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  1. Yes my DH was given two cards.
  2. They folded for me but I had to get really tough with them. Did you invoke the TFC and give them 30 days to respond to your DV?
  3. I would also look at your state programs to see if they might be able to help you more than the Federal programs.
  4. Since it is stating they are too new to rate, I think you are fine.
  5. You can.... Congrats on the approval!
  6. Can you get that information verified by the state agency maintaining that data? That is what I had to do before I sucessfully got rid of a CA.
  7. What state are you in? Did you do the 1-2 punch? Have they sent you anything other than this follow up mail?
  8. You need to send the letter via a trackable method so that they will stop calling you. Otherwise it is a he said she said and no one has to believe that they received the letter you sent.
  9. The question still goes... are they an OC? Who are they collecting for? Did you respond within the 30 days after thier notice. More details are needed.
  10. They called my mother and then sent me two letters in 2 weeks. They are on a debt that is out of SOL so I DV'd them and havent heard anything. They were really rude to my mom and their message stated that I had a debt with them that I needed to pay on.
  11. Good for you... I hope it works out.
  12. I will give you a bump as I am not sure what you are talking about. I just pulled without issue.

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