non-visa/MC Atm card for cash withdrawals? I hate to get credit card bills, so I have previously used my debit card that was bank issued.
  7. Tomsey

    Fixing Fraud

    On July 31 I had two charges on my debit card that were not mine. One for 3.95 in San Remo, CA and immediately after $1500 in Washington, DC to what seemed to be a utility Co. according to what I can see on my online bank account. I reported to my bank, they canceled my debit card, credited my account and sent me a new card. On September 9 the exact same thing. Both instances the last four numbers of the debit card used were the numbers on the current card in my possession. Again they credited my account and I again got a new card and pin. I didn't use my card except at the bank for the remainder of Sept, Oct, Nov. and the first part of Dec with no problem. In mid December I used the card at several places, and on Jan 2 I had two charges that were not mine. One for 3.95 in San Remo, CA, and the other immediately after for $1500 in Washington, DC to what seemed to be a utility co. I contacted my bank and again they sent me a new card and pin. I went over my account and sent them a detailed accounting of where I had used the card(s) each time. The only common place was a grocery on the main highway in my town. I just talked with the fraud investigator because I had also told them that the money had to be sent somewhere, and I couldn't understand why they couldn't track it. They told me the account it was sent to in Washington, DC was an account in my name. I have just pulled all three of my credit reports and the only thing on all three reports that is not mine is a phone number in Woodstock, GA for someone named Daphne Dixon Williams. She is not in Washington, DC and is not using my name. I have Lifelock and they have been very little help unless I can find something to dispute. The bank will decide tomorrow whether or not to credit my account for the money again. What do I do next? I am totally frustrated.
  8. This is the situation. The payment was due on Nov 1. I made the payment on Dec. 1. The payment never hit my bank. I got a letter from the mortgage co that the payment had not been made. I contacted my bank and the payment never hit my account which had plenty of money to cover the payment. I have a letter from my bank that the account had plenty of money for the payment, but that the payment had never hit my account. I have a confirmation from Western Union online bill payer that the payment was made on Dec. 1st. I use this payer every month, and have never had a payment not post before. I talked with a CSR at my mortgage co and set up a double payment to cover the one made Dec. 1, and the one for December. She had me confirm the banking routing number and account number. I have a confirmation number from her with the verification of the payment. The payment never hit my account again. I got another letter. I talked to another CSR at my mortgage company this afternoon. After researching the account she said the first CSR that I spoke with had entered information that she had use the "historic" account numbers for the payment. This CSR could only see the last 4 numbers of the account so she didn't know if the account was entered incorrectly. Again, I gave them an online payment for 3 months, and got confirmation. My question to her was how do I know this won't happen again, and has this been reported to the credit reporting agencies. She said I was reported late for the Nov 1 payment that was made Dec 1 (but it would have been reported late anyway because it was 30 days-according to her), and I was reported late for the second payment made Dec. 27 because it didn't go through. I told her that it needed to be corrected because it was not my error. She said that I could write to correct the Dec. 27th payment, but that the Dec 1 payment was late. Also, I had to be the one to ask that it be corrected (Dec 27th) both from the mortgage company and the credit bureaus- that they couldn't do it from her end. I really need help with what to do next.
  9. I paid an account that was due on November 1on December1. Is this considered late for credit reporting purposes?
  10. So it is the same process even though I have paid the collection agency and I know the bill was mine? The confusion came before I realized the bill was mine because they didn't accept my HSA card (which they didn't tell me at the time) and because I had had problems with collection agencies "fishing" because my name is so common. All of this is my fault for being too "busy" to get detailed, but I hate to have my credit marred by a very small bill that I could have paid at any time. So the process is the same?
  11. I am not sure if a bill from the optometrist qualifies as a medical collection, so that is my first question. I had an eye exam and bought a new (expensive) pair of glasses. I have vision insurance through work, and it paid for most of my visit and the balance I paid for with my HSA card. About a month later I got a bill from the office. When I called about it I was told to just ignore it that my insurance was probably slow paying. About the same time I started getting "fishing" calls from a local collection agency, and I was getting letters from another nation-wide collection agency. I have a VERY common name and when I contacted both the letter writers and the phone callers I was told that they would remove my name from their lists. About a month after that I received another bill from the Optometrist's office. My fault, I should have called again, but didn't-busy time of year. A month after that I received a letter from the local collection office again. I threw it in the trash. When I received another letter from them and opened it I saw that it was from the optometrist's office and that it had been turned over for collection. $125. I told the collection people the whole story and they were less than sympathetic, and all I wanted to do was get it paid. I gave them the number on my HSA card and was told that the optometrist's office wouldn't take an HSA card. That seemed to be a problem the whole time, but no one told me. At this point is there any way to get this paid collection off my credit report? It is the only negative I have.
  12. Bumping to the top. Does this qualify as a medical collection? If so, would appreciate any suggestions about what to do about it.
  13. About 1.3 years ago I had an account turned over to collections from an Opthamologists' office. I had an eye exam, bought glasses and paid what my insurance would not pay with my Medical Savings Acct. credit card. I got another bill for the difference from them about a month later, and when I called they said not to worry that the billing and bill probably got crossed in the mail. I have a very common first and last name and periodically I get a stack of collection letters from various collection agencies looking for someone (not me). I have to call and verify that I am not the person they are looking for. My Opthomologists' office subsequently turned the amount I owed (about $250.00j) to our local collection agency, Union Credit Corp. It was entirely my fault for ignoring the letters from them, however, I get letters all the time. When I finally opened the third letter it was too late to pay the bill and have it not report. When I talked to the Collection agency they told me that the Opthamologists' office no longer accepted Medical Savings account cards. (They did not tell me that at the time I paid.) I had no idea that I still owed the money. Of course I paid the bill right away, but it is the only negative on my credit report and it is pulling my score down. Is there anything I can do or am I stuck with it? I know there are those who will say I should not have paid it, but I do pay my bills, and it really was my fault for ignoring the letter. I am just looking to repair the damage. It is not showing up as a medical collection. Any help appreciated.

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