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  1. Interesting update: I pulled CK today and noticed that my EQ report no longer showed a collection so I went to the backdoor and pulled my EQ report and the medical collection they had previously refused to remove is now gone!!!! I have the report saved for recordkeeping purposes. My question is this - since EQ removed the item outside of the HIPPA process, is there any chance that it could be re-inserted?
  2. That's good info to have, some sites I've been looking at talk about including them. As for the cost of utilities themselves, there is A LOT of fat that could be trimmed for sure! We have business level internet with dedicated bandwidth - that's 250/mo by itself; 2 years ago when we moved here, the fastest consumer speeds could barely keep up with the use when extended family visited (which is a lot). I did look again at our expense sheet and counted water/sewer as monthly when they are actually quarterly... it brings it down my original utility estimate some. water - 16/mo electric/nat gas - 180 worse-case (based on max summer - lets just say DH likes it cool and the townhome we rent isn't ideally positioned in relation to the sun) Cell phone - 180/mo (4 devices devices - could be trimmed) Cable - 99/mo (all channels and premiums - could be trimmed) Internet - 250/mo *(250 mbps - could be trimmed) sewer - 33/mo Motorcycle is primary transportation - I currently live close enough to work to ride year round - its a really cheap loan compared to the interest on the CCs that still have balances, which is why I don't just pay it off atm. Needless to say, I'll be looking into better pricing schemes on the cell/cable/internet. I just accepted it as the cost of having the services at the level we needed and didn't really question DH over what he selected. I'll let him keep the A/C where he wants it in the summer because that means I get to keep things cool in when its not summer
  3. Thanks! Definitely have further CC payoffs in the schedule for the next several pay cycles, however the student loan isn't going away anytime soon. In reality all the utility expenses are floated out of DH's paychecks, i threw that in because i didn't think a UW would buy that I have no utility expense. If we lived closer to physical Chase branches with CPC (i.e. they weren't in NJ), I'd consider it even at the expense of moving out of BOA's offering in that area, but spending an hour+ in the car to sit down and talk with person isn't feasible. Call me old fashioned, but I like talking to someone F2F if its regarding something I can't do completely on my own. I appreciate the info! So long as my parents' house doesn't sell this year (they are moving in with us once this happens, hence the need to buy a house), I should be able to improve most of the data points. Its good to know what I need in case they accept an offer on their house in the next 3 weeks before they take it off the market until next year. One additional question - I've seen conflicting info on PMI - is it routine on Jumbo loans with LTV <20% or not?
  4. Hello, I'm interested in understanding options for mortgages for purchase of a home. The mtg would be in only my name, my husband will not be part of the financing. My monthly gross – 13.4k Credit CC payments – 374/mo Motorcyle Payment – 168/mo Student loan payment – 1.1k/mo Utilities (NG, electric, water, sewer, cable, cell) - 800/mo Rent – 2.25k/mo; insurance - 38/mo Mid Mtg score as of end of Sept – 688 (source myfico 3B; pulled when util was 40%, 28% now) Looking for a house in SE PA – based on what we need, properties that fit are between 590k-870k depending on which suburb/county the house is located in. I’d like to limit my down payment to 5%, especially if we settle on a home at the high end of the range – is it possible to get a jumbo loan given this information? If so, what kinds of things do UWs look for?
  5. Thanks WhyChat! I'll work on this today. When 60 days has passed, should I start the HIPPA process over on this TL or start with another CFPB complaint?
  6. Amend your existing complaint to the CFPB They should have provided you with the link to do that. There is no link to amend the complaint - just one to offer feedback ("We welcome your feedback on how this complaint process worked for you. You will have 60 days from when the company responded to share your feedback. The CFPB will use your feedback to help us supervise companies, enforce laws that protect consumers, and write better rules and regulations.") I did call the CFPB and they indicated the complaint could not be amended once it is closed and they advised me to call EQ directly. Alternately I could open a new complaint so long as I didn't reference the old complaint number. Would it beneficial to go ahead and file a new CFPB complaint now or let it sit and restart the HIPPA process again in 90 days or so?
  7. My bad - I wondered about it but for whatever reason didn't ask. Should I submit a new complaint to the CFPB or wait out until I get the Credit report that EQ referenced in their response or am I pretty much stuck with it now?
  8. Here's the CFPB response: 09/07/2017 Hello, Thank you for your complaint 1xxxxx-23xxxxx about EQUIFAX. When we received your complaint, we forwarded it to the company for response. The company has now responded. We appreciate your participation in the complaint process. The CFPB has closed your complaint. In regard to your comment on the statement in EQ's response - I did not include the account level information in the CFPB complaint, just outlined the timeline of events with EQ (see post 14 for text). Should I have included the account information?
  9. UPDATE - Equifax responded as follows to the CFPB: Dear Cattleya, we received the complaint you submitted through the CFPB Portal. Equifax has reviewed the complaint and its records. Equifax is a repository of credit information which has been supplied by creditors, collection agencies and public record holders. Equifax supplies this information upon request to qualified users of this information. Once a request for verification of a disputed item(s) has been received by Equifax, each data furnisher will be contacted directly by Equifax. This process is usually accomplished by sending the request for verification electronically and may take 30 days to complete. Once researched, the data furnisher's response is returned to Equifax, who enters the information and updates the credit report if needed. Once all Data furnishers have responded to the verification requests, the consumer is sent a revised copy of their Equifax credit report. There are no disputed items listed in your CFPB complaint, however our records show that you recently contacted Equifax on XX/XX/2017 via case ********** regarding the items listed in the complaint. Reinvestigation results were sent to you on XX/XX/2017. Equifax is unable to take any further action at this time. A complimentary copy of your credit file has been mailed on 09/06/2017, please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery. Please note that for future disputes of credit report information, you may visit www.equifax.com. So what should the next steps be?
  10. Thanks! This is what I drafted below following the guidance in the link - 1. Is it too wordy? 2. Do I need to include anything about the CA response (didn't think so)? 3. Do I need to "ask for" anything in the complaint? I am filing this complaint against Equifax for failing to properly investigate an unknown medical collection account on my credit report and failing to properly mark the account as “disputed by consumer”. · ​​xx/xx/xxxx - I sent an initial dispute to the Equifax regarding an unknown medical collection account on my credit report. · ​xx/xx/xxxx – I received a response from Equifax indicating they have verified this unknown medical collection account belongs to me and that I should contact the collection agency for additional questions. · ​xx/xx/xxxx – I contacted the reporting collection agency with a dispute and request for validation of this unknown medical collection account as per Equifax’s instructions. · ​xx/xx/xxxx – I sent a redispute of the unknown medical collection account to Equifax with a copy of the dispute/validation letter sent to the collection agency, along with proof of the collection agency’s receipt of the dispute. · ​xx/xx/xxxx – I received a response from Equifax, again indicating this unknown medical collection account has been verified as belonging to me. I made similar requests to TransUnion and Experian regarding this unknown medical collection account, both of which have correctly deleted this erroneous entry. Equifax’s refusal to properly investigate or properly mark the account as in dispute is a violation of the FCRA and FACTA.
  11. Yes WhyChat, I did both... the CA responded to the Medical DV with: A form letter response advising me they are listing the TL as disputed. My original Medical DV letter to them A photocopied 2-page faxed statement from the Original Provider. Page 1 shows my name, address at the time, insurance at the time (Bc/BS). Interestingly, the CA is listed under "Secondary Insurance". Page 2 is an accounting statement with 37.12 that was not paid by insurance, DoS shows 122112, again it shows BC/BS as primary and the CA as secondary insurance. It lists out the payments from the Insurance company and the balanced owed. The FAX header is not complete, but I am positive that the header is NOT from 2017 - looking at the partial font that shows from the header, it looks to be 2013 or 2015 EQ responded to the follow up letter by verifying this TL with "We verified that this item belongs to you. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: CA". The TL is not marked as disputed as the CA's response indicated. Note - EQ did delete everything else.
  12. A321 Transcon - flights between JFK and LAX or JFK and SFO; not sure they've added any other 3 class metal to their domestic schedule beyond those.
  13. Final results - TU - removed all; EX - removed all; EQ - 1 remains. A day after receiving EQ's results, I received photo copied "statements" from the CA who handled 7 of the 10 TLs that were on EQ with a photocopied form notice stating "Please find the enclosed itemized statements that you requested from our office. You can may you check or money order payable to: CA" Yesterday I received a letter from another CA who handled 2 of the 10 TLs that were on EQ which stated "Per your request, we have removed the reporting from your TU, EX and EQ credit reports..." The remaining TL on EQ (the one from post #5 above) - I don't believe there is any relationship between the CA and the OC. The Date of Service makes it past SOL. I did get a summary of benefits for that visit from BCBS and the amount that is being reported by the CA is the amount owed after insurance. The visit was at a branch of a regional urgent care operation in NY state. What should my next move be on this one?
  14. Hello! Looking for info on buying a home in my name only (mtg and deed). I am married, DH is okay with idea, we keep our bills separate. My individual income can support the mtg payment. What do I/we need to do in order to purchase a home (in PA) where the deed is in my name only? TIA for any info!

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